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What dreams of a new house: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of a new house — a detailed interpretation of the dream books

If you dream of a new home, you should be ready for change — positive or negative. Some authors of dream books argue that this is an extremely good sign, indicating that a person will find his place in life and will find happiness. The exact interpretation depends on who owned this dwelling and how the dreamer had relation to it.

Attention should be paid to the appearance of the building, the number of floors, the material from which it is built.

  • Married will want new sensations. If you do not get them in the family, possible betrayal.
  • Idle will be decided to live together with his old passion.
  • A young guy soberly assess their abilities and make the right choice of profession or place of work.
  • A married woman will change her attitude towards her husband and family responsibilities, she will get tired of dragging life on her shoulders.
  • Free to get acquainted with a promising man.
  • A young girl will receive an invitation for a first date.

What dreams of a new house: interpretation of the dream

The material from which the walls of the house are built should be considered.

WoodenIf it is small, it is a sign that some of the dreamer’s actions will cause him to be in the center of attention, and this will not please the person. But a huge cottage, built of wood, symbolizes gossip and idle chatter about other people’s affairs. A new house from a log house sometimes promises death to someone from relatives or close friends.
BrickFrom white brick — a person will receive more respect in society, gain fame, or increase his professional prestige. Red brick — all attempts to achieve their goals will be successful. Facing from a decorative brick or stone indicates the desire to live in luxury, which so far is not possible to realize
PanelThe person does not wish to measure the seriousness of intentions with the time that is required for their implementation. Everything is now — such a motto creates a lot of interference and makes us frustrated over and over again

Country house, built with his own hands, indicates that a person will get rich when he starts his own business. The building turned out beautiful and cozy, in the French style — it is worth opening a hairdresser, beauty salon or clothing store. The house has used a lot of technical innovations — you can think about organizing business in the field of IT or installing security systems.

If the house is made of alternative materials (bottles, trays, straw bales), the dreamer already has an original idea, which after the incarnation will bring a good income.

The size of the house is also important for the correct interpretation of dreams.

The sizeTreatment
BigIf a house stands on a hill, for a long time a person suppressed the desire for self-realization, but now circumstances will force him to engage in a work for which there is both an innate tendency and desire. A house in the valley suggests otherwise — the dreamer will give up work and lose his qualifications.
LittleThere will be an acquaintance with an extraordinary person. If the house seems small outside, but inside is quite spacious, the person will discover in himself a talent that he had never known existed before.
Single storeyIf he is in the process of construction, in order to carry out all his plans, he will need to do more work than was planned. Seeing how a roof is being finished on a one-story house — soon all the dreamer’s attention will concentrate on pressing problems. Ready to move in house says that a person should temper ardor or his desires
High-riseMuch of what the dreamer dreamed about and aspired for will come true. If the house is beautiful, it shines with cleanliness, everything will turn out exactly as it was needed, but if construction debris is scattered next to it, the changes will not be happy, because the person imagined them differently
SkyscraperIt symbolizes a large-scale problem that needs to be treated with a great deal of irony. To work as an industrial climber on the construction of a skyscraper — to see what is happening deeper than other people, and to remain inactive due to the fact that any decisions will be unjustified in this situation
With atticNew deeds fully capture the dreamer, and he will forget about the important task that he had to complete. It is necessary to finish work in a hurry, the result of which will not differ in quality. To rent an attic in a new house — to take part in correcting the mistakes of others
With terraceThere will be a period of calm. You can take a break from worries and just enjoy life. To finish building a terrace to a new, newly purchased home — a person realized that he could not cope with his obligations and wants to find someone who will fulfill them instead of him
OutbuildingTo build a new house for guests in the courtyard of the old house — the sleeper will be able to turn things in the direction advantageous for themselves. Living in a wing while a big new house is being completed is an indication that a good thought will come to the dreamer when he is alone

A private house is a sign that a person will find solace or comfort within his family, in caring for relatives; and the new apartment building speaks of rapid advancement through the career ladder.

Many new houses, standing nearby, personify the difficulty in choosing something. If one of the houses suddenly collapsed, the decision to which the dreamer is inclined will turn out to be wrong.

Other characteristics, often found in dreams and having an impact on their interpretation.

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