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What dreams of a wedding ring on the dream books of Wang, Freud

Dreamed a wedding ring: how to interpret

Every person had a dream at least once in his life. We plunge into the realm of dreams every night, not knowing what we will see there.

Each dream has its own special role. And if you correctly interpret what you see, you can even protect yourself from terrible, unpredictable events.

A wedding ring seen in a dream is definitely a very strong sign sent to us from above. This symbol of pure love is not just a dream.

What dream book to believe, it’s up to you, but the fact that a wedding ring in a dream promises only good brings together all the books of dreams.

What dreams of a wedding ring, the answer from the dream book Vanga

According to Vanga, seeing a wedding ring in a dream is a symbol of purity, loyalty, integrity and a series of unforeseen events.

If in a dream you happened to put a ring on that same finger of your beloved or beloved — a symbol of the fact that in love you behave with restraint, not promising «golden mountains», but at the same time with you a faithful companion. After all, «with my beloved and in a hut paradise,» is not it?

If you have speculated that a stranger is ringing you — in the future you will accept help in solving major problems that plague you.

I can not understand what size is needed? Such a dream is the interpretation that your heart, like a stork in the sky, is free for new love.
If in dreams you feel that the ring is not enough for you, squeezes your finger or you cannot take it off — you don’t give your soulmate enough love and caress.

What dreams of a wedding ring on the dream books of Wang, Freud

Wedding ring — dream book of the XXI century

  • To walk with a wedding ring on a finger in a dream — to the imminent birth of a new family, the appearance of a baby.
  • Try on a wedding ring in a dream — to make the old dream come true.
  • If you lose the ring in a dream, you can destroy your past connections, old relationships, or friendships of your own will.
  • Try on someone else’s wedding ring in a dream — “the forbidden fruit is sweet” or you are too often interested in what is impossible.
  • To dream of a polished, brilliant ring to a woman — the absence of worries and troubles, which cause. Such a dream means that in everyday life you do not do things that you would not like.
  • Find a wedding ring in a dream — to a meeting that can turn life around. Perhaps a new relationship or strong friendship.
  • Get a wedding ring — to speed well-being.
  • If you can not remove the ring from your finger — to the lack of freedom in the relationship.
  • Wedding Ring in a Dream — Miller’s Dream Book
  • If in a dream you see that you are wearing a ring on your finger — soon you will see interesting cases that will be “new”, but they will have good luck.
  • If a broken ring has been dreamed up — an abundance of omissions, misunderstandings and quarrels in everyday life. Possible rupture of relationships, marriage due to household grindings.
  • If a young girl has a dream that she gets a ring — this means that the beloved person is now completely yours, ready to share with you life and devote your life to your family.
  • To dream in a ring on a stranger — new meetings in the future that will bring profit to the house.

Ghost Ring — Interpretation of the Dream Book of Psychologist D. Loff

Gold ring, engagement, valuable or other jewelry — this dream is interpreted as signing a contract, taking responsibility, comparable to marriage. The dreamed ring symbolizes one’s own desire to cope with the responsibilities that life brings.

A ring forged on the ground or circles on a wheat field is a symbol of protection. Since ancient times, people have defended themselves against evil forces by drawing a circle on a horizontal surface. What they wanted to protect — objects, children, themselves — should have been at the epicenter of the circle, since it was believed that evil could not pass through this circle.

Such a dream is also interpreted as the need for protection from surrounding problems.

Dream Interpretation — wedding ring

The engagement ring in a dream is a symbol of the fact that in the future you will legitimize your relationship with your loved one.

If in a dream a loved one puts on a ring — long love, strong family and a warm hearth. Such a dream symbolizes the absence of domestic problems, and in general, a good family.

If a wedding ring is seen with diamonds — a sign that you will gain former ease in communicating with the opposite sex, and also soon you will meet a person with whom you will go through your thorny life path. With this person it will not be necessary to have a love relationship, a good friendship is possible.

What dreams of a wedding ring on the dream books of Wang, Freud

Wedding Ring by Nostradamus Dream Book

If in a dream you enjoy your wedding ring — a symbol of a quick wedding and the appearance of a child.

If you dream of specifically breaking or throwing out a ring — a sign of a quick separation, divorce.

Ring on the female dream book

Wearing a wedding ring in dreams — a symbol of material well-being, success in matters relating to business.

Seeing a wedding ring on a stranger — new acquaintances in the future.
At the wedding, the wedding ring fell to the floor — life has prepared for you a test that can only be done with a loyal person.

Freudic dream interpretation — why dream of a wedding ring?

A wedding ring is a symbol of female gender.

If in dreams you put on or take off the ring — such a dream takes on the meaning of sexual intercourse with your lover.

What dreams of a wedding ring on the dream books of Wang, Freud

If you were given a wedding ring in a dream — someone tries to please you with the aim of further entering into a long relationship, perhaps in marriage.

If you see several wedding rings on the ring finger:

  • for a woman, such a dream personifies her secret lesbian desires
  • for a man, this dream is an inclination to constantly change partners; it is also a warning that promiscuous sexual relations entail sexually transmitted diseases.

If in a dream you have lost a ring — a sign that the relationship with a permanent sexual partner will soon break.

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