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What dreams of a snake bite: interpretation by dream books

The general meaning of a snake bite in a dream is deceit, treachery, struggle, cunning, wisdom. Different dream books give slightly different interpretations.

The correct interpretation depends on such factors as the appearance of the creature, the place of the bite, whom it dreams, bitten, the dreamer’s actions and his emotions during sleep and after waking up. To more accurately determine what dreams a snake bite, you should believe your own intuition and logic, then examine the values ​​of the popular dream books.

There are many interpretations of this dream from various sources:




  • Enemies will damage any human cause. Avoid doubtful activities, contact with unfamiliar people.
  • The attack of a small snake warns of trouble at work. It is necessary to trust first of all your own logic and intuition.
  • The bite of a big reptile warns of loss of reputation, which will not be easy to restore


The bite of a creature means a strong disappointment in a loved one. For some time, the dreamer will be perplexed by his failures until he finds out that one of the main culprits is the one he trusted. There is a possibility that the traitor used magic, caused damage


  • He believed that snakes symbolize the male sexual organ. The general meaning of a reptile bite is the breaking of sexual, love relationships due to the appearance of a rival, a weak libido of the dreamer. A quarrel with a friend, close.
  • It is recommended to take a closer look at a new partner or friend. Probably, he will turn out to be completely different from who he claimed to be.
  • The bite of a black reptile is the probability of a venereal disease. Water snake — to conviction in treason asleep


There will be a quarrel, confusion in any area


Just showing enmity with someone


  • The person will be the culprit or the main cause of a serious scandal.
  • In the near future, you can not risk everything that is dear to him.
  • If the snake died after being bitten — the plans of the enemies are not realized.


A strong quarrel with a close one is coming, which will eventually lead the sleeper to problems, failures

Maria Fedorovskoy

Talking about pregnancy. If a man dreamed of a dream, a wife, a relative or woman friend would soon give birth


  • The appearance of the disease, quarrels, treason.
  • If the creature was not poisonous — this is a warning that the sleeper will cause a serious scandal. In the event of a poisonous attack, problems are awaited at work, in a career.
  • When another person is bitten, it shows the dreamer’s tendency to harm him in any way. It will not lead him to anything good.
  • Death asleep after a bite — suffering due to the break in relations with a loved one after his betrayal, betrayal


Warning about the existence of unknown enemies. They can be both in an environment, and at distance, in a shadow.

This dream book explains in detail the dream, depending on the location of the bite:

  • In the foot — the enemy is plotting an attack. If it is realized, moral qualities will suffer, not material ones.
  • In hand — the conflict at work or in the family.
  • In the neck — the state of the sleeper wants to leave the best, so in the near future you should not get involved in risky, complex matters.
  • In the finger — a problem in the financial sector.
  • Toe — a threat to social status


  • In the environment there is a hypocritical, two-faced person who can bring many troubles. It is necessary to calculate and move away from it.
  • If the dream of an attack on a child — he faces a disease. In case of absence of one’s own offspring — one should be wary of the rival plans of competitors

Evgenia Tsvetkova

Betrayal by buddies, colleagues.

This dream book provides an exhaustive interpretation of sleep, depending on the color of the creature:

  • Black — there is a chance to encounter a fraudster, a swindler among new acquaintances.
  • Green — a reminder that there is an unfulfilled important choice.
  • White — financial success, which will bring in the end disappointment.

Important: It should be remembered that thoughts are material. The more a person adjusts to something, thinks about it for a long time — sooner or later it happens. The law of materialization acts both on positive thoughts and on fears.

Therefore, after a bad dream, you should not reflect on the negative events that occurred in it. It is necessary to calm down, then think about the dream, a possible problem, scroll through the options for its solution.

