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What dreams of a tattoo on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Why did a tattoo dream — how to decipher correctly

The tendency to draw attention to oneself is characteristic of man. To do this, many fashionable dress, decorate themselves with expensive jewelry.

And some do not see their complete image without the original pattern on the body. What dreams of a tattoo, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Tattoos in a dream personify the desire to show their individuality, originality. A search for variations in self-expression may indicate a dream where you see several wearable images.

What dreams of a tattoo on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

It is very important to recall the type of drawings, since they can have a deep philosophical meaning, indicate the dreamer’s true purpose, reflect his character traits and emotions. It also makes sense to recall the part of the body on which the tattoo had dreamed.

I was seen to contemplate the picture on hand — it means they will become the main tool for the realization of the desired. Success is guaranteed if everything is done solely by your hands. Do not seek to perplex and engage in the process of close environment.

This will only complicate the fact that then you have to redo it yourself.

Drawing on the back is a dream for those who are not accustomed to being open and polite enough, noticing other people’s problems and trying to support in difficult times. You live in your confined space, where there is no place for others.

However, they apply to you as well.

A woman to contemplate such a sign on the male body — to the influential and rich patron, with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall.

The whole body was seen, covered with strange and intricate patterns — this reflects your irrepressible absorption in that which does not really matter. Your lack of education in any things gives you a false judgment.

You may suffer from your own stupidity and short-sightedness.

Do someone tattoo in a dream — in reality, look for associates and like-minded people. The project that you do requires helpers.

But you find it difficult to find them, because not everyone believes in the prospects and profitability of your idea.

Someone draws signs to you — expect unexpected difficulties. Obstacles may arise from the influence of a stranger on you.

You can not carry out his plan until you get rid of someone else’s impact.

Looking at your permanent makeup in a mirror is a symbol of your desire for cardinal change. Do not be surprised if there is a craving for a change in the external image, lifestyle, habits.

Most importantly, you should not get rid of what brought you joy, happiness and inspired success.

To see a woman in a dream with a man with pictures on her face — to meet with a man in reality, whose image will not correspond with his inner world. Most likely he will be a fair hypocrite, pursuing successful and wealthy persons.

It dreamed of contemplating on the neck of incomprehensible hieroglyphs — to experience servitude. You are too burdened with something or have taken unreasonable responsibility for someone.

It is possible to get rid of unnecessary obligations, if you try to dispel the idea alone to change the world for the better.

Meaning of tattoo symbols in a dream

  • The snake on the hand is a symbol of power, wisdom and foresight;
  • The dragon reflects the nobility, strength, perseverance and loyalty of the dreamer. You are ready to go to the end for the love of the ideal;
  • Cat for woman personification of her femininity, fertility. Such visions come as a sign of early motherhood;
  • Scorpio on his back is a harbinger of tragic events for the weak-spirited people. Those who occupy a proactive stance and are not afraid of difficulties, he gives the opportunity to show their potential by proving their superiority. For women, such a scenario means a long married life and eternal love. It also indicates nobility, self-sacrifice and courage of the spouse;
  • The spider in the palm of your hand — to the cyclical variability of life, in which wealth will border on poverty, nobility with betrayal, and love with hate;
  • Dolphin — to the expectation of family happiness, harmony and love. For lonely dreamers, this sign indicates their nobility, the desire for freedom, the belief in good and the willingness to always help others;
  • The heart on the shoulder is an eternal sign of love. The dreamer will wait for a series of romantic events. Try to control your own emotions and control feelings. Otherwise, this union may end in disappointment;
  • A butterfly on a girl’s wrist in a dream indicates her frivolity and amoral behavior. It is worth more to appreciate its outstanding appearance, beauty and grace;
  • The crown over the heart is a symbol of striving for those in power. Such a vision may indicate a rapid career soar and a high position in society;
  • The wind rose marks freedom and love of travel. The sleeper can safely prepare for a successful trip or a productive trip.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A body covered with tattoos is a dream for those who suppress all sexual desires and needs, completely plunging into work. Your sexual activity is zero.

Such a situation can lead to male impotence and impotence. To distract from the urgent affairs and to engage in personal life is to give yourself a second chance to acquire strong and full-fledged relations.

Intimacy during this period will bring you a special pleasure.

What dreams of a tattoo on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

A woman dreamed of doing a tattoo on an intimate bikini area — a sign that you are missing some peppercorn in a relationship with your beloved. You are tired of the monotony and missionary poses.

You can liven up a romantic atmosphere and a very indecent proposal of your lover.

Gustov Miller

To get scared of your body, covered with incomprehensible drawings, is to leave the comfortable and familiar place of your existence for a long time. You are ready to abandon stability, for the sake of finding your true destination.

To put strange ornaments on one of your friends in a dream — in reality to impose your opinion on close friends and colleagues. Such a position will cause them to turn away from you.

Try to be objective and adequately perceive the world around you.

What dreams of a tattoo on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To admire the interesting body pictures of a stranger — in reality, to be dissatisfied with his appearance. Perhaps your physical condition leaves much to be desired or the first signs of aging and fading are already visible.

Just take care of yourself or learn to love what you are.

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