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What dreams of a scarf in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

I dreamed of a scarf — features of interpretation by dream books

No matter how changeable fashion, in the wardrobe will always remain things that are relevant at all times. Wearing warm sleep in a cold autumn, we are able to warm not only our vocal cords, but also the soul.

What dreams of a scarf, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A scarf in a dream has several different meanings for the dreamer. This warm accessory is able to save our throats from the cold, and, consequently, retain the ability to express our opinion, judgment through the voice.

Usually such people are very self-confident, and they always have something to say.

What dreams of a scarf in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

The scarf of complex structure and color reflects our desire to hide the real nature, appear to others, put on a kind of “mask” to achieve our true goals. Dark colors of a bed speak about aspiration to distract attention. This applies to those who are tired of excessive popularity and are always looking for an opportunity to be alone.

Such persons are often afraid to be misunderstood by others, they are vulnerable and touchy.

For those who yearn, delving into the memories, the dream tent indicates nostalgia for the past, where it was warm, cozy and safe. So at the moment you are feeling very vulnerable, and you need the support of loved ones and dear to people.

I saw a knit warm scarf — in reality you are trying to postpone the adoption of a fateful decision. It seems to you, if you have more time, you will definitely not make a mistake with the choice.

But this state of discomfort and instability only complicates an already not simple situation.

The color of a scarf in dreams can tell a lot about the emotions of the sleeper and his inner state.

The color value of a scarf in a dream

  • White — describes the usefulness of the dreamer, his freedom for opportunity, a clear understanding of his tasks, goals, needs. Such people are very fundamental in their actions, actions, able to inspire, enlighten, give confidence to others;
  • Black — says about the mystery and secrecy of the sleeper. You are able to attract to you with your mystery, sexuality, pithiness, and the gift of foresight. But on the other hand, you carefully try to hide your tendency to depression, depression, isolation. You can use force as a manifestation of weakness and selfishness. For a girl, this color of a scarf speaks of solitude and a desire to shut off potential fans;
  • Gray — this color lives on the border of white and black. For a sleeper, such a shade of sleep indicates that he feels alien and unnecessary. He wants stability and harmony. A woman in a gray scarf in a dream comes as a sign of her emotional stinginess and restraint. The reason for your loneliness is your inability to reciprocate feelings. You strive to search for the ideal, not noticing simple human happiness;
  • Red — indicates leadership and authoritarianism of the sleeper. You have adequately received the status of a powerful and influential person. Because they are always energetic, able-bodied, resolute. In intimate proximity, such people are very passionate, open, easily excitable and insatiable. Your activity yearns for constant reform and transformation. Always seek justice and prudence towards others;
  • Yellow — reflects the optimism, activity and flexibility of the sleeper. You are able to quickly make decisions, influence the attention concentration of others, inspire new feats. Your resourcefulness, quick-wittedness gives you high self-esteem, which sometimes annoys ordinary people. But the ability to speak beautifully and convincingly makes it possible to rally the faithful team of like-minded people;

What dreams of a scarf in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

  • Orange — the dreamer always keeps himself in good shape and strives for self-realization. Your softness, warmth and responsiveness can create a mood for your loved ones. But you are characterized by superficiality and frivolity. The instability of interests and the constant need for new hobbies affect the attitude of those who love you to you.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A scarf in a dream personifies the male principle and is a symbol of the phallus. For a woman to wrap herself up in a soft and gentle tippet in a dream — to have a harmonious relationship with a man in reality. This lover completely satisfies you, seeking to fulfill all your erotic fantasies.

In this case, a spiritual connection with a partner is also of considerable importance. You feel his strength, passion, charged with his sexual energy.

What dreams of a scarf in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Dirty accessory, which you disgusting to wear around the neck, says about the conflict or contradictions with the second half. The reason for that is treason and betrayal.

This will certainly lead to rapid separation.

A man dreamed of shooting a tattered and worn out dream — a sign of your sexual impotence. Reducing your sexual activity is a clear path to impotence.

Urgently take care of men’s health, otherwise the bed will have for you only a direct appointment.

Gustov Miller

A young lady wearing a scarf around her neck to a friend is a symbol of early separation, which is likely to be the final point in your relationship.

Cover with an expensive and warm wrap — marks a life full of joy, prosperity and well-being. To lose an expensive accessory — to loneliness and depression. The moment when reckless actions lead to the desire of complete isolation from others.

But if, in return, losses are presented to you with a new dream in a dream, in reality a person will appear who can pull you out of the shadow of your own fears and prejudices.

Knitting a beautiful scarf with your own hands and seeing the end result of your work is a great sign. Thanks to your meticulous work and perseverance, you will achieve great financial success and quickly rise to a new social level.

To feel how the scarf is tightly tightened around the neck, — to severe shock or severe illness. This period you are especially vulnerable.

It should be extremely careful. Do not plan major events or new affairs.

Avoid risk, even if it promises big income and easy money.

Knit someone as a gift as a gift — for a romantic date and a meeting with new love. This union promises to be long and strong.

To make such a product for yourself is to try to postpone an important conversation with a close relative, which may affect the relationship with this person in the future.

To buy a scarf — in reality to receive appreciation from colleagues and colleagues. Authority and respect will grow in proportion to decent wages. To sell a gift — to disappoint the close environment with their immoral behavior

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