What dreams of a snake bite: interpretation by dream books

Depending on where the reptile has bitten, there are such interpretations:

Bite place


Vulnerability. The warning that in the near future should make important decisions, conflicts. It is preferable to become an observer, awaken the quality of a diplomat, take a rest

  • Awakening of chronic disease. It is advisable to diagnose general health. If there is a specific suspicion, check for a specific organ.
  • The intention of the enemy is to instill in him an advantageous thought that will harm the dreamer. This person is strong-willed and selfish. You should beware of such people, avoid contact with them.
  • Trouble on the part of loved ones. Quarrels, conflicts, possibly betrayal. If no one is suspicious, you should think about it. It is advisable to tune in to build relationships after a possible quarrel.
  • Deterioration of health

It looks like the interpretation of a bite in the back. Only in this case disappointment in a man in whom there was no doubt awaits.

It is necessary to prepare psychologically for such a turn. But you don’t need to tune in to it.

The enemies intend to take away from the man what he earned with his own hands. Or they want to weaken it for their own purposes. If there are enemies, be careful with them.

In the finger on the hand

Opponents use the dreamer’s weaknesses for their own ends. Do not show anyone your “Achilles heel”

The enemies will touch the dignity of the dreamer. We must not forget that the main world religions warn that unlimited egoism does not lead to good. Therefore, one should lower the sense of self-importance, get rid of vanity, but also not let anyone humiliate himself.

Some people want to be misleading. In the near future, you should listen to your own logic and intuition, be wary of other people’s advice and words.

What dreams of a snake bite: interpretation by dream books

Much depends on what color the snake was in the dream, what size and on other parameters.

What dreams of a snake bite: interpretation by dream books

Values ​​of various colors:



A warning about someone’s deceit. Be careful with trust in unfamiliar and unfamiliar people.

Symbol of knowledge and wealth. You need to properly dispose of new opportunities for the development of a particular area. Otherwise it will bring evil, greed, vanity

Indicates the environment of the dreamer. Therefore, you should beware of attacks from someone close.

This may be a colleague at work or someone from relatives, familiar people. In the near future, you need to try to become more diplomatic, but also prepare for a confrontation with someone

A person will be disappointed that he appreciated, admired. The unexpected revelation will do him good; he will teach to see the essence of the new aspect of the world order.

Reptiles of this color are a sign of increased financial success. His bite means some kind of problem with big money. You need to be careful about money, show maximum prudence, endurance

Reminds blue color. Only in this case there is a small clarification.

Good luck with the money will come from gambling, lottery or dishonest action. But if not to dispose of finances correctly, the joy will not last long

A reminder of an unfinished business, an indication that a person is trying to step over a step. It is necessary to develop attention, prudence, not to make decisions on a hot head. There is a possibility that the dreamer did not make the right choice — he preferred material to spiritual at the wrong time.

Deceit, meanness. There is a possibility of conspiracy, slander. You need to think about all your weaknesses and be able to stand up for yourself at the right moment.

Warning about the fight with the enemy. There are two options: he will strike with his “poison” — then he will be defeated, after which it will be difficult to recover. Or will he lose to the dreamer, «choking on his own poison»

With yellow spots

In the near future, waiting for disappointment, deception. We’ll have to ask for help from close people — friends or relatives.

What matters is the size of the snake in a dream:

The sizeInterpretationLargeThe larger the snake in a dream, the greater the likelihood of big trouble in any area. Perhaps there will be a serious battle with the main enemy. Huge reptile means catastrophe, cataclysms, war and other large-scale disasters.SmallSmall reptiles warn of minor troubles, which the dreamer can easily cope with if he has the strength and will of the average person. Often shows a dangerous person who does not have power, but is prone to build intrigue behind his back.

Also taken into account are the qualities of a snake:

The qualities of the snake


These reptiles have a different color. It is necessary to determine the snake for the presence of poison with the help of knowledge of appearance — what a cobra or a viper looks like is known by many.

The main help in this is provided by inner feeling, experience. If it is felt that after a bite, poison is poured in the body, then this is a bad dream. Warns of serious danger

The snake, which fizzes in a dream, is a good sign, showing the failure of an opponent in the fight against the dreamer. But when she bites — it all depends on the mood, perception of a person.

