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What dreams of a pumpkin on the Miller dream, Longo, culinary

What does sleep mean with the most ginger autumn vegetable — pumpkin

Pumpkin is a wonderful vegetable. In some people, it is associated with a generous autumn, in others — with a merry Hellovin, and in others — with magic, because it is from this tremendous “camelina” that the good fairy made her carriage for her goddaughter.

Does a pumpkin consider it a good dream dream book, what does this delicious gift of September dream about?

What dreams of a pumpkin on the Miller dream, Longo, culinary

The general interpretation of this «autumn» sleep

  • A huge vegetable is seen in a dream by people literally sitting on a bag of money, but having no idea how to dispose of it.
  • A small pumpkin, on the contrary, is seen by people who perfectly plan all their expenses and investments.
  • A cut, peeled pumpkin warns of monetary problems. If she was cut into small pieces (cubes), you have to spend money, but these will be moderate amounts.
  • Seeds, also lying on the table, warn about small family problems. Did you click them? So the problems will be solved. No, you threw them away? Problems will have to be solved by someone else, but not by you.

Pumpkin dreamed a vegetable?

  • What dreams of pumpkin, peacefully lying on the field or garden? Roll up your sleeves — you are destined to work hard.
  • The crop was harvested, the red «carcasses» were folded into the basement (shed): get a significant profit or an unplanned cash «infusion» into your budget.
  • Dirty vegetable: if you are sick, soon ailment will give up their positions.
  • This «bird» lay in your bed: a dream promises a night of love.
  • Rotten vegetable means: you quarrel with your beloved (beloved) because of domestic troubles or other problems not related to treason. But do not worry much, it will take time, and you reconcile again.
  • In the dream, did you buy this vegetable? Which one If round, ripe, the dream says: money will fall on you soon. If the vegetable was green, or vice versa — over-rotten, sleep warns about problems and quarrels in the future.
  • There were a lot of round-bodied «carcasses», and at the same time they were bright, juicy — you can win money. Feel free to buy a lottery ticket! By the way, luck can relate to personal life, so if there is a certain person, on whom you secretly sigh, the most favorable moment for acquaintance or rapprochement has come.

She had a dream in the form of a dish?

What dreams of a pumpkin on the Miller dream, Longo, culinary

  • Yes, only a pumpkin in a dream was raw, but you ate it: wait for an expensive gift. If you feed another person with such a vegetable, we can congratulate you: soon you will find a devoted friend.
  • Bake the vegetable in the oven — for promotion. If you have long wanted to change work — your time has come, you will greatly benefit in money. However, if you wrapped a vegetable in foil in a dream, you will receive money and other material benefits not from work, but from a well-off fan.
  • Boil the pumpkin: in real life you will put in order both material matters and relations between relatives.
  • To fry it: life in several places laid out for you «rake», but you will manage not to step on them.
  • Just interpreted a dream in which you rub pieces of this vegetable.
  • Cooking a pumpkin in any way, while watering it with honey: life will get better.
  • Baking a pumpkin pie: you will be invited to an important holiday, or maybe you will organize it yourself. Was it pies? In this case, the interpretation is different: the subconscious wants to tell you that you should not hide all emotions in yourself.
  • You ate dishes with pumpkin in splendid isolation: in reality, you regret the mistakes you have made. On the contrary, did you enjoy the vegetables in the company? You need someone, and you know about it.
  • A pumpkin in the form of a side dish for any dish says: you would not mind meeting a member of the opposite sex for cordial friendship.
  • You cooked a pumpkin for a long time, and then threw away the food: you are prone to forgiveness, and if someone offended you, you already forgot about it.
  • You fed an animal with this vegetable: you are an economical person who doesn’t scatter wages.

Woman’s sleep

  • For pregnant women, seeing a pumpkin means a good delivery without complications. If such a dream you saw in the 1st trimester, he promises you a girl.
  • For a young girl (both married and in a serious relationship) a pumpkin means a quick pregnancy. However, if you baked pumpkin pie, the dream may warn: you and the guy do not match each other, so do not be surprised if you soon run away.
  • A huge vegetable tells a widow or a divorced woman: a new lover will soon enter your life.

Man’s sleep

  • If the dreamer is a young guy, the dream says: you will soon know love. However, if the pumpkin was green, the girl you like may refuse.
  • Recently, a “ringed” male dream promises a quick pregnancy for his wife.
  • A married man pumpkin promises peace and tranquility in the family.
  • To a divorced woman, she dreams only if he regrets a lost marriage.

How do well-known authors interpret the appearance of a pumpkin in a dream?

What dreams of a pumpkin on the Miller dream, Longo, culinary

Sometimes the author’s interpretation of dreams is fundamentally at odds with the general, folk. However, in the case of pumpkin decoding only complement each other.

Dream Miller

  1. Ginger autumn vegetable dreams to problems at work. Perhaps the conflict will flare up and you will be involved in it.
  2. Also, says this dream book, pumpkin, which you chop and fry-soar in the kitchen, warns you will be presented with something worthwhile. But it is quite possible that you yourself «present» a thing you have long dreamed of for yourself.

Dream Dream Yuri Longo

  1. Pumpkin is primarily a dream for creative people, literally spouting great ideas. Do you add them to the table? Better try to bring to life — you will not stay in the loser.
  2. A huge vegetable on the table promises wealth.
  3. On the table were plates with pumpkin dishes? All your relatives are trying to earn money for the general budget. Someone more, someone less, but no one shirks.
  4. Collect red «carcass» in the garden — to an unplanned cash «infusion» in your pocket. Although, by the way, if you have been working on a project for a long time, right now it will “shoot” money.
  5. Grow pumpkins in the garden: you feel that your work requires a lot of strength and attention. But it is not scary, because such work is respected, besides, decent pay (or soon the work will bring impressive results).

Culinary dream book

  1. Pumpkin warns against idle talk. Some of them can lead to a quarrel.
  2. If you ate this vegetable or dish with it, the dream promises to strengthen your financial situation, making a profit.

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