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What dreams of a piano and what does it mean in a dream according to the dream books and dream interpretations

What does the piano mean in a dream with interpretations and explanations of psychologists?

To see the piano in a dream — to quite interesting events in real life. The piano is a multifunctional instrument capable of withstanding a batch of any complexity.

The compactness of the tool allows it to be used in small rooms. This shows that your plans are rather modest, you do not plan to conquer the whole world, you just need to equip your own, but extremely cozy and comfortable corner.

Conquerors and ambitious people are more likely to see a concert grand piano with the lid open and the performance of Wagner. Perhaps even with the orchestra.

According to the interpretations of psychoanalysts, playing musical instruments means skillfully having sex or autostimulating. Playing wind instruments, flute on a pipe, means oral sex.

Playing the guitar, violin, usually means sex with a woman.

Playing the piano, organ, harpsichord, music synthesizer, means the dream of stunning, wonderful full-length sex with an experienced and skilled partner. Even if you do not play the piano in a dream, but just look at the instrument with interest, it means your interest.

Find out what dreams of the piano in the dream.

What dreams of a piano and what does it mean in a dream according to the dream books and dream interpretations

What do recognized dream interpretation authorities say

  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats the piano as rich sexual fantasies, which will be realized in the near future just to expand the horizons. To learn to play the piano in a dream, to learn a simple melody — to achieve a reciprocal feeling. A concert grand piano means striving to arrange an unusually luxurious orgy. It is not necessary to become a new Caligula, some dreams are beautiful only as long as they remain dreams.
  • Dream Vanga in this matter is severe and differs rare directness. Wang believes that playing the piano means lies, deceitful stories, a person’s misconception about himself. That is, a person may be completely sincerely mistaken about himself and consider himself extremely valuable and significant for other people. The result of such a distorted perception of reality is usually the collapse of vital interests, separation and quarrels with friends, the breakup of a family. Buying a piano in a dream means answering many life questions, building your own world. If someone in your dream plays the piano for you, they want to impress you.
  • Dream Miller treats the piano in a dream, as a fun adventure. Extravagant unusual behavior will be the key to success.

What dreams of a piano and what does it mean in a dream according to the dream books and dream interpretations

Basic piano values ​​in a dream

  • An old piano, a broken piano in a dream means disappointment in life, an attempt to grasp a second chance. If the old piano is in good condition and sounds great, you have not lost the skill — you will succeed. Maybe not quite as you expected. Try to give the old grand piano for rare antiques, and everything will be fine.
  • Listen to a pleasant unobtrusive piano melody, easy improvisation — to great luck in life. You go with seeming ease, but mastery cannot be hidden.
  • If the piano is upset in a dream, the melody fails, the set of sounds is the same as when setting up an orchestra — you are dissatisfied with yourself, something does not add up. Error made in the initial settings. To improve matters, it is worth reviewing everything from the very beginning. First of all, a list of people with whom you do business. Personality is great if it is beneficial. To tolerate eccentricities, tardiness, unprofessional attitude of strangers, you do not have to.
  • False notes betray insincerity in communication.
  • Trying to play the piano, but it does not produce sounds — a great shock, a life crash, a serious mistake.
  • A piano without keys, converted into something else — a bar, a bookcase, demonstrates the loss of an important life landmark. Possible family disintegration or change of occupation.
  • Touch the white and black keys, hold your finger over them — you are thinking about the black and white stripes of life and until you decide to play seriously.
  • Student playing the piano in a dream, scales, you find it difficult to play, you are afraid to play difficult things — problems with communication, the expression of your thoughts. Go to acting classes or learn oratory.
  • Dummy keys — doubts in the team, in friends, interference.
  • Carrying a piano in a dream means doing hard work. If this is your piano — you are ready for much for the sake of a dream. If this is someone else’s piano — you are used, assuming an uncomplaining workforce.
  • White piano, grand piano — to the solemn meeting, a sign of possible love and harmony.
  • Black piano — perseverance and work will lead to success.
  • Red piano, piano — you are disturbed by changes in your life, you are excited. Reduce high demands on the people around you. You are not at all required to carry on your hands and take care of you.
  • If in a dream the piano is in a large empty classroom — you are expected by great prospects, you are doing everything correctly.

What dreams of a piano and what does it mean in a dream according to the dream books and dream interpretations


Grand piano or piano in a dream means adventure and indicates your adventurous mood. If in a dream you interact with a musical instrument, it means that you are tuned to the development of the situation and active actions.

To see the piano, look at the piano or listen to how it plays, you are not yet ripe for activity and just curious, dream, think about possible actions.

Maybe indecision and self-doubt prevent you. Especially if you suddenly realize that you cannot play.

Dream Interpretation will not help you fight the internal complexes, you have to do it yourself. It can only be said that it is fascinating, interesting and extremely useful for personal development to play your own game.

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