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What dreams of a UFO by the famous dream books Vanga and Miller

The value of a dream about an unidentified flying object for different dream books

Modern people often dream of things that appeared in the dream books relatively recently. For example, modern technical devices, as well as flying saucers and aliens.

The UFO dream seems frightening and can easily cause panic, because it seems to us that the alien ship is a rather scary object.

Meanwhile, our subconscious may have a completely different approach to this image. For the subconscious, the main thing is the mystery of the phenomenon, its uncertainty and its connection with the unknown. Let’s find out why the UFO dreams.

By the way, modern dream books regard the appearance of a flying saucer in a dream as a good sign.

Aliens in the sky

A UFO in a dream, flying high in the sky, foreshadows unusual events in the future. Some authors believe that such a symbol speaks about the mass of upcoming acquaintances and meetings with people new to you.

This is a good sign, especially if in a dream you are not afraid of a flying saucer, but look at it with interest. For a woman, such a dream can mean an interesting acquaintance.

If at the sight of a UFO you have experienced fear, then this is a prediction of future experiences and worries. Perhaps in life this feeling will repeat: you will be afraid to solve some important questions for you because of fears that your decision may turn out to be a mistake.

There is another meaning of a dream about a UFO in the sky: it is the receipt of news, an important letter, or just insight. Maybe you will receive a long-awaited message, or maybe a real inspiration will visit you and you will understand something very important for you.

If a flying saucer moves rapidly across the sky, then this may indicate the appearance of a powerful patron or some serious change in your life, and, most likely, in a good way.

What dreams of a UFO by the famous dream books Vanga and Miller

Aliens on the ground

Seeing a UFO dropping to the ground is a fairly simple prediction. Dream interpretation claims that this sign portends guests and a noisy feast.

More serious-minded authors believe that such a dream can be deciphered as follows: you are hoping for miracles, waiting for someone else to solve your problems. Do not rely on a miracle!

All in your hands.

If you are kidnapped by mysterious humanoids, this means that you will soon play the role of a traitor. So this dream is not an easy one — it claims that you are destined to betray your soul mate.

On the other hand, if such a story dreams of a young girl, then this may portend a quick wedding. By the way, Wang believed that such an image is likely to warn about gossip.

What dreams of a UFO by the famous dream books Vanga and Miller

If you see that the alien ship is hostile towards people, there is a battle with aliens, then this dream speaks of serious trials in your life. Most likely, now you should not expect easy success.

The collapse of the UFO foreshadows the collapse of your hopes for easy success.

Dream Miller

Gustav Miller claimed that a flying saucer in the sky is a good omen. The dream says that the higher forces are near, they are ready to help you get what you dream about.

If the higher forces still do not help, then support may come from a high-ranking official.

Which is also very good! The alien attack also does not promise anything bad: it symbolizes many different unexpected events that do not necessarily have to be scary.

Possible travel, new acquaintances, new opportunities.

Dream Vanga

Wang believed that the dream of an alien ship warned that you too rely on the help of higher powers and do not rely on your own forces at all. Better believe in yourself!

And then all your plans will be fulfilled simply because of your personal energy.

What dreams of a UFO by the famous dream books Vanga and Miller

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