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What dreams of a strong wind in the dream of Miller, Freud

Dreamed of a strong wind: a detailed interpretation of the dream books

In a real situation, such a natural phenomenon as the wind is usually associated with changes in life, wishing a person favorable changes. Seen in the dream wind, many dream books are referred to as supernatural manifestations.

However, in order to decipher why a strong wind is dreaming, it is important to pay attention to the particular manifestations of the elements.

What dreams of a strong wind in the dream of Miller, Freud

General interpretation of vision

The wind not only changes the weather, affects the mood of a person, but is able to make adjustments to the plans. For the interpretation of such a picture of the night illusion, one should carefully work out every little detail of sleep.

Powerful elements, crushing everything in its path, can warn of bad news as well as be a good omen.

Some dream elements wind gusts associated with intelligence and flight of thought, a manifestation of the will of the gods. Taking into account traditions, if the wind blows from the north, the image is associated with the messages from the ancestors — you should listen to what they predict.

Even the slightest breeze warns of the coming pore of change.

Treatments in the direction of the wind

If a light breeze in a dream prophesies a pleasant acquaintance in reality or the likelihood of minor problems at work, then strong winds promise significant changes. The level of fundamental changes in the good or the bad side can be found by recalling the force of the windy gust:

  • to see a strong wind in a dream, its gusts from the north side — it is worth preparing for life’s trials, among which may be serious colds;
  • having felt a stream of piercing icy air in night dreams, the dreamer should pay attention to his reputation, he may commit an unworthy act;
  • the whiff of a warm breeze from the south foreshadows favorable circumstances, improve relations with others, with a loved one;
  • the encounter in a dream with a favorable strong wind convinces the sleeper in an adequate assessment of the situation while awake, and also foreshadows rapid career growth;
  • night scenario with a tornado indicates to the dreamer that in order to change life you need to wait until the end of the trouble line.

Why dream of a very strong wind? A hurricane outside the window warns about a quiet cozy evening with family, and a tornado seen in a dream is associated with confusion of thoughts.

If the hurricane knocks down, the dreamer will go on an exciting trip, and the element with the rain indicates that the time has come for a change in reality.

The phenomenon of a strong wind throwing the dreamer high up is commonly interpreted as an unkind sign promising a serious and serious illness. It is important to remember the end of the incident — if the element gently lowered the person to the ground, the serious illness will be defeated, the contemplative of sleep will recover.

What dreams of a strong wind in the dream of Miller, Freud

The interpretation of the image of popular dream books

Before you contact the dream book for an explanation of the night image, you should recall the details of the vision. How strong the wind was in a dream — how strong, maybe a hurricane, blew towards or was passing, from which observations were made of changeable weather.

After that, you can turn to popular dream books for dream clarification with the winds.

Dream Miller

The author of the treatise, who studied life and events in dreams, interprets the rampant of the elements as a precursor of major changes in the fate of the dreamer. What else foreshadows the illusion:

  • the collapse of long-held hopes and plans if a hurricane roars;
  • a completely new life, if the dwelling of the dreamer is destroyed by the wind;
  • successful outcome of the tragic events, if the element is observed from the side.

At the same time, according to the dream book of the American psychologist, the overtaking strong wind predicts to the contemplator of the night scenario large gains after a series of life losses. Powerful impulses of snowstorm, knocking down, promise a difficult struggle for happiness.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of the windy image according to the dream book of the theorist psychoanalysis is associated with the innermost desires and fantasies of an erotic orientation. Freud associates the psychological interpretation of the disguised desire with the wind as follows:

  • windy elements in the landscape of the village warns about confused relationships with partners;
  • the shaking of air above the surface of the water indicates to the dreamer the need for changes in the relationship, up to their rupture;
  • a strong wind in a dream is a signal from the subconscious about health problems or disagreements with a love partner that can be easily resolved.

Interestingly, the proponent of sexual associations of images of sleep was also associated with anxiety about the fate of an unlucky friend. The increase in the strength of the airflow is explained by the psychoanalyst’s treatise with the problems of the dreamer’s sexual relations.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

The conductor along the roads of the subconscious, compiled by E. Anopova, connects the image of the wind with children, but depending on its impact. So from the destructive elements in a dream should expect trouble with children in reality, to see a strong wind with turbulence — a signal of danger to children due to violence.

A breath of fresh breeze in the dream — to get from the children of good news, gentle air waves foreshadow the affectionate attitude of children in reality to the beholder of sleep.

What dreams of a strong wind in the dream of Miller, Freud

Restless windy weather on other dream books

  • According to the biblical dream of Azar, the noise of a strong wind heard in night-dreams foreshadows the news. At the same time, Hasse’s dream book states that the prediction or the news will be empty.
  • Intimate Dream Interpretation associates the movement towards the winds with the subconscious desire to change the situation in love relationships. At the same time, the Modern Dream Book interprets this movement as a determination on the path to luck.
  • Why dream of a very strong wind in the Chinese Dream? Gusts of hurricane wind combined with heavy rain predict death, but not to the dreamer. The elements roaring the beast — to receive news from afar, and its impulses, stomping clothing — to the disease.
  • The dream of Juno interprets the element of the winds in dreams as an appeal for help to higher forces. To hear their advice, the dreamer must stop listening to the whisper of his inner voice.
  • According to the dream-book of the scientist Tsvetkov, who is eager to learn the esoteric, the air impulses symbolize the limitations in which the sleeping man is held captive. The rustle of the wind in the foliage heralds separation, and the strong wind at sea is a success thanks to the help from afar.

Tip: in order to correctly interpret the scenario of the night picture and find out the timing of its implementation, consult the lunar calendar. You should also listen to your feelings in order to understand what the illusion warns about — the dangers or just about the upcoming changes.

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