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What dreams of a tsunami in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

Dreamed of a tsunami — the prediction of famous and popular dreamers

Various cataclysms and natural disasters are often unpredictable phenomena that cause horror, panic and bring many troubles and misfortunes to humanity. What dreams of a tsunami, we learn in the tested dream book.

General interpretation

A tsunami in a dream personifies a number of swift and dynamic events in the dreamer’s life, which are often uncontrollable, and even less so, an explanation. This does not mean that the sleeper will be overwhelmed by a series of negative situations that will be hard to handle.

Sometimes obstacles in the way of a person are just an excuse to save him from laziness, to impel him to action, to comprehend new knowledge, to gain a unique experience.

What dreams of a tsunami in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

Everything connected with the element of water symbolizes life, energy, rebirth, the flow of time, the cleansing of sins, the flows of material goods. For women, such plots can mean fertility, pregnancy, and happiness of motherhood.

But for any positive interpretation, the state of the water is important. A clean and transparent source marks good moments, from which the dreamer will receive a lot of positive emotions.

Stormy waves — a symbol of violent being. Such a dream can speak of an active life position, vivid emotions, feelings, agitations of the sleeper.

Most likely you are inclined to self-actualize in social activities, politics, show business. By nature, you are a flimsy and often unbalanced person who does not hide his mood before others.

But often, after such eccentric bursts, you are accompanied by impotence, weakness, depression, leading to depression.

Severely to suffer in a dream from a natural disaster — in reality awaiting disappointment, emotional distress and emotional exhaustion. Such visions do not pass without a trace for those who are involved in active work, busy in a large project.

Perhaps this is a sign that you are on the wrong path, mistaken of something, or trusting the wrong people. On the other hand, the plot warns — you need a stop, time to think, to understand the situation, before you reach the point of no return.

I dreamed of a huge wave that delights you rather than scares — it’s time to prepare for great changes. You will be able to unleash the inner potential, there will be a second wind for new achievements.

Confidence in yourself and your abilities will allow you to think about more highly paid and prestigious work, the desire for changes in your personal life will force you to search for your beloved, the desire to live in comfort will affect the change of residence.

What dreams of a tsunami in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

Watching a typhoon take lives is a bad omen. In the near future, your relatives or close friends will need your help and support.

Bad news about relatives can affect their health, financial well-being, personal relationships.

Survive the ninth wave in a dream — in reality, cope with all the vicissitudes of life and reach the pinnacle of success. The moment when you need to tune in to the difficult fruitful work, not to be afraid of difficulties and believe in your luck.

A happy occasion will come to the rescue when it seems that you are on the verge of a crisis.

What else to expect from a tsunami in a dream

  • swim to meet and not be afraid — to get an unexpected increase in work, move up the career ladder;
  • felt yourself drowning — in reality the situation would get out of control, making you weak and exhausted. Failure will affect both health and financial state of affairs;
  • a wave has washed your home — expect problems with households. You will not be able to reach a consensus and settle the situation in the near future;
  • a young girl to be in the epicenter of the elements — in reality, to quarrel with a loved one. The cause of contention can be a rival who tries to lead the groom away;
  • to be on the crest of a wave — in reality being on top of a career and personal popularity.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

Natural cataclysms such as typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, the interpreter associates with the spiritual experiences of the dreamer. This predicts a series of events that will entail a violent reaction to what is happening.

What dreams of a tsunami in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Nostradamus

The interpretation promises to be positive if natural phenomena have not offended you, but have passed by. Watching the elements that have been played out means to anticipate future difficulties and assess in time our possibilities for overcoming them.

To swim in the muddy water among the wreckage is to experience the hard reality of the real days. For business people, this can be a harbinger of an economic crisis, bankruptcy, ruin as a result of unforeseen actions of competitors or mistaken decisions.

You should not hastily enter into financial transactions, even if they promise greater profits. Wait with investment investments in projects that raise doubts about their profitability and prospects.

To feel like a surfer in a dream, conquering giant waves — be able to anticipate dangerous moments in life, have a high intuition, which will allow a strong personality to cope with all the difficulties. Such a scenario reflects the leadership qualities of the dreamer, his courage, sense of purpose.

He is ready for change, flexible to change and aims at a good result in everything.

A negative interpretation is prepared for those who dreamed of a tsunami. This is a harbinger of suffering, experiences and various shocks. The greater the destruction from a natural disaster, the more the dreamer will experience difficulties and problems.

But if after a squall wave followed by a quiet sea surf, the dark strip of failures will soon end and the time will come for creative plans and opportunities. In a short time you will be able to restore health, material well-being and emotional balance.

Sigmund Freud

The element of water personifies the feminine, fecundity, ability to bear children, to continue the race. A woman to bathe after a storm in clean and cool water, to feel the splashing sparkling in the sun on yourself is a good dream.

This foreshadows a quick long-awaited pregnancy, the birth of a healthy and strong baby.

A man to go into the depths of the sea, before an impending storm — to succumb to the temptation of intimate intimacy with a beautiful woman who can bring a lot of trouble. Those who are bound by marriage, this vision predicts discord in the family because of infidelity and lies.

Lonely people are a sign that you show your animal instincts and sexual passion. But the intimate relationship will not be continued.

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