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What dreams of a suitcase for the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Suitcase in a dream — prediction of famous and popular dream books

It is always a joy to get ready for travel, to pack things in travel bags, anticipating pleasant moments of travel. But sometimes the trip can be overshadowed by the loss of baggage at the airport or railway station.

Why dream of a suitcase, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

A suitcase in a dream is a symbolic sign hinting at the experience, wisdom and knowledge of the dreamer. Sometimes he marks memories of past life and emotions associated with it.

For dynamic people, he shows their desire for change, to change the current state of affairs.

Women who are in search of their second half, dreamed of a suitcase reflects her unspent sexuality, the desire to be loved, to share their tenderness and affection. In any case, this sign is capable of expressing the inner state of the dreamer, who must be expected to change.

The positiveness of the prediction’s answers can be influenced by the appearance of the suitcase in a dream, the accuracy and order of things stored in it. Also its size and weight play a role.

A beautiful, expensive and easy to use suitcase, in which you carefully put everything you need — in real life, a sign that you are able to put all your thoughts and affairs in order, to improve relations with relatives or colleagues, creating comfortable conditions for your own of existence. You are a completely self-sufficient person who knows what to strive for, and will surely achieve positive changes in your life.

I dreamed of carrying heavy baggage — in reality it shows the inability to realistically assess their capabilities and cope with their responsibilities. Perhaps overconfidence, thirst for quick success leads to the fact that you will experience an emotional breakdown from your own inconsistency and helplessness.

Delegate unnecessary responsibility, transfer the solution of complex issues to a more experienced person.

What dreams of a suitcase for the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

To dream of an empty suitcase means to know the heartache, suffering, stress. Events in this period will not be good, as obstacles may arise everywhere. This is due to your lack of integrity, irresponsibility, desire to withdraw into yourself.

Understand your own feelings, put your inner world in order before starting something new and promising for you.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A suitcase in a dream is a female symbol, it reflects its inner sexuality, dissatisfaction in intimacy with a man. If a young lady lays things out in him — she is in anticipation of sexual contact, which awaits many pleasant moments.

A man carefully shuffles his shirts in a travel bag — in reality, trying to sort out his personal life, making it more orderly and stable with one sexual partner. Family values ​​will become more significant, you will want a home comfort, warmth and love of one woman.

What dreams of a suitcase for the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

I dreamed of watching someone rummaging through your things — beware of the publicity of a variety of intimate life. The dreamer’s fear in this case can be justified if he leads a promiscuous sexual life, not hesitating to one-time sexual intercourse.

Someone obviously wants to bring you to clean water, giving publicity to your immoral behavior.

To experience fear in a dream from the thought that the suitcase might be lost — in reality, be a jealous and easily susceptible person. It is very important for you to realize that you are loved and appreciated.

This betrays confidence during sex, giving increased activity and temperament.

A man trying to load a large number of travel bags on a cart — to lead an active sex life, which can sometimes fail. Sleep warns that your lack of clarity in partners, while maintaining several sexual contacts can lead to health problems of the sexual sphere or male impotence, impotence.

Considering the value of someone else’s baggage — to tend to spy on the personal lives of others. You are excited by the observation of the female naked body, while you do not feel the desire to communicate with this man.

It was necessary to carry other people’s bags — to be unnecessarily trusting and reliable for the opposite sex. This does not prevent potential partners from enjoying your material benefits or position in society, without promising anything in return.

A shabby suitcase with a torn handle in the hands of a woman is a symbol of the health problems of a dreamer. Do not hope for a miracle, at the first symptoms of the disease, consult a specialist.

Otherwise, you can forget for a long time about further bed battles in the arms of a man.

A man borrow a suitcase from a woman — in any way possible to drag a female lady you like to bed. The desire may be so strong that you will not be embarrassed by the methods of dating and the consequences of your impulse of passion.

Gustov Miller

A suitcase in a dream is a symbol of positive moments and changes, if it was full of the necessary values, durable and convenient for moving with it. This reflects the independence and integrity of a person who has extensive experience, is willing to share his knowledge and ideas with others.

But, naturally, in return, the dreamer expects recognition, high reward, prestigious position. He already has a high status, and his self-confidence will only help to win new trophies in the future.

A young man trying to close a bag overflowing with things is to have big ambitions and wide boundaries of life goals. You are not enough of your previous achievements, you want more.

That time when your desires will coincide with the offered circumstances, will help to quickly achieve career growth and financial independence.

What dreams of a suitcase for the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

To look in an empty suitcase in dreams is to give up on life. There are no things that you would like to put in it — to realize in reality that you have lost a lot of time for a useless existence that did not yield positive results for successful development.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To get a bag full of gifts and sweets — a dream for a business person foreshadows a lot of prospects promising large cash receipts from profitable investments or from the result of past labor and effort. A young person such a vision indicates a successful marriage for a wealthy and independent person who will take care and support the dreamer in every way.

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