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What dreams of a swing on the dream and the main interpretations

Dreamed a swing — decoding sleep for different dream books

Swing is a delightful childhood entertainment. Most children love to swing, and can spend whole hours swaying back and forth on high swings, spinning the sun, or simply trying to fly as high as possible.

Everyone remembers the tremendous feeling of flying, weightlessness at the highest points of amplitude, the force of the hull, which is applied for rocking.

The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud even connects dreams and dreams with swinging on a swing with the dream of sex or directly with sexual intercourse. It is difficult to say how much this is true, but the hormones of pleasure while swinging are produced quite powerful.

We find out what the swing dreams by interpretations of the main dream books.

What dreams of a swing on the dream and the main interpretations

Basic Values

  • The main meaning is fun, meditation at a crossroads, you are not yet ready to decide on the chosen road and are determined to have fun for some time.
  • The swing format also matters. Rope, with a crossbar — you have good fun. Homemade on the same rope, from the old tire — get ready for unpredictable turns of fate. Highly fixed bungee — it is likely that you decide to jump to the unknown. Chances to break a terrific jackpot and lose all about equal. Boat for rocking together — to a harmonious union. The long crossbar on the support is in the middle — unstable relations, be ready to break at any time, confused incomprehensible explanations, disappearances and other annoying elements of unhappy love.
  • Sitting and not swinging — you risk falling into a difficult situation because of your indecision and inaction.
  • Fall, be injured, try to stop the swinging swings in a dream — you are too hasty and categorical in decisions, the dream warns against rash actions. There are circumstances that are stronger than you and tasks that can not be solved with a hitch.

What dreams of a swing on the dream and the main interpretations

Interpretations by authoritative sources

  • Miller’s wary dream book considers a swing in a dream a sign of the changeability of fate, a succession of ups and downs. To ride together with the elect means not joint activity and mutual aid, as it might seem logical, but attempts to seize power, jealousy, emotional pressure. Take-off periods are impossible without a deep fall of the second character and this alternation can tire you a lot. Some get used to the relationship with the constant hassle, and any others begin to seem too simple and bland.
  • Dream Lofa promises fun and a friendly party if you dreamed enough to rock. To shake someone else in a dream is to seek to please.
  • Dream Longo pays special attention to the non-working swing. Dream interpretation believes that you relate this state of affairs with dissatisfaction with a partner and relationships, consider them inoperative and non-functional. Trying to swing a broken swing — to the problems associated with unpleasant courtship and harassment. The second meaning of a broken attraction is the inactive life position, complete nonresistance.
  • To be rocked alone is an escape from problems, the replacement of the real world with an illusory one.
  • Dream Vanga considers rocking, as an artificial forcing of emotions, a fictional world with fictional rules that will not withstand a collision with a cruel reality. The refusal of any responsibility for the magical fading of the heart, forcing emotions for the inspired lines or sweet sobs give very unpleasant consequences. People will refuse to deal with you, will no longer be bought for the charm of periods of recovery, will not regret, support, save, rescue. And you only have to blame yourself.
  • A fall at the peak of a takeoff means a real fall in ordinary life.

What dreams of a swing on the dream and the main interpretations


To see a swing in a dream is a warning sign. Do not get carried away imaginary takeoff, deceptive illusion of movement and flight.

A little entertainment did not hurt anyone, but turning your whole life into an attraction with illusion promises serious problems for you and the people around you.

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