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What dreams of a syringe according to the dream books of Longo, Miller, Freud

What does it mean if you dream of a syringe and various manipulations with it

For some, it is associated with treatment, for someone with drug addicts. What dreams of a syringe — does this dream really want to warn you about the disease?

Only a modern dream book can explain this symbol, so we collected for you the best books written in the 20th century.

What dreams of a syringe according to the dream books of Longo, Miller, Freud

General interpretation of this medical dream

  • A syringe in a dream is a sign of your anxiety. And the dream calms down: all these fears have no ground! Do not wind yourself, why ruin the nervous system, making an elephant out of a fly?
  • Was this medical instrument broken? You will have to pay for your past mistakes. What you can, you will correct, having properly learned for yourself exactly how you should no longer do.
  • He was filled with something (blood, medicine — whatever it is): this is a great sign. Sleep promises positive changes in your personal life. It is quite possible, fortunately, you will have to break through the “thorns”, but you will surely reach it.
  • According to the dream book, a syringe with a needle is a sign that not the most pleasant gossip goes about you, and soon you will know about it. It is quite possible that a close person “indulges” with these exaggerations, from whom you did not expect this.
  • Was there a drug inside the syringe? Your subconscious hints: you are not sure that you are in complete control of your own life. Say, you cannot resist the temptations that ruin all your plans, or other people constantly put sticks in the wheels.

Did you use it?

  • What dreams of a syringe that you collected, sterilized, filled with something? Your subconscious hints that you are a pedantic person. Do not waste yourself on trifles, in fact, they are not so important — look around, there is so much pleasant in life, though not entirely logical and “right”!
  • Did you give someone an injection? Some cunning ones can “embroil” you in an unpleasant business. Think well with whom and what you will do, otherwise you will have to clear up the consequences of your rash actions for a long time.
  • If you know the person whom you have pricked, the interpretation changes: in real life you will be able to influence this person in a certain way.
  • Did you take a patient’s blood for analysis? Someone from the relatives of the nights is not sleeping, worrying about you. Maybe you should call your mom and tell her that you are fine, or come to your grandmother more often?
  • Did you help make a shot with a drug to your friend (despite the fact that in real life he doesn’t “play around like this”)? The dream says: you cannot refuse, and from time to time you suffer from it.

Have you been a patient?

What dreams of a syringe according to the dream books of Longo, Miller, Freud

  • And you were given an injection? Your subconscious mind warns: you are under the influence of a stronger person, and it does not bring you anything good. Understand your life — who attracts you, where and why? Perhaps you should move in your own direction?
  • If in real life you often get injections or just left the hospital yesterday, do not rush to interpret dreams with injections. Most likely, they mean nothing — they are just “fragments” of recently transferred emotions.
  • Injection fell into the hand? Sleep promises problems, and they will come in the most important areas for you. It could be your career, family, love. So pay maximum attention to what you are most worried about!
  • Have you donated blood? In real life, an energetic vampire is parasitic on you. He deliberately teases you, you are angry, you can’t kick a scoundrel out of your head all day … Get rid of him and heal calmly!
  • To see a syringe that you are about to “drive” into your hand, and it is terrible to be afraid of it — to the disease. Your body is weak, and any weather fluctuation or overwork can undermine your health. A dream says: take care of yourself!

And how do famous interpreters believe?

Unfortunately, old books cannot explain which sign carry injections and medical equipment. But psychologists of the 20th century are well aware of this!

And not only they — modern esoteric also managed to closely get acquainted with the symbolism, which is encrypted in our dreams with any medical manipulations.

Dream interpretation of Yuri Longo (white magician)

  1. You have given someone an injection: you are not the most pleasant person “hunted” by household energy vampirism. In people, you notice only their weaknesses, and do not hesitate to make them stinging remarks with all.
  2. The injection was done to you: you are a lazy person, putting everything off until later, and soon you will have to “rake out” the consequences of your own doing nothing. Do not ignore the immediate affairs!

Dream Miller (psychoanalyst)

  1. Syringe: you will be worried about a friend or loved one, although in reality nothing will threaten him.
  2. Broken syringe: you have to correct a situation that happened because of your miss in the past. It is possible that this error will undermine your health, and you will have to be treated.

Dream of Dr. Freud (psychoanalyst)

What dreams of a syringe according to the dream books of Longo, Miller, Freud

  1. A syringe is a symbol of change that will break into your personal life. For example, if you were lonely, you will be swallowed by a hurricane of feelings. If, on the contrary, you did not have an end to the fans, then now you will rest from the close attention of the opposite sex.
  2. Did you use this device while giving an injection to yourself or someone? You will «get stuck» in a story in which an innocent person who is not involved in it will suffer. Most likely, you or your friends will not wish him harm, but fate will be unfavorable to the unfortunate.
  3. If in a dream you boiled a syringe or syringes, it means: you are a pathological fan of purity, as well as a pedant. Your subconscious says: it’s time to correct these personal qualities, they drive you into close limits!

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