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What dreams of a pack of dogs on the dream of Miller, Freud

A whole gang of caudates: what did the pack of dogs in your dream

If you are looking for a dream book, to decipher what the dog «crowd» dreams about — you are on the right page! Here are collected popular interpretations, as well as excerpts from the most successful books of world-famous psychoanalysts, who have never let anyone down.

Here you will learn the whole truth about your dream!

What dreams of a pack of dogs on the dream of Miller, Freud

General interpretation of this dream

  • It is believed that a pack of dogs in a dream reflects the real state of the dreamer’s soul. That is, if the animals behaved aggressively, it means that cats scratched your heart, and if the dogs were gentle, you are in harmony. But of course, small parts of sleep that you were able to remember also play a big role!

What were they like?

  • Males. This is a dream warning: spend money very deliberately. This is especially true of businessmen.
  • What dreams of a pack of black dogs? You will see a serious “bickering” between people. Maybe in the office someone scandalous, or you go to visit, and you will find there an ugly scene.
  • They were all white? This dream says: you have exceptionally true friends. If you start not lucky, refer to them — they will help.
  • Red-haired animals dream as a warning: do not confide even with friends, and even more so — with unfamiliar people.
  • To see a pack of good-natured dogs (say, they wagged their tails when they saw you) to good luck. Even if you now feel at the very bottom, fate will soon lift you up. By the way, such a dream is promised to the businessman by the “profits” obtained from the calculation of competitors.
  • Lying dogs, «blocked» the road: to remorse.
  • Small breed (chihuahua, lapdogs): minor problems. Most likely, you will hear something impartial about yourself — nothing more.
  • Medium-sized, but serious animals (shepherd dogs, Dobermans) are already bigger enemies. Maybe your superiors will turn against you?
  • Very large, albeit good-natured «tails» (St. Bernards, divers): to quarrel with friends. In this case, even if your opponent turns out to be stronger than you, he will not harm and will not take revenge, although he will not like your words or actions.

Your actions in a dream?

  • You fed them: soon you will find yourself in the epicenter of a scandal, of which you will be one of the “co-authors”. If you tried to appease the sandwiches or the bones of evil dogs, in real life you risk falling victim to a swindler.
  • They dispersed the pack: no matter how unpleasant the life «pleased» you, you can cope with everything.
  • They played with the dogs: an incident from the category of “thank you, God, for taking the money” will happen to you!

Tailed were aggressive?

What dreams of a pack of dogs on the dream of Miller, Freud

  • Yes, but this aggression was not directed at you: the dogs were fighting each other. The dream says: your relatives will soon have a serious quarrel, and a “disturbance” or a period of cold war will begin in the family. Do not be in a hurry to become disheartened: all this will ever pass.
  • They barked loudly and growled, but they didn’t rush at you. That is, the attack was not, the dogs just looked defiant: be careful, you may be injured soon (perhaps someone will hurt you).
  • This dream has one more interpretation: the subconscious hints to you that someone oppresses you, not allowing you to live and do what you want. Sometimes this pressure is carried out in the open, and sometimes — with the help of magic (damage).
  • They attacked you. As a rule, such a dream warns about the machinations of enemies, or about a possible accident. So be careful — both on the road and at work!
  • What did you feel? If fear, then in life you will soon have to feel not the most positive emotions. And you will not have to blame someone other than yourself for this.
  • Were you attacked yard mongrel? The person whom you consider if not a friend, then a good friend, in fact, has long carried a knife in his bosom. Be careful — he will soon leave a serious imprint on your fate.
  • The animals were chasing you: this is not a good dream. Either fate will begin to put sticks in your wheels, making it difficult for you to finish everything planned, or a competitor has appeared, and even more successful, more successful than you.
  • The bite of one or more dogs from the pack threatens you with material losses. If you want to invest or lend a large amount to someone, now it is better not to do it — you can lose your hard earned money.
  • You have been bitten to blood: wait for problems from native people.
  • Did they rip your clothes? Such a dream may promise the march of Mendelssohn (especially if the dreamer is a lady or girl).
  • In the dream, you ran away, hid, repulsed from the attack of the caudate? You get long troubles from the past — and finally you will deal with them. If it is a disease, relief or even cure is possible.
  • You had to fight back from the pack: life will force you to give up something very important.
  • The dogs just barked at you: this is a disease, and a serious one. Second interpretation: you are threatened with condemnation, which can even reach the courtroom.

Opinion of famous books

What dreams of a pack of dogs on the dream of Miller, Freud

You have learned interpretations based on popular wisdom, as well as ancient dream books written so long ago that everyone has already forgotten their authorship. But there are more modern books.

What can they tell you?

Dream Miller

  1. According to this dream book, a pack of dogs is a warning about gossipers, who very “conscientiously” dissipate evil “life stories” about you.
  2. The animals were hunting, and you acted as a game: the dream speaks of the machinations of competitors trying to circumvent you, and spoil your reputation.
  3. You saw yourself as a dog living in a flock of tailed brethren: to profit, to a good deal.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. As always, the master of analysis of the subconscious on everything has its own interpretation. A pack of dogs for Freud is a sign: you seriously want to sign with a person you have been dating for a long time, but still weigh the pros and cons. It is necessary to conduct a “survey” among relatives and friends if they approve of such a marriage.
  2. And if they were not dogs, but wolves, and the dreamer is young and not “ringed”, sleep can mean a quick wedding.

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