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What dreams of a mobile phone according to Lofa’s universal dream book?

What does a mobile phone mean in a dream — deciphering nuances

Not every dream book can tell what the mobile dream is about — after all, most of them were written at least 50 years ago, at a time when such devices seemed fantastic. However, modern psychoanalysts do not sit on their hands, so now you decipher your dream, not only in general terms, but also in trifles.

What dreams of a mobile phone according to Lofa's universal dream book?

General interpretation of such a dream

  • «Telephone» dreams are considered a symbol of communication with the outside world, and not with some ephemeral «neighbors», but with relatives and good friends. To unambiguously decipher the dream, remember your emotions. If during the dream you were happy, then the dream does not promise anything bad.

Modern or «antediluvian»?

  • To see a mobile phone, the “appearance” of which seemed quite ordinary: next to you is an inconspicuous person (colleague or friend) who has been plotting behind your back. Perhaps guided by envy, he gives bad advice. Think well of who you happen to be!
  • He was new and «tricked»: life was a success, and on all «fronts» — from career to personal. However, you do not care for something. Try to get an active hobby, shake it up.
  • The ancient «pipe» with the antenna says: you are a conservative to the bone. Perhaps old-fashioned looks prevent you from starting a relationship. Do not be afraid of change, but you shouldn’t blindly trust the stereotypes of society either.

The appearance of the «pipe»

  • A brilliant model, only from a box (from a store): soon you will meet people, and this will be a very fruitful collaboration. Maybe a person will be useful at work, and maybe it will be happy love.
  • Broken. Do not hide your head in the sand! Faced with a problem, you try to solve only its external manifestations — but the “pitfalls” will not go anywhere!
  • Broken. In this dream, the subconscious communicates with you: you are full of fears, afraid of a lonely old age. Instead of waking up at night and poisoning yourself with negative thoughts, get busy with something active. Sign up for a cooking course, learn how to do a massage — these are good skills for strengthening relationships.
  • What dreams of a mobile phone with a cracked screen? You are a little «wooden», do not know how to empathize with people. Thinking that you understand well the cause of people’s actions, you are often mistaken.
  • An unfamiliar phone, a «pipe» of a friend, simply put — someone else’s. You as Shurachka from The Office Romance are a good person, but unfortunately, an active one. You save friends, help them, invent useful advice … And when will you take your own life?
  • A dream with a stranger (alien) phone has a different interpretation, but it is relevant only for women’s dreams: the sincere love of a spouse. Husband believes that he was very lucky with you.

What did you do?

What dreams of a mobile phone according to Lofa's universal dream book?

  • We talked on the mobile. Someone is jealous of you.
  • The connection is interrupted all the time. Sleep says: you have conflicts with your loved one. In order not to run up, be tolerant to him, do not argue over trifles.
  • Badly heard the one with whom they spoke. You can not be selfish, think about the family, they do not just want, but also deserve your attention.
  • You screamed into the phone, or communicated extremely emotionally. To home quarrel — it will not be protracted, but it will become for you a certain lesson in relationships.
  • They called someone: a dream says that you always have someone to rely on.
  • Did you hear the bell, but didn’t pick up the phone? Leaving a mobile phone in a dream without attention means: you are afraid of the difficulties associated with your future, and you are trying in every way to get away from solving problems of this kind. But do not be afraid — you can do everything.
  • The call was familiar — let’s say it was a song that you put into a specific number in your life? Soon a friend will contact you for help. But think well: is your help so necessary for him, or does he just want to shift his responsibilities to you?
  • Got a phone as a gift? Some event will turn your life upside down. But do not worry: the person who truly loves you will decide everything.
  • Have you lost the «pipe»? An important person will leave your life — perhaps he will simply move to another city. Of course, a holy place is never empty, and you will make new friends … But blindly they should not be trusted — their attitude towards you will be more consumer than friendly.
  • On the contrary, to find a mobile is to success. What you have been working for so long will give excellent results.
  • Search for phone: in real life, you are actively searching for yourself. It is important to stop them in time, stumbled upon the opportunity to go forward — for example, hearing about an interesting business project.
  • Break mobile phone (even unintentionally): you feel very lonely, even if you have a large group of friends or a strong family. Nothing, to endure this frightening feeling is not long, everything will change for the better soon!
  • You dropped it and broke it: having stuck in a suspicious story, you could lose your property, and on a large scale. Well think that you sign and who offers you cooperation!
  • You bought a cell phone: you are too modest or thoughtful, so the ways to earn money constantly float away from you. The second interpretation: you are looking for the ideal of a woman (man), but you need to look at your partner more real, otherwise you can stay alone until retirement.
  • You have it stolen: a good friend or relative will greatly disappoint you. Maybe he will not hurt you personally, but he will otmochit such, after which you do not even want to give him a hand at the meeting.

And how do mobile dreams interpret dreams?

What dreams of a mobile phone according to Lofa's universal dream book?

And now we offer you the interpretation of a famous American — a psychoanalyst, as well as a universal dream book created by modern authors.

Dream David Lofa

  1. This dream book mobile phone is interpreted as your desire to «rise», that is, to improve your social status.
  2. Also, sleep can show your desire for power, control of the situation. What and to whom you spoke on the «pipe»? These words you would like to speak in real life.
  3. Sometimes a phone in a dream means security. Who and why did you call? What did they say? The circumstances of sleep will tell you a lot of things.

Universal Dream

  1. You tried to repair the mobile phone yourself: to difficulties in communicating with people and other problems.
  2. Hear the bell is a projection of your real state. What feelings did this call cause in you? You were delighted, upset (“Leave me alone!”), Scared?
  3. You talked on the phone, but there were problems with communication, charge? In the «real» you think that your opinion is not heeded.
  4. There is another interesting interpretation, purely according to Freud. If a man dreams of a mobile phone, he is sure that the size is not important, and if his manhood is of small parameters, it is not so bad.

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