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What dreams of a wounded dog in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov, Longo

Wounded dog — features prediction popular dream

The dog is the first animal domesticated by man. With her devotion, she deserved the role of a friend and comrade.

Therefore, when a pet is in danger, we always experience pain, anxiety and the fear of losing a being close to the heart. Why dream of a wounded dog, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Dog — the main symbol that personifies courage, vigilance and loyalty. In many cultures, it is considered the patron saint of healers, hunters and warriors.

She is also honored as the guardian of morality, order, companion of many goddesses of good and mercy.

Dogs always and everywhere accompany a person, showing their perseverance, tenacity, strength of will and boundless courage. For the dreamer — this is a good sign, symbolizing the strong rears: reliable friends, loyal comrades, a loving family and children.

At the same time, full-fledged and prosperous relations with others have a firm and unshakable foundation on which you will stand for many years.

What dreams of a wounded dog in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov, Longo

In Christianity, the dog was the emblem of the clergy, observing the mission of protecting Christian traditions and dogmas. The black wild dog was considered a dirty animal. For the sleeper, she can personify evil, aggression, human meanness, envy, and greed.

In Hinduism, this pet has a connection with the afterlife. It is customary to believe that she accompanies the dead in the world of the dead.

In Feng Shui philosophy, a dog is honored as a talisman of wealth, well-being, and goodness. It protects the hearth from enemies, brings goodness, joy and harmony to the dwelling.

The puppy in this case symbolizes naivety, joy, energy, growth of material well-being, renewal. For a sleeping ghost, a joyful young dog promises easy advancement along the career ladder, success in business, protection and capital increase. In this case, you will easily manage to realize yourself by finding your own purpose in life.

Life goals and priorities will manifest quickly and clearly. You will know exactly what you want and how to achieve it.

I dreamed of a young dog with a coin in his mouth — to wealth and protection from potential encroachments of envious and competitors. She is the forerunner of the fact that in your life there will be an influential person who will be able to protect you from the dangerous influence of evil forces.

This can manifest itself in a work environment as well as in a home environment.

There is a belief that the dog is able to determine in the house the places where there is the greatest accumulation of negative energy. Clean is the area where the dog sleeps, walks and plays.

This is the space that will be charged with positive energy, give strength and optimism. I dreamed how a dog expressed aggression towards someone of your guests — in real life, do not expect good actions from this person.

The dream clearly indicates betrayal and confusion.

Your pet’s poor health in a dream is a bad sign, foreshadowing anxiety and emotional distress. A wounded animal dreamed of — wait for a series of tests that will change your character, attitude to people and a general attitude.

What dreams of a wounded dog in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov, Longo

To injure a wicked, wild dog that rushes at you in a dream means to take the trouble away from your own family or to protect your business from bankruptcy and ruin. The probability during this period to feel the meanness and mendacity of imaginary friends, colleagues, and associates is great. Perhaps one of the dreamers after such a vision will lose faith in the devotion and sincerity of the second half.

Disappointment in love will be bitter and sad.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpreter personifies the dog with a child who loves, appreciates and believes his parent. To dream of many puppies is to be at the peak of sexual activity. The period when it is most favorable to conceive healthy offspring.

To see a wounded dog in a dream — to constantly hold back and protect yourself in sex. A variety of intimate relationships will not lead to endless pleasures, but rather disappoint.

You will want consistency, stability and continuation of relations with only one person from whom you want to have future children.

Gustov Miller

Affectionate and kind dog in a dream — a symbol of good luck, pleasant events and memorable moments. I dreamed of a dog that people had cruelly beaten up or bitten by stray dogs — expect treachery and cynicism of those around them. It will be extremely disturbing and hurt your well-being.

It is necessary to foresee an unexpected relocation, change of job, place of residence, citizenship. There may be trouble, which as a natural disaster cannot be foreseen and stopped.

You will only help your patience, perseverance, faith in your own strength and good luck.

I was seen to be the owner of a rare pedigreed dog — a sign of wealth and high income. The dog was lost and you found it wounded — expect unforeseen expenses related to the illness of relatives.

The disease can be so serious that you need a lot of effort, time and money to restore a loved one.

Limping dog — a harbinger of deteriorating relations with business partners or households. Conflicts and tensions can arise from your high demands not only for yourself, but also for others.

It will be possible to restore the former good connections thanks to your gentleness and condescension. Slow down, be more attentive and benevolent to people.

They will immediately repay you the same.

What dreams of a wounded dog in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov, Longo

White dog personifies loyal and faithful friend. Such a dream can predict a meeting with someone who in life will become your companions, a lucky star, an assistant and a patron.

The black dog is a symbol of everything otherworldly and negative. If such a dog dreamed of being wounded and dying, it means that in the near future you will get rid of a bad ailment, you will avoid danger or an accident.

Anyone who tries to offend you during this period will be defeated by fate and your guardian angels.

Care for the unfortunate homeless animal — in reality to do charity and mercy. You will want to commit an act, after which you will be equated to the rank of saints.

This is a good reason to clear karma and get rid of the mistakes of the past.


The dreamer associates a wounded dog with a loss of acquired property and wealth, as the pet symbolizes prosperity and a permanent source of family income. The more active and joyful the dog, the better and more stable the relationship of relatives.

Dying wild animal — a sign of unresolved problems that you are trying to charge yourself.

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