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What dreams of a tank according to Vanga, Miller and Freud’s dream books

What foreshadows the tank dreamer in real life

You had a dream with a huge armored vehicles, which was actively used in the second world war. All the emotions that you experienced during the dream, as well as the actions that you performed with the tank significantly bring you closer to getting the right interpretation.

So why dream of a tank?

It is not necessary to make wrong conclusions, regarding which a tank in a dream is always a sign of aggression or something like that, for example, the commission of violence is not at all characteristic of sleep, in which murder appears, also here. The dreamer is required to plunge into his consciousness and remember how the tank behaved in his dream, how it was used.

What dreams of a tank according to Vanga, Miller and Freud's dream books

The interpretation of the dream according to certain subjects and circumstances

As soon as the dreamer can synchronize with his mind, we will begin the interpretation. In no case can you think out any details, provide exactly the information that the dream showed you.

If you cannot remember something, then do not include it in the dream.

So, if you managed to put together this difficult puzzle, then we can begin the interpretation. Try to make a whole story and figure out what was going on. Our site provides all the necessary information for home interpretation, the dreamer is only required to relate his memories and the options suggested below:

  • The use of military equipment in a dream personifies determination and challenge. You cannot live a day without giving yourself any challenge. You want to constantly overpower and overpower, it gets better. And this is simply wonderful, since any progress is caused by just such a desire, and the massive tank is proof of that;
  • You did not control the tank, just saw it. Not a bad sign, says that you are, rather, an observer by nature. Often you want events to unfold more quickly, aggressively and decisively, but do not use anything to achieve the goal. It is necessary to understand and realize your desires;
  • If the tank was unusual, too long a barrel or thick armor plunged you into oblivion. Such a dream indicates that in real life you have unfulfilled desires that cannot find expression in real life. You really regret your choice, which was made in a rage;
  • As soon as you found yourself in a tank, your heart ached and then everything became as if in some kind of haze. In the near future you will find yourself in a dangerous situation. You will not be able to deny your own desires and you will be led by emotions, it will be impossible for you to refuse something to your colleagues and friends, you will forget about your own benefit;
  • As soon as you found yourself in a tank, some enemy hurried to shoot you. If you simply failed on the battlefield, then you should not be upset about this and wait for failures in real life, they certainly will not visit you. On the contrary, such a heroic death is the result of your hard work, you did not regret yourself;
  • You looked into the barrel of the tank, you were not afraid of anything. Do not neglect this dream and the interpretation it predicts. You really need to enrich not only your vocabulary and stock of witty words, but also an increase in material well-being, you are not very serious about life;
  • Inspected the caterpillar or other parts of the tank. If you acted as an engineer and were a tank mechanic, then you should listen to a similar dream. In real life, you are in for a similar situation, only you will have to correct not the details of your ship, but broken hearts and broken hopes;
  • Many armored machines were an obstacle in your path. In fact, many factors will impede your professional or ordinary activities, you will begin to seriously think about changing activities. Either you prefer to change the type of activity, or you change the main focus;
  • Tank crushed you, moved. Again, death from such a treachery of a tank is not such a terrible interpretation. In fact, it is a sign of courage and strength, you will be able to overcome obstacles in your path and become a person who really deserves the highest reward and manna from heaven, praise from loved ones;
  • This machine was driven by your old rival. If there was a similar embarrassment on the battlefield, you urgently need to check your environment for the presence of parasites that interfere with your life. You really cannot control the influence of these scum on your life and, as a result, you find yourself on the verge of a gap between depression and a normal state, which affects you very badly;
  • They checked this tank for malfunction. If you have a dream like this, you will act as an intermediary of your friend or any organization, in any case, this mission will bring you more benefits than those who sent you to this business, which will have a rather positive effect on material well-being;
  • We bought in a dream a huge war machine of the war years. If you managed to buy this tank, then wait in the near future, the presence of huge spending. And do not blindly believe anyone who is trying to just sell you a product, in the end everyone needs a benefit, and if you just have no place to spend money, then try to put it off and not give it to anyone;
  • The tankman somehow saved you from a great misfortune, and in your memories this picture froze, and the tank became a symbol of heroism. Such a dream indicates a very reckless attitude on the part of the authorities, you are already so fed up with this whole routine that it is simply impossible to breathe, you want to be rescued.

What dreams of a tank according to Vanga, Miller and Freud's dream books

As a dream interpreted by famous personalities and dream books — what will Vanga, Miller and Hasse say

  1. According to the dream book Vanga. Wanga is confident that such a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s attachment to certain places and facts, the reader is really difficult to forget the events that have long passed, they all amuse and amuse him, often looking into the past not to succeed, says Wang;
  2. Dream Miller. According to the interpretations of Henry Miller, you should not look far into the past and decide that you will be able to change all existing orders. Attempts to enter into another monastery with a good charter will not end well, do not even try to commit such a sin;
  3. According to the dream book Hasse. The medium declares that it is impossible to sit passively after such a dream, since it predicts a change in the events in your life, you can get all your desired drive from life.

What dreams of a tank according to Vanga, Miller and Freud's dream books

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