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What dreams of a swarm of bees in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Dreamed many bees — what does it mean by popular dream books

A bee is by nature the most famous “workaholic” for humanity — but on the other hand, many people associate a swarm of bees with a threat, because gathered together, these striped insects turn into weapons of mass destruction. What dreams of loudly buzzing «cloud»?

Will the dream book please you after the «bee» vision, or, on the contrary, will it upset you?

What dreams of a swarm of bees in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

General interpretation of this «buzzing» dream

  • A swarm of bees in a dream, which was buzzing at a distance from you, promises financial problems, unfulfilled dreams, and small efforts.
  • What insects did the swarm consist of? Maybe it was the «wrong bees»? Hornets dream about the huge work that you spend on achieving your plans; bumblebees — to cash profits of unprecedented proportions; wasps mean friends who betray you; drones — to poverty, which may occur because of your laziness.

Have you been in their «spotlight»?

  • The bees are circling around you: this is a good dream, it promises health, success at work, material well-being.
  • A lot of bees in a dream that rushed at you, but at the same time not one bitten — to success on the love front. You will meet the ideal partner with whom you can build a truly happy relationship … But do not brag about it, otherwise there will be many harmful envious people.
  • They chased after you: a bad dream promises you excellent health. Even if you are tortured by a serious illness, she will finally give up her position.
  • They chased not for you (or not only for you), but for your baby? The interpretation of the dream is the same, only now it refers to your son or daughter: the baby will not be sick.
  • What dreams of a swarm of bees, which in a dream inspired you with real horror? Running away from insects that you were terribly afraid of is a bad omen. The dream says: your dream will not come true, and if you are planning something now, you can put an end to these hopes.
  • See a lot of bees that swarm close to you — not to small purchases and profits. The money that will fall into your hands, you very well invest.
  • Did this «crowd» bite you? As the dream book says, many bees — the aggressors hint at your boss, who is using your work, leaving you without the proper reward. Or maybe you have been working in a wrong place for a long time, and is it time to look for a more suitable job?
  • This dream has another interpretation: you will find a painful conflict with your beloved (or close relative).
  • You were bitten, you saw it, but the pain did not feel: success awaits you. All that you are doing now, will bring you the long-awaited fruit.
  • Insects stung you and fell dead? These are your competitors who are trying hard to hurt you, but are failing. The main thing is not to lose the power of the spirit, always insist on your own — and you will defeat them again and again.
  • You were the owner of the apiary, and the little whales were buzzing around you? Great dream, he promises success at work and (or) big things that you can soon accomplish.

Where did you meet the bees?

What dreams of a swarm of bees in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

  • In your house (apartment). So many insects flew through the rooms, so much trouble will soon fill this dwelling, or have already filled. Your subconscious mind reminds you: in the bustle of everyday life, you can forget about the main thing — your loved ones.
  • The second interpretation of this dream: your house will soon be filled with guests. The meeting will be joyful, but of course, very troublesome.
  • Seeing a swarm of bees flying down the street is a sign of successful cooperation, most likely with your colleagues. Together you can move mountains.
  • Many insects working in a flower-covered meadow or spring garden say: your economy is an excellent quality that leads you to a prosperous life on the right path.
  • What dreams of a lot of bees, offended by humming over an empty field? Honey plants that failed to find flowers, warn you: your work will end in failure, or simply will not bring profit. Perhaps you are to blame for this, initially without undertaking it with due diligence.
  • A swarm in the forest (wild, with a nest in the hollow) dreams of hard work. If you have seen individual insects fly into their hive, collecting honey there, a dream means: you will diligently work in a team, and the payment will be shared equally for everyone, not paying attention to who earned more and who less.
  • Finally, bee swarms in the apiary, and even near the honey-filled framework and honeycombs — a symbol of the award, which the authorities will award your honest work. Perhaps, following the cash reward at the top, those who stand will not stint on a higher position for you.
  • Frames, hives were empty? This dream is, on the contrary, unlucky: it warns about material problems and (or) personal troubles.

And how do the most talented interpreters see bees?

The authors of dream books, to which the whole world listens, sometimes almost shock us, giving the most bizarre decoding of our dreams. Ready to be surprised?

Dream Miller

What dreams of a swarm of bees in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

  1. A bee is a symbol of a successful business deal, therefore such dreams will most of all please businessmen or trade workers.
  2. If the dreamer is a military man, a swarm of bees means that his subordinates will be exemplary disciplined.
  3. To other people, swarming bees in a dream promise health in reality.
  4. If honey plants bite you, this is a warning: a close friend wounds, offends.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. For Professor Sigmund, the bee is a sign of the male sexual organ, and its bite is sex.
  2. The stripe bite in a woman’s dream says: This lady is wary of having sex with strangers. Who knows how they can end?
  3. A bee sting in a man’s hint hints: are you not interested in your own sex, considering other men as sexual partners?
  4. Not surprisingly, this dream dream sees a swarm of bees as a sex life. And if you dream exactly a lot of bees, it means that your intimate life is a success: it is rich, interesting, diverse.

Dream Vanga

  1. For the Bulgarian seer the swarm is a sign of the cosmos. Perhaps very soon you will receive a sign from above? If the swarm was huge, it means that you are like no one with Mother — nature.
  2. If an insect has bitten you, that’s not bad: you can get news from another planet.

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