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What dreams of a snake in your house according to the dream books of Miller, the sorceress Medea

The snake in your house — the prediction of famous dreaming

Night visions with a snake in the house in most cases are interpreted as a warning about the various manifestations of unkind events. You will learn a more detailed explanation by reading the suggested sources.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of a snake in your house according to the dream books of Miller, the sorceress Medea

Dream astromeridian

  • Saw her in his home — foreshadows trouble in your absence at home.
  • This tells the dreamer about the presence of secret homosexual desires.
  • It was yellow — to a radical change in life, green — you get rid of old habits and responsibilities.
  • They glimpse small — to insignificant troubles, quarrels.
  • Reports a lot of detractors. Be careful.
  • Many snakes — wait for treason close people.
  • Take her in hand — anxiety will overcome the dreamer.

Dream of spiritual seekers

She was curled up — a sign of serious danger.

Explanation of the psychologist A. Meneghetti

  • Snakes in nightly dreams report various possible negative events.
  • Snakes are often poisonous creatures, therefore they are dangerous to humans. Therefore, one of the frequent signs of such images in a dream is death.
  • The snake image is negative and reflects a fear for its life.

View of esoterica E. Tsvetkova

See her in the house — to betrayal and evil intent.

Summer dream

The rattlesnake is a symbol of an insidious rival.

Children’s dream book (only for children)

This dream symbolizes evil, foes, slander.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • Such visions promise future trouble.
  • The snake wriggles — a sign of struggle for existence, moral responsibility.
  • Dreamed of small snakes — people whom you gladly accept in your home, will slander you behind your back.
  • She was calm and peacefully curled up with a ring — your enemies are not asleep, they are just waiting for an opportunity to harm you.
  • To see them is a whole tangle — a sign with a negative color. It symbolizes your envious, ready to bring you trouble.
  • To see a dead snake — to spiritual torment from a close friend bias towards you.
  • Kill her — you are ready for much to achieve their plans. Success is guaranteed.

Dream book writer Aesop

  • She lay quietly — you unknowingly provide assistance to a person who wants to cause you great harm.
  • You have been attacked by several snakes — in reality you have to protect your reputation from unkind people.
  • She bit you — slander and gossip will overcome you.
  • To see snake cubs — a sign with a negative color, reports possible betrayal of loved ones.

The dream of the witch Medea

  • Sleeping snake — symbolizes recovery, luck, prudence.
  • Boa — symbolizes temptation.
  • Snake bite — treason, disease, deceit.
  • Playing snake — intimate relationships, lust.

What dreams of a snake in your house according to the dream books of Miller, the sorceress Medea

Ukrainian dream book

  • Seeing her is a warning about your enemies, who need to beware.
  • She stung you — to quarrels.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Seeing her in your house — to family problems that arise during your absence
  • Found her, and she climbed you in the bosom — to the birth of a boy.
  • We saw the snake’s nest — a harbinger of the appearance of a person who will cause family conflicts and, possibly, the collapse of the family.
  • Snarl is a sign of mental disorder.
  • To see the python houses — powerful obstacles stand in the way of your designs, which will not be easy to overcome.
  • To discover a snake — wait for the matchmakers to come to the house.
  • The snake that has been seen has bitten you — wealth promises.
  • You killed her — you will overcome enemies and envious.

Bible dream book azar

Snake is a merciless adversary.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse

  • See the snake in the house — among the female you have an enemy.
  • To kill her is to overcome a difficult problem.

Dreaming nostradamus

  • The snake is a sign of black ingratitude and cunning.
  • Saw her curled ring — a warning about the presence of a secret enemy. Kill her — defeat him.
  • She attacked you — foreshadows accidents.
  • She had a few heads — a lie would damage your reputation.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • To see her in the house — to meet with a woman who has malicious intent. You need to be careful when dealing with the female sex.
  • If she was poisonous — a symbol of destructive forces. Negative sleep
  • Bite — a precursor of the disease.
  • Friendly caresses — to obtain mysterious knowledge. Perhaps the appearance of a mistress with insidious intentions.
  • A lump of snakes — you will overcome spiritual experiences and contradictions.
  • The snake was white — to become the owner of destructive knowledge.
  • To kill a snake is a positively colored sign. Freedom from enemies.

Interpretation of the psychologist G. Miller

To see in your dwelling a multitude of snakes predicts a life filled with constant alarms.

Assyrian dream book

Discover and catch her — to the emergence of a reliable intercessor in your life.

Vedic dream

Sleeping with such a scenario warns against your cunning foes wanting to harm you.

Her appearance matters to explain sleep.

  • Explosives — to treason and rival.
  • Python — to the obstacles.
  • Already — to matchmakers.
  • Anaconda — to temptation.
  • Viper — to the threat emanating from past events. There were two of them — you will witness the struggle of your enemies.

What dreams of a snake in your house according to the dream books of Miller, the sorceress Medea

Interpretations from other sources

  1. For a girl, such a dream is a warning that her chosen one can betray or deceive her. It also foreshadows mental agony.
  2. For a woman, sleep promises the emergence of a serious rival.
  3. For men — this is a warning about possible betrayal of the spouse.
  4. The snake was obedient, almost tame — in the near future you will get rich.

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