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What dreams of a skull on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo

Why a skull appeared in a dream — the prediction of famous dream books

The skull is a popular attribute of various clothing accessories and jewelery. This image brings together different and dissimilar groups of people who are concerned with the questions of being.

Why dream of a skull, we learn in the popular dream books.

General prediction

The skull, as a symbol, has a twofold, completely opposite meaning. On the one hand, it is a direct personification of death, negative energy, otherworldly forces of darkness.

But on the other hand, it reflects opposition and desire for eternal life.

In ancient Rome, warriors put this sign on clothes and armor, believing that it would save their lives and help defeat the enemy. Thus, the reminder of death added to them caution, attentiveness, dexterity, endurance and skill.

What dreams of a skull on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo

In the Russian symbolism, the bones of the skull were called «Adam’s head» — this personified the liberation from death, rebirth and salvation of the soul. Adam’s head was put on a monk’s robe, used in crucifixes and body crosses. In modern subcultures, the skull marks fearlessness.

For bikers, this image is like a death call.

A skull in a dream may reflect the contradictory nature of the dreamer, who always goes from one extreme to another, not always feeling the fine line between good and evil. Such people are usually very stubborn, proud, vain, and obsessed.

If you dreamed of a skull — then you are standing at a crossroads and you find it difficult to make a decision.

The grinning face in dreams is a sign of warning against obvious mistakes. Fate as it tests your strength, sending serious life situations that you may not cope with on your own.

Experiencing willpower, you are ready to give up stability and a familiar place. Tempering character and moving towards success, you are able to turn from a seemingly profitable and promising path and change strategy in time.

To hold this attribute of death in your hands is to be a fiasco in business. You should not give in to the will of the case, keep the situation under control so that circumstances do not turn out to be extraordinary.

I had a dream about my own skull, which teenagers consider — a sign that they want to be equal to you, watching you and repeating your actions and deeds. For the dreamer — this is a big responsibility.

You need to be more active in manifesting wisdom, decency, kindness and creativity that you have been given.

What dreams of a skull on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo

Trying to find this symbol in the ground — to search for answers to conflicting questions. Bury — eliminate what has tormented your soul for many years.

What else the skull dreams

  • in gold frame — to meet with a talented and all-knowing man, the guru of his craft;
  • I dreamed in the form of a cup from which you drink — to comprehend the essence of being, to strive for enlightenment, self-education, spiritual development, moral ideal;
  • break with a hammer — to degradation, the fall of moral and spiritual principles, ruin;
  • pray for him — in reality create an idol, mistakenly believing in his unique capabilities and abilities;
  • throwing into the sea — in reality, trying to start a new life, giving up good thoughts and ideas;
  • to be delighted with the gigantic skull — to have a false judgment about an authoritative and influential person, it is easy to believe rumors, gossip and unconfirmed information.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Own skull in a dream is associated with the search for a deep meaning in everything, even in matters of intimate life. You are used to complicate things where you need to relax and have fun. Such people often have problems in communicating with the opposite sex.

In pursuit of a perfect relationship, deep feelings, you demand and expect identical behavior from your beloved. Sexual relationship with a woman will become more accessible and more pleasant for you if you treat this as a habitual way of life.

I dreamed of a skull in someone else’s bed — this predicts health problems due to promiscuous sexual relationships in the past. You will regret and remorse for the mistakes of stormy youth.

Do not avoid health problems. This may affect sex life in the present.

The probability of fear of physical intimacy with a potential lover is great.

For a man, such a plot personifies fear of impotence, impotence, fear of losing male power, not satisfying a partner, being deceived. The period when sexual activity drops sharply and leads to temporary abstinence.

Gustov Miller

I dreamed of your own skull — this indicates your regret and repentance for your actions. You are ready to change everything, to correct it, but the situation cannot be returned.

A sure way to get rid of the pangs of conscience is not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Holding a skull of a friend or colleague indicates your intellectual superiority. This means that in a situation of choice, preference will be given to you, as a more experienced, sensible and wise person.

Be prepared to hate and envy the loser.

What dreams of a skull on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Longo

Stroking the skeleton’s head with a hand is a bad sign, a harbinger of a bad set of circumstances, loss of vital energy, powerlessness, pessimism. Your inactivity will manifest itself in everything: in work, family, communication with friends. The beginning of any creative activity will not bring bright prospects.

It’s time to wait to restore the former power.

A skull with a slight mocking smirk is a symbol of the fact that the upcoming events will develop completely not in your favor, having presented surprises in the form of quarrels with relatives, aggravating relations with colleagues.

This all can happen because of your unrestrained nature, you are used to sarcasm at your colleagues, critics of the behavior of relatives, mocking jokes with friends. Try to show your respect and appreciation, the only way to avoid conflicts.

Yuri Longo

To see a skull in a dream means to ask a solution to a difficult question that has surfaced from your past. The difficulty is that after a long time, the significance of the problem has only increased and now it will take more effort, time and money to fix it. Wisdom comes with life experience.

This situation will help in the future not to shelve urgent matters.

A skull was seen on a table in a strange house — you meet a wise and powerful person who will become your adviser and teacher. This acquaintance will be very significant for you, as it will make you go forward, unleash your inner potential and find your purpose in life.

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