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What dreams of a red fox in the dream book

Red fox in a dream — what does such a dream mean?

Dreams are not just meaningless pictures and plots that we see at night. They carry in themselves a deep sacred meaning, having correctly understood that we will be able to save ourselves from possible troubles, and also will direct our lives in the right direction.

In this article we will answer the question, what is the dream of a red fox.

What dreams of a red fox in the dream book

Fox in a dream — which means

It is important to pay particular attention to detail in any dreams. When you see a fox in a dream, remember its appearance, demeanor and action.

Due to this, the resulting interpretation will be more correct. Below is the interpretation of the dream of a fox for various dream books.

According to the dream book of Medea

The fox is an unusually cunning animal, symbolizing deceit and intrigue. Watching her in a dream foreshadows a collision with the negative consequences of dishonest machinations.

You should be careful not to trust strangers.

Family dream book

To dream of a washing red beast — you will encounter flattery.

If the fox runs away from you, the person you consider to be a good friend will hurt you.

Fox runs in a circle — listen to the recommendations of loved ones.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

This dream book interprets the dream of a red fox as the appearance of a secret foe. And if you kill the beast in a dream — the enemy will be defeated, iron — you will face danger.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century

In a dream, to see a fox — soon a unkind person will come to your home to beware of.

It may also portend a fire or deception by a loved one.

If in a dream you have discovered the hunt for a fox, invent your own strategy of behavior that will protect you from enemies.

A fight with a fox indicates a dispute with a clever, but very insidious opponent.

If a man watches in a dream a caught fox in his home — in the future he will have a relationship with an evil woman who will not bring happiness.

In the dream of stroking the red beast — face deception, trouble.

A barking fox foreshadows loneliness, but you yourself will be the culprit.

Killed fox — events will not develop in the most favorable way.

According to the French dream book

When in a dream a fox dreamed, it means that soon you can suffer from the actions of fraudsters.

Entering into a confrontation with a fox — in reality, it is worth fearing strong opponents who are dangerous for you.

If in the dream next to you is a tamed animal — people working for you, use your trust in their own interests.

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According to the dream tarot

Soon you will be offered unusual ways to solve problems. And to agree on them or not — this is purely your business.

According to the dream of psychologist G. Miller

In a dream, you have dreamed of fox hunting — in fact, you are facing dubious affairs and quite risky amorous adventures. You need to be alert all the time.

If in a dream the fox has sneaked into your home — the dream warns that there are envious people in your environment. They can greatly harm your reputation.

But to kill a fox means that you win a victory in any deeds.

According to the Austrian dream book

To catch a fox — to find a defender.

And if the beast escaped and ran away from you — you will lose someone’s guardianship and patronage.

According to the dream book of the psychologist A. Doff

Fox represents a manifestation of cunning. Therefore, to contemplate it in a night dream means either to have the same character traits, or to suffer from them.

In many ways, the fox symbol will help determine your attitude to the world. So, when a fox appears in a dream — this indicates that you yourself are showing a lot of tricks in life, which people around you often suffer from.

According to the modern dream book

The appearance of a fox in a dream indicates a secret friend, but only if in a dream the fox does not show aggression towards you and does not cause any harm.

According to the biblical dream book

You will have a cunning enemy, because of which you will shed a lot of tears.

What dreams of a red fox in the dream book

According to the esoteric dream book

To dream a live fox — you can get easy money, unexpected money.

Her fur predicts pleasure.

And to contemplate a dead fox — indicates the cancellation of some important meeting, which caused great hopes.

According to the Ukrainian dream book

To see a fox in a dream or its foxes — in reality you will come across untruthful information, you will be deceived. Need to beware of their neighbors.

According to the dream book of the medium Hasse

To catch an animal is to catch a deceiving of an insincere friend. And kill — cope with trouble.

According to the autumn dream book

If you are buying a collar of silver fox fur in your sleep, in the near future you will have an improvement in your financial situation.

According tosennym dream book

This dream indicates an unexpected attack of robbers. In this case, it is necessary to take special care and take certain measures for self-defense.

According to the folklore dream book

To see a fox in a dream — soon you will receive unkind news.

According to the general dream book

To see the fox — be afraid of deception from your colleagues.

What dreams of a red fox in the dream book

Watch the black fox — you spend a significant financial amount on things, without which it is possible to do.

If a fox wags its tail and shows kindness towards you — you will meet a person whose love relationship will be superficial.

It becomes clear that the fox dreamed in the night dream in most cases foreshadows negative events — cunning, deceit, insincerity. No wonder that since ancient times foxes have been a symbol of cunning, insincerity and deceit.

Take a closer look at your surroundings and try to trust others less — this is the main advice of such a dream.

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