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What dreams of a parental house according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Parental home in dreams — the values ​​of versions of popular dream books

The house in which we grew up with our parents, as a rule, is fixed in our memory for many years. Associated with it are various associations — the warm moments of family life, as well as quarrels and misunderstandings.

Appearing in dreams, this place can both personify the emotions experienced in reality and foreshadow something. Dream Interpretation will help to figure out what the dream house of the parent is — it is worth remembering the details of the dream.

General interpretation

An unfavorable omen is to see in a dream an empty or abandoned parental home. Such a sign suggests that in real life a sleeping person did a very wrong thing, which he will have to pay for in the near future.

If the parental home in a dream was repaired and well-groomed — in real life the dreamer expects a secure happy future. An unkind sign is a night vision in which a sleeping person cannot find the way to the parental home.

This means that in the near future in all life areas expects decline.

What dreams of a parental house according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

It is worth paying attention to the state of the dreamed of paternal home — the correct interpretation of sleep depends on this:

  • A whole house of strong appearance foreshadows happy moments;
  • If the dreamed up parental house falls apart — beware of the disease;
  • If you happen to see the parental home sold — sleep promises a loss because of your hindsight.
  • If he is prepared for the demolition — expect unhappiness;
  • Hiding in the parental house — to avoid danger in real life.

A wonderful omen is a dream in which a sleeping person inherited a parental home. Such a dream foreshadows the appearance of a business companion, with whom the dreamer will reach unreachable peaks.

Interpretation of dreams with fire

Sometimes we see unpleasant dreams in which the parental home appears before us engulfed in flames. The interpretation of such dreams is also different and also depends on other details seen.

In general, the burning home is considered a harbinger of a serious illness. Also, such a dream may portend need, troubles and troubles in affairs, a break of romantic and other intimate relationships.

If a sleeping person, in his dream, personally set fire to the parental home, soon there will be unpleasant consequences because of his careless and rash actions.

A more favorable omen is night vision, in which the dreamer puts out a burning parental home. Such a sign suggests that after the misfortunes that have befallen the sleeping person, a long happy streak will come.

What dreams of a parental house according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Parental home and deceased parents, guests

Deceased parents in your home appear in dreams with two goals — to help you in some way or to warn you about something. If the late parents dreamed were happy and joyful or just calm — now you are doing everything right.

If, on the contrary, the departed family members who were having a dream were annoyed, embittered or saddened — analyze your actions lately. Surely you did something wrong somewhere.

Auspicious omen — a dream in which the late father of a sleeping person visited the parental home. Such a sign foreshadows an improvement in material well-being in the near future.

If there were a lot of guests in the father’s dream house, in the future a lot of wealth awaits you, but it still has to be earned. According to the dream book, the dreamer expects a difficult job in a large, but affable and pleasant team.

What dreams of a parental house according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Interpretation by action

Night vision, in which the sleeping man had a chance to rebuild the parental home, says that in real life the situation will become clear and transparent to him for this moment.

If in his dream the dreamer repairs his parents’ house, in real life he needs to sort out his own affairs as soon as possible. If he watched how other people were repairing the house, in reality he would have to follow the execution of some order.

Washing the floor in the parents’ house is a dream foreshadowing serious life changes. And at the moment it is impossible to say exactly what kind of character they will have and whether they will fall in love with the dreamer.

If a sleeping person had a chance to do cleaning in this house — in real life we ​​should expect a visit from a guest who will come from far away. However, there is another version of the interpretation of this dream — one of the family members may leave home.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to the interpretation provided by this dream book, the parental home is an ambiguous symbol. Renovation of this building foreshadows the dreamer unexpected intimate ties. If a sleeping person is engaged in repair with pleasure — everything is in order in his personal life.

However, if this process is unpleasant — to the current partner you do not have tender feelings, but do not admit to yourself that.

If the dreamer climbs onto the roof of the parental home, he has a subconscious desire to clarify relationships and scandals that spoil life for him and the people around him.

Dream Miller

According to the dream psychologist of the famous psychologist, the parental home, appearing in our night visions, foreshadows pleasant and unexpected news. However, on the other hand, the dream may simply be a reflection of our memories of past times.

Dream Vanga

The dream interpretation of a famous diviner reveals a dream in which the parent’s dream home was warm, cozy and well-groomed. Such a night vision suggests that at the moment everything in life is going well, and will continue as well.

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