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What dreams of a passport on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

What does a passport, seen in a dream and how to protect yourself from bad values ​​mean?

Passport in a dream is a difficult and strange sign. To see your own passport in a dream means that you are dangerously close to solipsism and tend to doubt the reality of the world. You need a passport to make sure of your own existence.

Consider in detail the dream books, what a dream passport.

What dreams of a passport on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Basic meanings

  • The appearance of a passport in a dream shows your attitude towards the owner of the book. Worn pages, wrinkled, broken, worn, lack of a cover are signs of a heavy and unfavorable fate.
  • Torn out pages signal strong hatred, a desire to tear out a part of life, or to destroy it altogether.
  • A new document, neat, without a cover — a new good fate, a sign of future well-being. If the document is in the cover, but does not have a battered appearance, this is a document of a serious, self-respecting person.
  • Changing one new passport to another, even more new and neat — you get a new good job with high pay.
  • Getting a passport is a good sign, a demonstration of the dream of traveling. You need to unwind and go on vacation.
  • Cover with monograms, rhinestones means the desire to throw dust into the eyes. Worse, only heavily battered cover with gold monograms.
  • If the pages are bent, the document is dilapidated — you are unhappy with fate.
  • A fake document is a lie, a deception. A person with such passports in a dream in reality wishes you serious trouble. You should discard excessive gullibility and break off any contact with this person, not to believe a single word or gesture.
  • If you look at your passport and your pages fade, become empty, or they are initially empty, like a notebook — this dream means a decisive change in fate. This may be a change of religion, a new family, a change of residence. Not the fact that you like it. If you are opposed to starting a new life with a clean slate — it’s time to begin to act actively. Change your decision, contact lawyers or the consulate, you need the help of friends. Stay away from «charitable» organizations that promise to help disadvantaged people without documents — there the chance to become a completely blank page and dissolve completely without a trace in the flow of the universe. A fading passport, without records and especially without a photo — a sign of great misfortune or a very serious upheaval.
  • The appearance or disappearance of a marriage stamp in the passport, child birth record is a reflection of your fears about marital status and children’s health. Severe anxiety should have good reasons. Without the help of friends and professionals you can not understand the situation.

What dreams of a passport on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • Freud’s dream interpretation assures that a passport in a dream, especially the page of marital status indicates a difficult relationship and the closeness of the gap. Perhaps you believe that a stamp in the passport and a change of name can turn the tide, but in reality it is not. Assume that the gap has already occurred. Build your actions, based on real facts, leaving the dream.
  • A female dream book treats the receipt of a new passport as a new page in the biography. Losing documents is a bad sign, to the detriment of reputation, loss of status. To spoil the passport, fill it with paint or solvent — immediately contact the authorities for help, you are in a dangerous situation with a high probability.

What dreams of a passport on the interpretation of dream books and basic values


To see a passport in a dream is in any case a sign of doubt, uncertainty. You need documentary evidence for marriage, property, travel opportunities.

Doubts are often not groundless and have a basis. Your best friends at the moment — healthy skepticism, common sense, good lawyers and incredulity.

Do not lose documents, do not leave confidential information, do not trust anyone with your property.

Give up on time from large transactions, especially with real estate and follow the reactions of intermediaries and stakeholders. Do not allow yourself to be persuaded and do not trust the arguments of «everyone does that.» Spend some money on legal advice.

If you are extremely careful, everything will be fine.

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