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What dreams of a wedding dress: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of a wedding dress: the interpretation of the image of various dream books

To dream of a wedding dress is a symbol of pleasant troubles, expectations, and preparation for anything. The image seen in night dreams can have both positive and negative values. To compile a more accurate and concrete interpretation, it is important to take into account even the smallest details of the dream: color, condition, number of dresses, own actions, setting, terrain, plot.

There are other interpretations of sleep, according to various popular dream books.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the sex of the person sleeping, as well as the marital status:

  • If the dream dreamed of a married woman (or consisting in a long romantic relationship) — to a happy marriage, love in the family, peace and harmony in communicating with her spouse.
  • Unmarried, free girlfriend — to acquaintances, meeting his second half.
  • Divorced lady — to participate in a public event.
  • Pregnant — to hope for something or someone.
  • Married man — to a romantic, warm relationship with his wife, girlfriend.
  • Free young man — to meet the beloved, new feelings, experiences, desires.

What dreams of a wedding dress: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you should try to remember what the dreamed wedding dress looked like, what condition it was in. Options:

Characteristics of the dressInterpretation
Beautiful, newTo joy, happiness, well-being, fulfillment of all desires
Antique, antique, exclusiveTo a pleasant surprise, new perspectives, long-awaited chance
GemstoneTo rich life, lack of financial difficulties
Gold embroideredTo great happiness and well-being of life
Dirty, raggedRelations with a close and dear person will spoil
Stained with bloodTo disappointments, sorrows, tears and sadness, longing
LacedTo confusion and reflections
AlienTo envy, low self-esteem, experiences and complexes
With a bare, open backComing very frank conversation with someone from close people
WetThere will be an uncomfortable feeling at the upcoming event, visiting, in a new company or team.
DustyThere will be regrets that will be associated with the mistakes of the past.
Transparent, translucentTo shame, shame, embarrassment, discovery of mystery
With tag or price tagWe’ll have to answer for their actions, pay for old mistakes, words, actions
With a large number of jewelry — bows, embroidery, rhinestones, embroidery and other thingsSymbol of dissatisfaction with yourself in real life

To see a dress with a veil is a symbol of deception. With a veil — someone slander in the eyes of the second half.

With a wreath — to change, new opportunities, happiness.

It is recommended to take into account the length of the dreamed wedding dress:

  • Very short dress — to flirt, deception, treason on its part.
  • Medium length — to stability, the implementation of plans.
  • Very long — to contentment, luxurious and rich life.

To dream in a lot of different dresses — to change, a large number of events, events, plans. Soon the life of the dreamer or the dreamer will change dramatically.

It is important to try to remember the shade of the dress:

Color shadeInterpretation
WhiteTo ambitiousness, enterprise, success in business
GrayTo difficulties and overcome obstacles
GreenWish come true
YellowTo deception, lies, betrayal or reservations
Red, scarlet, burgundyTo passion, feelings, new emotions, abuse and feelings
Blue, Blue, VioletTo unexpected events, joys
PinkFor a romantic date, warm words, a gift
Black and whiteTo violent emotions
Black redTo lie, unsaid, deception
BlackTo adversity and disappointment, strong sadness, sadness
OrangeTo jokes, laughter, fun and joy

If the dress was too small (in size) — to failures in business, high expectations. And if it is too big — a man or woman underestimates himself.

You should also try to remember the material from which the dress was made:

  • Woolen — to new opportunities and close, harmonious, trusting relationships with the second half.
  • Satin — to a pleasant expenditure of funds.
  • Velveteen, velor, velvet — Changes in personal life and love relationships are coming.
  • Synthetic or knitted — to conflicts and petty quarrels, abuse and disagreements.
  • Cotton — painstaking work will bear fruit.
  • Paper — to deception, false impression, reservations about anything.

What dreams of a wedding dress: interpretation of the dream

The key point in the compilation of interpretation is what actions a person committed in a dream:

To sewTo work, to work on yourself, to achieve a dream, to set new life goals, goals
IroningTo attempts to idealize his chosen one
Spin in itTo joyful, happy moments in life
Measure, look in the mirrorTo the satisfaction of yourself
Wear in everyday life, walk down the streetThe dreamer lives in his thoughts, which often causes confusion among people around him
Getting married in a dressFortunately, joy, love and comfortable life
Wear and not be able to take offA woman or a man will be held hostage to his position.
BuyTo the beginning of something new, the realization of cherished desires, joy, happiness and well-being
Accept as a giftSomeone wishes all warm, kind, pleasant
StealA person is very jealous of someone, experiencing a lot of negative emotions
Give to someone, giveTo sincere and good wishes to a loved one
SellTo difficulties, heavy memories, getting rid of something memorable
Try on another bride’s robeTo envy, desire for another life
Choose for husband, young manTo misunderstanding, disagreements, disputes
Take off and stay completely nudeThere will be a desire to flaunt your personal life.
Wear a wedding dress for someone else’s celebration, being at the event as a guestTo boast, envy, or commit an ugly act
Choose a wedding dress, but never chooseTo doubts and thoughts and own life
Spoil, rip outfitTo aggression, tears, turbulent emotions, conflict
BurnTo a big altercation with the second half, conflicts and disagreements
Come to the wedding dress of friendsTo misunderstanding, conflict, mutual condemnation because of a trifle
Run after an unknown woman in a wedding dressTo the search for love, sex, attention from the opposite sex

If a woman’s acquaintance played the role of a bride in a dream, then it is necessary to take into account who she is in real life:

  • Mother, grandmother, adult relative — Fortunately for a loved one.
  • Sister, girlfriend — to the joy, the invitation to some event, pleasant wishes.
  • Daughter — to rethinking, thinking about the future, thinking about your current life situation.
  • Wife, second half — to jealousy, strong love, care, desire for intimacy and kinship.

What dreams of a wedding dress: interpretation of the dream

The setting and place in a dream also play an important role, for example:

  • Seeing yourself at home, in your own apartment or room — to a warm relationship with your family, the friendship of all relatives.
  • On the streets of the city — for fun, joy, desire to share their happiness with someone.
  • In the registry office — to global change.
  • In the church — something important and touching will happen.
  • In the store, salon, boutique — to the purchase of what people have long dreamed of.
  • In the studio — will be able to make a choice.
  • In the theater — to the surprise, delight, confusion.

To see many brides in wedding dresses — soon the life of a man or a woman will change radically, turn upside down.

There are other interpretations of the image seen in night dreams. Treatment of popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe psychoanalyst claims that marriage and any wedding paraphernalia in a dream are a symbol of changes in personal life.
MillerDream Miller promises to the dreamer receiving inheritance, winnings, financial benefits, as well as well-being and good luck
WangiWanga foreshadows a man the fulfillment of all desires, dreams, realization of goals, a carefree life and great happiness
HasseIt is necessary to be vigilant in all spheres of life, do not need to trust unfamiliar people, you need to be careful
LongoWedding dress for dreaming Longo — a sign of the problems that can be overcome by great efforts
LofaDream interpretation foreshadows the time of losses, defeats, failures and difficulties. Something unexpected will happen soon that will upset the sleeper
TsvetkovaDream wedding dress — to the expectations, hopes for anything. Whether they are justified or not is unknown in advance.

If a dream about a wedding dress dreams several times in a row — this is a sign of an unresolved problem in reality.

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