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What dreams of a peacock — interpretation of various dream books

Peacock visited in a dream — what to expect in the future, transcript by dream books

You had a dream about one of the most beautiful birds — the peacock. It is necessary to recall the basic details of sleep in order to correctly interpret the message of the subconscious about this beautiful creature.

So why the peacock dream?

Immediately it should be noted that the peacock is a symbol of duality, if some dreams are interpreted unequivocally, then the dream with a similar plot, and even more so about the peacock, should be interpreted only by first recalling all the details.

What dreams of a peacock - interpretation of various dream books

The interpretation of the dream about the peacocks on individual subjects.

Try not to think out your own options and do everything professionally — remember all the details of the dream and solve it. Complete the picture of your sleep with the details and circumstances necessary for interpretation.

So, is the dream picture vividly presented to you? In this case, we can proceed to the interpretation, our site provides all the necessary information for the interpretation of sleep at home. Find the interpretation of your dream from the following:

  • See the peacock with a beautiful tail. Extremely positive augury, you will encounter a wonderful person who can become your friend or soulmate. After a wonderful dream with a similar plot, you can safely go buy a ticket in the lottery or get involved in another adventure, everything will work out, rest assured;
  • The tail was dissolved, an extraordinary size. According to many dream-books, after such a dream one should not not only get involved in adventures, in general, take on something unbearable. After a dream with a similar plot, it is worth making sure that you are in complete control of the situation and you do not have to be «not at ease» with some objectionable company;
  • See the peacock feather in its dreams. The subconscious wants to prove to you that you tend to impress your acquaintances, often forgetting about your own gain and your own preferences. Psychologists recommend to forget about the opinions of others and listen to your own soul, what do you really want?
  • Dreamed of a flying bird. Your other half is unhappy with your social status or recently acquired behavior pattern. Both of you need to talk about this situation, as quick quarrels can serve as a catalyst for the start of new fights within your married couple, forget about pride;
  • Peacocks screamed in their dreams. The harsh cries of these small animals may symbolize new obstacles in your path, in real life you will find many disappointments and disappointments, but you will be able to cope with it. You also need to beware of energy vampires and check your surroundings for any;
  • If you saw a peacock in a dream, and he danced to you. Such behavior of a peacock in a dream clearly indicates well-being, or you are satisfied with your life, or in the near future you will have the opportunity to realize your own life;
  • Fed a little peacock. In the near future you will be able to find a way to join or simply talk to an unapproachable person whose spiritual wounds do not allow him to trust people. Possible rapid career growth, increase in material well-being and recovery from a depressive state;
  • Ride a peacock. Quite a specific vision, it portends quick changes in life that you simply won’t like. In the end, even if you cannot get used to them immediately, you can at least enjoy the consequences of these innovations in your life activity;
  • White peacock. It seems to be a beautiful animal, but this kind of peacock indicates only treason, according to the vast majority of dream books. It is necessary to carefully look at your second half and notice new behaviors, it is possible that you will be able to solve new addictions in a deductive way;
  • A massive animal snaps its beak. In real life, you are very unhappy with your position, you have to play a double game, so long as everything remains in its place, but you have long been fed up with such a life. It is necessary to reconsider the views and to place their priorities in accordance with the voice of the soul; one cannot repudiate;
  • Dead bird. Strange, but in most dream books a dead peacock promises cash and enrichment. It is not excluded that it will be available to you only after the completion of the heart-breaking mission, but to overcome yourself is your professional duty;
  • Toy animal. In the end, your costs or work will not bring any result. You should postpone projects and take up your life, not to be led by the bosses and put aside everything that cannot help you to know yourself. Taking a vacation or doing developmental exercises is what you need after this dream;
  • The color was very unusual. Like the color of the animal, sensations in the near future will also be far from ordinary. You are lucky enough to encounter new options for your own pastime, and you will love these options. and to return to the old boring life is not possible even in thoughts.

What dreams of a peacock - interpretation of various dream books

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities and dream books — Wang, Miller and others solve the mystery of a dream

  • According to Miller. The psychologist asserts that to see such a noble animal in his dream means to encounter pleasant surprises or changes in the way of life in the near future. You will be able to achieve the goal, and changes after the fulfillment of an old dream will not leave you indifferent, you will look at the world differently;
  • Freud interprets the dream. Sigmund Freud looks at the root, and your vision about the peacock, especially if it was with a flowing tail, indicates that during sex you tend to overestimate your own capabilities, and often try to surprise your partner knowing that such a maneuver is impossible. It is worth thinking about it;
  • According to the dream book Vanga. The Bulgarian seer speaks rather favorably (in comparison with others) about this dream. You have to make a discovery, and the peacock itself symbolizes the secret of life, revealing that you will be able to change yourself and your lifestyle. You should also trust your loved ones more and not turn away from friends;
  • According to the eastern dream book. Eastern dream book is not so positive in relation to sleep — you will have difficulty in communication;
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. You will encounter difficulties that will soon lead you to success. You will be able to uncover a secret that has been worrying for a long time and live better than before.

What dreams of a peacock - interpretation of various dream books

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