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What dreams of a scorpion in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus, Longo

Dreamed of scorpion — the prediction of famous dreaming

About thirty species of scorpions are deadly to humans. They mainly live in North Africa and the Middle East.

What dreams of a scorpion, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Scorpio is a multi-faceted symbol. On the one hand, he personifies a vengeful, evil and insidious personality.

Regarding a situation, it can reflect anxiety, depression, fear, waiting for retribution, feelings. From a psychological point of view, they can carry often annoying stereotypes of thinking, annoyance, empty efforts.

This poisonous insect can carry a positive meaning, be a symbol of healing, healing. It is also associated with Yin energy, rebirth, transformation, transition to another world.

As one of the signs of the zodiac, it reflects a strong personality, self-confidence, loyalty, devotion, mild excitability, emotionality, passion, jealousy.

What dreams of a scorpion in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus, Longo

For a dreamer such a sign can become a symbol of the continuation of struggle, perseverance and perseverance. Such people assertively and straightforwardly change the world around them, believing in their own victory and listening to their intuition.

Sometimes inexplicable motives of their actions, and the main reason for the action are their own desires, wearing an element of competition.

For a woman, this vision can become the embodiment of her sacrifice, care for offspring, discipline, and determination bordering on restraint. It also shows the thrift, healthy ambition and honesty sleeping. In this case, the woman has an internal magnetism, beyond emotionality, has a rich imagination and memory.

She is beautiful, sexy and attractive, but at the same time dangerous and jealous.

Such a dream may hint to men to strengthen their autocratic power, tenacity and agility in a business environment. Such people survive in all conditions and have a deep understanding of the problems. They are professionals in their activities and always go ahead, sweeping away everyone in their path.

The love of luxury, vanity adds energy to their success.

From the point of view of Chinese philosophy, scorpio is a symbol of protection from otherworldly forces. It is usually placed at the entrance to the home or worn on the body in the form of a magical amulet.

What else to expect from a scorpion in a dream

  • black insect — to a mysterious meeting with a stranger;
  • many creeping reptiles — compromising circumstances that may adversely affect career and family stability;

What dreams of a scorpion in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus, Longo

  • to see the frames under the glass — it is easy to control and remove possible barriers and obstacles on the way to what was intended;
  • white scorpion — to temptation and fatal temptation. The one who seemed to you sincere and gentle will show his cruelty, coldness and hypocrisy;
  • see in the apartment — to family litigation, conflicts and quarrels.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Scorpio is a sign of a male dominant. To personify yourself in a dream with a scorpion is to have sexual greed, to be prone to jealousy, violence, which brings them inner pleasure.

In intimate closeness, such people can show mercilessness, have a passion for sadism and masochism.

What dreams of a scorpion in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus, Longo

A woman dreamed of being stung by a scorpion — it is likely to meet an attractive person who will be cruel in bed and depressed by his jealousy. Caution and intelligibility in dating will help avoid unpleasant consequences.

To keep a scorpion in a terrarium as a pet — in real life, have hidden complexes, sexual dissatisfaction and aggression to the opposite sex.

Gustov Miller

The interpreter associates this sign with ill-wishers, enemies, as well as unforeseen situations that the dreamer will test for strength. For those who will be strong-willed, scorpio will provide an opportunity to show their best for others.

An excellent chance to climb the career ladder and earn initial capital.

If a scorpion bit you in a dream — in reality you will not be able to cope with the circumstances suggested by fate. Chance to suffer from the attacks of competitors.

The bite can also personify slander, encroachment on the authority and respect of the dreamer on the part of his opponents.

Feeling a pain in the legs from the attack of a poisonous insect is a bad sign. Someone will try to deprive you of the opportunity to go to the goal. To not feel the ground under your feet is to experience uncertainty, uncertainty and confusion.

The reason for this — the disappointment of those with whom they planned a joint project, business or love relationships.


To see a scorpion in a dream is to experience revenge and cunning of enemies. The attack of a poisonous insect marks slander, lies and deception.

A good sign is to kill a scorpion. This will bring victory in all endeavors, will strengthen the spirit, gain strength and positive energy for new achievements.

If the dreamer is zodiac sign scorpio, then such a plot promises a lot of positive changes in the future. Your life will become more intense and impressive.

All the positive features of this sign will manifest in the dreamer and help to achieve success and recognition.

Yuri Longo

The dreamed scorpion may indicate an influential person who will appear in the life of the dreamer. The attitude of this person will seem very kind and generous. But do not trust this influential person.

It operates only within its own interests and benefits. So for this period it is beneficial friendship with you.

As soon as the interest in you runs out, he can release his sting and eliminate you.

To see how a scorpion stings itself — to have in the immediate vicinity of a person who constantly puts on the mask of an unfortunate victim. The reason for this behavior may be the need for compassion, supported by something tangible.

Refuse confidential conversations with such people and avoid personal contact.

Represents a negative interpretation of such a sign. Watch as a scorpion kills its victim — in reality, to witness an unpleasant event.

The tragedy will be that you will not be able to correct something or somehow influence the situation. This may affect the health of a loved one who was struck by an incurable disease.

And it may be associated with a cataclysm that suddenly struck the area where you are.

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