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What dreams of a snake attack on the dream of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Why did a snake attack dream: interpret according to different dream books

The notorious fact that the snake will never bite in water. Not because she does not want, but simply after being bitten, her lungs will instantly fill with water and she will die.

What dreams of a snake attack in a dream, we learn in the popular dream books.

Snake stories

The snake is a very deep and multi-valued symbol. For people strong in spirit, decisive and principled, she can confirm their superiority in courage, wisdom, cunning.

And for those who are weak in health, energetically devastated and lost, this poisonous creature can endow with inner strength, mental energy and optimism.

What dreams of a snake attack on the dream of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Women promise such a sign the gift of divination, high intuition and anticipation of situations that should be avoided. And for those who want to have many children, this creature will become a symbol of fertility and the successful conception of the long-awaited baby.

Her ability to shed skin promises to the dreamer the return of youth, mastering the secret of eternal beauty and long life.

A snake attacking in a dream carries a positive interpretation only if it attacks someone from the environment, and not you. Otherwise, it is rather a forerunner of evil, deceit, gossip and slander.

What joy the snake promises women

For a woman, a snake in a dream is a bad sign. You can be in the center of scandal, quarrel and intrigue. You should monitor your statements about others, refrain from unnecessary emotions.

Try to live your life without disturbing someone’s peace. During this period, you can annoy others even with your appearance, well-groomed, athletic figure, cheerfulness.

For a married woman, an aggressive mammal can mean jealousy and prejudice of the husband. If this happens on the eve of your departure for a business trip, a bachelorette party or just going out to meet with close friends, you should know that such events can only complicate your relationship. But on the other hand, if you cancel your meetings, you will let your spouse know that you can be easily controlled, like a puppet in your hands.

And then forgive your own opinion and personal space, you will be completely in his submission.

What dreams of a snake attack on the dream of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Small snakes surrounded you — accumulated small things that need to be resolved without delay, otherwise they will become problems.

Why men are afraid to warm the snake on the chest

A man to grab an attacking viper in his hand — to wake up the cunning plan of competitors in reality or to catch a loved one in theft, treason, large waste of money. All that is carefully trying to hide from you, veiling beautiful intricacies, will become obvious and obvious.

How to do this, you decide, but definitely should change the circle of your environment and get rid of the traitors.

To see a snake in your workplace — beware of colleagues who are trying to impose on you as a friend. Their main goal — to get your position, discovering all the subtleties and nuances of work.

Author’s dream books

Striker viper — a harbinger of a fight with a fierce enemy. If she bit — in reality she would be greatly disappointed in the decency of which she had never doubted before. To fall into a serpentine den — to surround yourself in real life with those who make a career at the expense of you, increasing their authority among the leadership.

You are in some dependence on those whose influence suppresses your vulnerable nature. The output will be a change of employment, dismissal or transfer to another position.

What dreams of a snake attack on the dream of Freud, Miller, Vanga

The poisonous creature has bitten, but you have not felt pain — you will be able to defeat those who are trying to destroy you. You seem to find an antidote that will help cope with difficult situations and those who adjusts them.

The constrictor is trying to squeeze your neck — in reality you will experience pain from the loss of someone close to you. Tragedy can be avoided if in a dream give a hard rebuff and drive away the predator.


The negative sign carries this symbol of evil and human sin. The serpent wrapping around Christ personifies the moment when all human vices, base lustful desires for the satisfaction of their flesh and physiological needs are activated in a person.

Feel how the cobra is watching you — to be under the scrutiny of an influential person who brings evil and destruction into the world. To kill her is to find the strength to get rid of external pressure.

Gustov Miller

Snake dreams are believed to be any form of warning of impending evil. Attacks or is just nearby and looks at you, in any case, in reality, someone really threatens you with an encroachment on your property, property and even life.

The one to whom you crossed the road will turn out to be a very and cruel person who will not feel sorry for you and your loved ones.

In the period of such dreams, you can experience a painful condition, blues, anxiety, depression. In order to cope with all the hardships, it is better to connect friends and relatives, do not worry about your failures alone, let your relatives help you with a kind word, advice or your connections with the right people.

Accidentally step on and crush a poisonous snake — by chance, to ward off a bad misfortune, attract good luck and happiness. Listen to your own intuition and try not to fall into dubious situations.

David loff

An objective interpretation of such a magic symbol appears. The snake can personify both wisdom and prosperity, and fear of cruelty and death.

A snake attacking in a terrarium, aggressively beating into the glass, can talk about the powerlessness of competitors, spiteful critics and those who are trying to resist you.

If you managed to take a mammal in your hand and clamp its jaw — this is a sign that you are in complete control of your life and it will be difficult to disturb your established order and well-being.

Sigmund Freud

This poisonous creature carries a phallic symbol. Embodying the male principle, the attacking snake means problems in the intimate life of the dreamer.

You experience some kind of fear and insecurity before sexual intercourse, or even aversion to it. Perhaps this is caused by some moments of childhood sleeper.

In any case, you need to consult a doctor and be like psychotherapy sessions, since you cannot cope with such problems alone.

It is believed that snakes can personify the autonomic nervous system. A person undergoes some psychological changes: his attitude and his awareness of himself in reality is changing.

Such people are beginning to be interested in something supernatural, otherworldly and unconscious. They are interested in extrasensory experience and mastering the skills of hypnosis.

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