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What dreams of a scandal on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

What does the dream scandal mean and how to find the right meaning of sleep

The scandal is an unusual incident, a paradox, impossible behavior that provokes an unexpected outburst of emotions and general excitement. A scandal is an explosive form of discussion, when a new reality breaks into a measured life and completely changes it.

The thicket of all is facing reality and some illusion.

In a conflict, reality usually wins, while a beautiful illusion shatters into rather sharp fragments. Practically all new meets with scandalous reaction.

To see a scandal in a dream means to anticipate the nervous reaction of others to unexpected news. Consider the dream of the dream scandal.

What dreams of a scandal on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Basic Values

There is an important difference between scandal and quarrel. Quarrel is a conflict of opinions, interests.

A quarrel can be irreconcilable or resignable, regardless of the intensity of emotions.

A scandal is always nonsense, an amazing surprise. For example, you see the venerable father of the family in pink rabbit ears and women’s underwear at the Christmas fair. The fictional reality with the venerable family man breaks into the impossible reality.

This is a scandal. If the husband — a drunkard again drank — it can cause a quarrel, it is an expected conflict of interest.

But if he suddenly shows up in the arms of a famous porn star, this is a scandal. The scandal does not always have a negative meaning.

The shock of public opinion can also be caused by a positive, unexpected fact. For example, turning Cinderella into a princess is an unconditional scandal caused by a positive transformation.

In a dream, shock will be less than in reality, because the plot is fully prepared by your own consciousness.

  • The main significance of the scandal in a dream — a strong shock. You are expecting an incident that turns everything upside down and this will be the only sensible solution.
  • Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict exactly the scandalous plot in the dream book — even the enumeration of possible options will take many volumes.
  • If you had a scandal between friends that shook the public, but did not change anything in your relationship, you can count on the loyalty of friends in real life. You probably suspect something or have too much imagination. You may have dreamed that one of your friends is an alien and eats porcelain saucers that telekinesis produces. But it does not change anything, and you still go fishing.
  • The scandal with parents is usually associated with family secrets. Maybe you discovered that your great-grandmother was not a countess at all, but a cook or a maid of the count, and it shocked you because you connect your life with the local noble assembly. Anything can happen. Most likely, your suspicions are baseless and the scandal has no real reason.
  • If you are the initiator of the shocks of public opinion, this is a sign of demonstrative behavior. You desperately lack attention, and you are ready for much to receive it. But where there is attention, there is fame, fame, and maybe even star status, which is usually fueled by scandalous demarches. Find another outlet for accumulated disturbance and negative. Pathetic jokes in reality are often expensive for their initiator. Swimming pool, dance floor, theater club, climbing wall, boxing ring — your best friends for adrenaline rush.
  • If you see the shocking and defiant behavior of strangers, it means that your problems, which you do not even dare to think because of their confusion, will be solved easily.
  • A difficult situation in which you meet with your double, or with a person claiming your place, is comical. But in reality, this means that old problems and forgotten secrets will make themselves known. Be prepared and fully armed. Do not make hasty decisions.

What dreams of a scandal on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Interpretations of authorities

  • The scandal with the parents of a loved one means that you are in a period of spiritual decline, you do not have enough strength and patience at all. Perhaps, other people’s affairs and problems tear you apart, leaving no opportunity to take care of yourself and you want to express yourself and your interests. Reduce the time and intensity of communication with home, take time for their hobbies and activities. Remember what you wanted to do in recent years and set aside time for a new hobby. Do something in the circle of like-minded people. It is important that the hobby is outside the home.
  • The moon dream book says that if in your dream one of your friends behaved too extravagantly and runs into trouble, the friend needs your help and support. It will be easy for you to provide this assistance.
  • Eastern dream book warns that the shocking situation in the service — to serious problems. If the whole team is noticed in abnormal behavior, but you yourself do not take part in madness — to money expenses. It seems that you have lost understanding with colleagues. Try to restore the relationship, but be careful not to gossip and evil tongues. Buy a book about how to make friends and act strictly according to the described methods — to bring a treat, to praise a hairstyle, to ask for help in a small matter.
  • A female dream book argues that the abnormal, scandalous behavior among friends means that in the near future we can not count on male attention. Relax and pull away from the hunt, politely reject meetings.
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets strange squabbles with public utilities and services, vendors, waiters, as dissatisfaction with their lives. You are not satisfied with the conditions of existence, you are fooling around, trying to change something at all or to stop taking troubles seriously.

What dreams of a scandal on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books


To dream of a scandal is a sign that the situation has reached all imaginable limits and you are trying to protect yourself from reality with the help of absurdity and a sense of humor. It is wonderful, you can find comic sides in any situation.

You should take care of your comfort and get out of traumatic situations.

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