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What dreams of a priest: in black, in a cassock, priest priest in a dream

Finding out what the priest dreams about, one can read a lot of rather contradictory values.

Dream Miller treats the priest in the church as a foreshadowing of the appearance of a spiritual mentor. If he baptizes the sleeper — no cunning enemy can do any harm.

What dreams of a priest: in black, in a cassock, priest priest in a dream

By Wanga’s dream book if a priest in a dream holds a wedding ceremony, this is a precursor of family well-being. Being a father, it’s time to realize your mission, and make good advice.

Family Dream thinks that to be a mother in a dream, and to observe how the children of a priest play, this is a good omen.

By the dream-book of the 21st century to confess to the father means to be in a humiliating situation in real life.

Gypsy dream book Considers the priest as a symbol of exorbitant spending and waste.

Dreamed priest in black cassock and with other attributes warns of the threat hanging over the sleeping and the household. It is important to behave even more circumspectly.

The priest priest in black also points out the need to give up the habit of idealizing someone else. If the cassock was of an unusual color, happy events lie ahead.

To see a clergyman in solemn, festive attire — to a grueling dispute over inheritance, which can be won by the intervention of an influential person.

Sad sign — dead priest in a dream. Nayawa, someone from close friends or relatives will cause frustration, and treason will deal a heavy blow.

Church service with a priest — very ambiguous dream. Family dreamers plot symbolizes a cozy evening at the hearth. In a negative context, the priest and the candles warn of a sharp deterioration in health.

In addition, the coming days will be very restless, filled with numerous troubles.

Paradoxical interpretation has death of the priest. A good time will come, and it is important not to miss the chances offered by fate.

The agitations of the sleeper personify the dreamed the funeral the priest. It is necessary to revise their own principles, and change priorities.

A warning of drastic change is considered Catholic priest in a dream. Make a fateful choice.

Well, if I dreamed young priest father. This characterizes the dreamer as a person with bright thoughts and a kind soul.

A very fat clergyman is a reminder of the importance of fighting temptations and not doing shameful acts.

What dreams of a priest: in black, in a cassock, priest priest in a dream

When the priest dreams in the House, Sources suggest to interpret what he saw, taking into account how he behaved and what mood the visitor had. Sad — a bad sign. Ahead are major troubles.

If he is silent, this is a reflection of the fact that in reality someone is trying to impose his will. The father speaks — it is worth repenting of what you did, perhaps asking for forgiveness from those who were offended.

a priest in the church reflects the correct way of life. Although at the moment the sleeper is not quite satisfied with the events that are taking place, in fact everything is happening as it was destined. The church and the priest inside — the plot, prompting the need to comply with moral standards and commandments.

Another meaning of such a dream is to take care of your health, which can suddenly deteriorate. But to observe how the father prays is a very fertile sign.

It will turn out with honor to pass tests by temptations.

Dreamed priest at the cemetery symbolizes a calm life stage. It is important to enjoy a period of peace, and accumulate strength.

a priest in a coffin means that in addition to the desire of the sleeper, you have to endure the presence of an unpleasant person nearby.

Conversation with the priest is interpreted as a call for decisive action. After that, an increase in work is likely.

Anointing the priest points out that it is not too late to correct the mistakes made. This applies to both personal and business affairs.

When a priest dreams of blessing, this is a very auspicious plot. Help will come in a timely manner, which the sleeper did not even count on.

For a woman to be in love, kissing a priest is a warning. Do not trust a new friend.

Strong swear with a priest — a symbol of loss of self-control. Because of this, friends will judge the behavior.

If a priest gives flowers to the woman, and in every possible way renders tokens of attention, it is necessary to be wary. It is necessary to think about every act so that reputation does not suffer.

See how the priest blesses the apartment — to mutual love and family well-being.

If the priest whom the sleeper is killing dreams, bad news will come soon.

A clergyman in a dream requires careful interpretation, and thanks to the clues of the sources, each sleeper can avoid complications in matters.

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