If he feels fear and anger — there will be a serious battle, in which there is a chance to emerge victorious only with someone’s help. Ease, joy and calm foreshadow victory in it

A creature floating in water promises betrayal of a loved one, a loved one or a rival in a relationship

In real life, rivals in a certain area are selected to a person. If the creature is approaching on the street — try to harm the career or collect dirt

If in a dream the creature is wrapped in rings around the sleeper — in reality, the enemy will create certain conditions that will make the dreamer weakened for some time. May mean remorse due to an impious act.

Just a snake with a few heads promises an increase in well-being. But her bite means possible problems caused by this luck.

Slander, conspiracy, gossip, intrigue

A dead snake is a bad dream, showing that the enemies of a person will rejoice at his chagrin, the manifestation of weakness after their attack.

Depending on who is a snake bite in a dream, there are different interpretations of dream books:

Dream interpretation

Free woman

Married woman




A person will cease to enjoy a good reputation because of the attacks of enemies

Problems in the family because of someone’s attacks

Quarrels with girlfriends. Slander on their part

Advises caution when making important decisions.


Warning of impending or induced damage

Conflicts in the house, the family through the fault of detractors

Betrayal of a loved one

The likelihood of an opponent in a love relationship


Need to get rid of their complexes in relations with the male sex.

Should establish relationships with your loved one

Need to reestablish relationships with loved ones

Advises to think about their orientation


Woman is tricked into a bad deed

You need to understand yourself in order to build relationships with your spouse

Conflict with a friend or relative on their own initiative

Warns that the egoism of the dreamer will lead him to a strong quarrel with his own people


In the near future, care should be taken when dealing with unfamiliar people. Pay attention to the details of important matters.

It should be more realistic to look at their own opportunities, otherwise troubles are coming.

It is worth changing your perception of the world — filled with love and harmony. Then success is expected in all spheres.

We need to get rid of addictions, bad habits that prevent us from living a full, joyful life.

Advice: not all dreams are prophetic. It should be remembered, were watching movies or reading books about snakes lately or not.

Often dreams simply reflect emotions and thoughts in the human mind.

Sometimes a snake bites in a dream not the sleeper himself, but his relatives, children, friends, and strangers. This may be an omen of any threat to the bitten person.

If the snake bit the son, daughter or child of other people, there are many interpretations from various dream books:

Dream interpretation



Caution about possible betrayal in the future in relation to the child. It is necessary to pay attention to his upbringing, to develop such virtues as decency, honesty, devotion


It should show more warm feelings for the child. Otherwise, he will be disappointed and angry with his parents.


In reality, the bitten will suffer from the attacks of the enemy


Warning of the exposure of the sleeping by a stranger


There is a sexual attraction to one of the parents of the child.


Dreamer or someone from his close people will suffer from the attacks of the enemy


In the future, the bitten will affect the political event.


Warning of the coming disease


A child will undergo serious illness.


Means conflict between the parents of the child.

When a reptile bites mom in a dream, it means a threat, a danger to the mother. She is likely from any side: native or enemies, from herself, acquaintances, strangers.

If a reptile attacks a friend in a dream, it promises the dreamer to quarrel with him. It is necessary to understand the true cause of the conflict, consider the situation from all sides in order to come to reconciliation.

The bite of a stranger speaks of the evil intention of the dreamer himself.

Sometimes killing an attacking creature is added to this dream. In this case, the ability of the dreamer to go against the machinations of enemies, to solve various problems is shown.

If he fights with a snake and unexpectedly kills her, it means that he is afraid of his enemies, but is able to cope with them.

Wanga, in his interpretation, reveals that killing a creature in a dream is a good sign, unlike escape from it.

Much depends on the mood of the sleeper during the bite and after waking up. Some details of a dream with a reptile attack:

  • With the blood and pain of the dreamer, a sense of inner discord — a serious trouble awaits. It should be psychologically prepared for the ordeal. If a person can stand them, it will make him stronger.
  • With blood, but without pain — an unpleasant event will happen to the sleeping one that will look like a catastrophe. In fact, this will be a solvable problem.
  • Without blood, but with pain — a person is framed or betrayed, deceived. It will seem to him that there is nothing terrible in this, but in the end it will lead to strong disappointment and despair, as this will affect the occurrence of another trouble.
  • Without pain, but with blood — trouble will occur, which he will meet with dignity.

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