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What dreams of a new car according to Freud’s dream book, Miller

Dreamed of a new, brilliant, bright car — interpretation of the dream books

If you dreamed that you were presented with a beautiful foreign car, or you buy it — undoubtedly, the dream is very pleasant. But how does the dream book look at him?

What dreams of transport, just descended from the conveyor?

General interpretation of «automotive» sleep

  • Why dream of a new car? To the changes that will soon «drive» in your life. What will they be — positive or negative? Remember the details of the dream!
  • In the dream, did you feel confident? You will succeed.
  • You have seen a very beautiful car, but with flaws: let’s say it did not start, the door did not open … A dream warns you are being deceived! Perhaps even try to «dissolve» for money.
  • The new car was not yours, but a stranger? A dream to change, and they will affect the person to whom this vehicle belonged in your dream.

What dreams of a new car according to Freud's dream book, Miller

What was the car: body shape is very important

  • Sedan (four-door body): you will soon receive news regarding a good friend.
  • SUV: to success at work.
  • Convertible (with removable roof): you will soon start a white stripe.
  • Minivan (a hybrid of «Busik» and a car, a large family car): for pleasant home chores or a fun holiday trip.
  • Limousine, and even white: to happy events that will fill the life of the dreamer.

What will tell the color of the car?

  • To see a new white car: good luck in business and harmony in your personal life. If such a car is presented to you in a dream, everything in your life will evolve according to your plan.
  • If he is hijacked, you will have to «turn on» all the willpower to achieve your plans. Well, and if thieves kidnap a snow-white limousine, and even a stranger (say, which you just borrowed), the dream wants to warn you of serious trouble.
  • Red car: wait for a pleasant surprise from your beloved (loved one).
  • And vice versa, if such a car is stolen from you in a dream, this is a relationship problem. If you dreamed that thieves encroached on a new convertible (limousine), which your second half gave you in a dream, a dream for divorce.
  • Black car, and even fast, powerful: your dream will come true, and soon.
  • This dream has another interpretation: a trip at night. For example, if in a dream you bought a new car of coal color, the dream promises work outside your settlement, where you will go exactly at night.
  • Have you seen a lot of brand new black cars? The desire that you are actively working on now can come true much later than you expect.
  • Dreamed that your car was stolen in a dark, black color? Sleep has two interpretations. First: some desire will not come true. Secondly, if you go somewhere, something bad will happen on the road.
  • Have you stolen a blue car? This is a good dream. He promises that you will have many prospects in the service.
  • Golden car is seen to success, but accompanied by the envy of others.
  • Silver is also a good change, but not so big.

What did you do in your dream?

What dreams of a new car according to Freud's dream book, Miller

  • Did you buy a brand new car? Sleep is great. He promises you a lot of joyful moments related to both personal life and work (which you can be offered a promotion).
  • The acquisition of foreign cars expensive price segment — to changes in your work, it is very beneficial for your career.
  • Buy a car, which you have long dreamed of in real life — to success in business.
  • You saw yourself in a car dealership, where you walked for a long time, were looking at brilliant “cars”, not knowing which one to choose? The subconscious wants to tell you: your self-esteem is too low, it can prevent you from becoming a boss.
  • You very much hesitated, but still drove out of the dealership on a new car? This night vision assures: if you act just as decisively, throwing off all doubts, and in real life, you will achieve a lot!
  • If before buying you got behind the wheel of a brand new car to check it in, the dream says: you are internally ready for any changes.
  • You were preparing to receive a gift of a new car, which looks more expensive and better than the one you drive in reality? You are stunned by the best offer. For a man, this could be a promotion, for a girl, a marriage proposal.
  • You offer a car worse than the one on which you go «in real life»? You can cut wages, lower … In general, sleep is not the most favorable.
  • The car gives a man whom you know well? It is from him (or a person very similar) in real life that you will receive an interesting offer.

Do not have time to buy, as it was stolen!

  • Hijacking a new “car” in your dream says: if you want life to develop according to plan, control everyone and everything.
  • If you yourself were a thief who encroached on a brand new car, you need to interpret the dream as follows: all your life plans are unreal, they were created with the help of “rose-colored glasses”, which means they were not destined to come true.

Not an ordinary passenger car, but …

  • Fire car. Sleep warns of danger looming over you.
  • Ambulance. Your desire will not be fulfilled, even if you try very hard to «move» in his direction.
  • Police car. You will start to be afraid of something, but the cause of fear will be frivolous.
  • Have you seen yourself as the driver of a new taxi? So you will travel.

And what professional psychoanalysts will say?

What dreams of a new car according to Freud's dream book, Miller

We offer the opinion of two well-known psychoanalysts. And if Miller’s interpretation did not depart much from deciphering the dream according to superstitions, then the vision of Professor Freud’s dream, as you might guess, was completely “mixed up” with sex.

Dream Miller

  1. There were a lot of shiny cars? This dream is just a dream of a careerist. It means: at work they will offer you a task that will bring many “profits”.
  2. Did you ride on the new “car” that you were given? This is a great dream that speaks of pleasant events that will soon embellish your life.
  3. Was the car you rode on fire? This is a dream warning. Something bad may happen to you — a car accident, a home injury … Take care of yourself!
  4. A new car in a girl’s dream is a disturbing «bell» that says: Do not get involved in suspicious matters if you do not want to dampen your reputation.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. As this dream book says, the new car (as well as the car in general) is a phallic symbol.
  2. If the car is expensive, fashionable brand — the dreamer is pleased with himself, considers himself a talented sexual partner.
  3. To see several brilliant cars at once: the desire to have several lovers (mistresses), or they already exist.
  4. Drive at high speed — sex gives you a lot of fun. Go very carefully: you are not satisfied with the current partner.
  5. Theft (the thief “cleaned out” the car): to the illness or injury of manhood.

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