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What dreams of a snake (snakes) on dream books: Vanga, Freud, etc

Snakes dreamed: we treat on popular dream books

In various cultures, the snake is considered a symbol of evil and deceit, slander, wisdom and danger. What dreams of a snake (snake)?

In most dreams, the snake acquires the image of a particular ill-wisher, warns of danger in life or is an echo of your internal alarm. However, dreams may have a different meaning, the dream book will help to better understand this.

What dreams of a snake (snakes) on dream books: Vanga, Freud, etc

General interpretation of sleep

If a snake (snakes) appear constantly in a dream, it means that there are people in your life who can be considered ill-wishers and enemies. Also, the dream suggests that you are almost always in a dangerous and negative environment.

Therefore, you should try to change your location, environment, perhaps even work.

Crawling snakes dream about the house — to the troubles that will occur in your absence. Catching a crawling snake in the apartment — to expose the enemy in the near future, which was entree into your home.

This person will be a two-faced friend who did dirty tricks behind your back.

If a snake bites a finger on a hand in a dream, it is worthwhile to be more economical and to distribute your finances more thoroughly, since soon waste can lead you to material difficulties.

Of great importance in the interpretation of sleep are the details that you managed to remember during the night dreams:

  • snakes chased you — to hidden dangers in reality. It is worth more attentive to your surroundings;
  • the snake from which you experienced fear in a dream — to fear for your health and waking life;
  • a pair of snakes — to future problems in sexual life. For a married woman, this dream speaks of ill-wishers who are constantly nearby;
  • The reptile has bitten for a leg — to deprivation of the basic income or loss of a workplace. However, such a dream for a single woman may mean the appearance of the second half in life, for a married woman promises an early pregnancy;
  • rattlesnake is a bad sign. This dream warns you of impending diseases and the enemies around you;
  • non-poisonous snake — a symbol of a big win in the future;
  • creeping reptile bit in a dream — to deep disappointment in a loved one;
  • to hold a snake in hand — to the great confusion and real turmoil;
  • bitten by a cobra — to serious diseases in the future;
  • kill the snake — to solve the protracted everyday problems that are very hard for you;
  • the venomous reptile tries to bite you — to deceive or cheat a loved one;
  • dead snakes — a sign that people who could be potentially dangerous to you, no longer pose a particular threat;
  • white snakes with hieroglyphs or blue signs on the skin — a symbol of your wisdom. You will achieve in the life of all their aspirations and goals.

What dreams of a snake (snakes) on dream books: Vanga, Freud, etc

Feelings during your sleep are also very important. If in a dream it seemed to you that the reptiles are very beautiful, with shimmering skin or gorgeous coloring, then soon you will be able to wake up hidden opportunities, to open up some gift.

The color of the reptile also has its meaning in dreams:

  • yellow — to the upcoming global changes in your life;
  • the black one — to the betrayal of the second half for the male dreamer, to making important decisions — for the woman;
  • red — to the loss of strength and confidence in yourself;
  • green — a symbol that you will be able to overcome their bad habits;
  • white — a symbol of personal growth and insight.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

If a woman in the dream is bitten by a dead snake, you should be more careful about your surroundings — soon hypocritical friends can bring you unprecedented suffering. If reptiles wriggled and fell on a person in a dream — in reality he has to seriously fight for existence.

Often he is accompanied by remorse.

Snake stung in night dreams — you should be more careful, because the enemies want to harm you in your work. Killing snakes in a dream is a symbol of a strong character, achievement of goals and victory over ill-wishers.

If in a dream the viper curled around you in circles, showing the sting, then soon you will have a disease, powerlessness before the enemies. To hold a snake in hands — to anxiety, worries and anxieties.

Seeing sting another person is likely to offend a faithful friend.

Many little snakes in a dream — to the destruction of your plans. Hearing a snake hiss in a dream for women means anxiety about a child in reality.

According to Freud’s dream book

In this dream book there are several interpretations of a dream with snakes:

  • snake basks in the sun — a symbol of excellent sexual tone;
  • a snake bites — a symbol of the fact that in your relationship with a partner a third person may appear;
  • a reptile bites another person — a sign of a strong attraction to this person or an intention to change his current partner;
  • run away from the snake — a sign of your real problems in the relationship, from which you are trying to escape and not trying to solve.

What dreams of a snake (snakes) on dream books: Vanga, Freud, etc

According to the dream Wang

In the Vanga dream book, dreams are treated with snakes as follows:

  • reptile crawling on the ground — to the closest battle with your enemy, who decided to act in the open after secret wiles;
  • a lot of snakes — in your surroundings there are a lot of cunning and envious people who are trying in every possible way to harm you in your personal life and career;
  • a snake bit — to a bitter disappointment in people close to you;
  • reptiles of enormous size — to very bad news.

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