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What dreams of a mermaid on the dream and interpretations of basic values

The meaning of a mermaid in dreams and why should she be wary

The mermaid in the European tradition is half a fish, half a woman with a beautiful voice, face, gorgeous hair and the most seductive manners. In Russia, mermaids have a normal build, without a fish tail, and can go ashore, sit on tree branches, luring passersby with singing, jokes, and the promise of sexual pleasures.

A mermaid in a dream is a seductive symbol of danger, fatal passion, when you realize that nothing good from entertainment will work, but you still want to try your luck. Consider why the dream of a mermaid in the dream.

What dreams of a mermaid on the dream and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

  • To dream a mermaid means to be strongly tempted, perhaps a sensual temptation. There is a risk to forget everything that was dear to you and to rush after a dream. Unfortunately, happiness will be painful and short. It will take a lot of effort to restore the former well-being, at least in part. Do not be tempted, find a safer entertainment, take a trip.
  • The mermaid who splashes water is stupid, but harmless gossip, which is not worth paying attention to.
  • To catch a mermaid with a bait or into a fishing net — you started playing relationships and are confident of your irresistibleness, you think that at any moment you can settle down and start a boring family life, which any member of the opposite sex will be happy about. But while you want to frolic and have fun. At some point this may become a problem, since your sincere feeling and affection will respond with fleeting sympathy without the slightest intention of building a serious relationship. The problem will be that you have no relevant experience.
  • If a mermaid in a dream does not manifest itself as a seducer, you can watch her. Such a dream means rare luck.
  • If you become a mermaid in a dream — perhaps in reality you are behaving lightly and do not take into account the desires of other people, but at the same time you are upset if the fans are not ready to give their whole life for you without a trace on demand. It seems selfish and disgusting to you.
  • A significant part of dreams with mermaids associated with psychotropic substances. The unsteady mermaid’s smile of a beautiful naked girl sweetly and enticingly attracts him to ruin, promising inconceivable bliss. The image of a mermaid in a dream is especially characteristic of the poetic bohemians of the beginning of the last century, sitting tight on methamphetamine, cocaine and morphine. Unbridled fun, orgies without the slightest restrictions and prohibitions, drastic mood swings — from sublime passions to rabid malice, longing, suicide epidemics, mermaid dances and Dionysian nights are firmly connected with images of beautiful underwater maidens with an unhappy fate. In modern realities, such sources of inspiration are impossible for the most objective reasons.

What dreams of a mermaid on the dream and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats dreams in which nude mermaids sit on stones and beckon you, as a sign of extreme debauchery. It seems that you do not miss a single skirt, it seems to you that any woman is a desirable booty and they all crave to communicate with you. You have learned to catch the slightest sign of sympathy and fan the passion. In fact, hectic searches and novels will not bring you happiness. Freud argues that the person who could be the perfect match for you is in your near environment.
  • Dream interpretation of Medea sees the mermaid as a sign of lost or inaccessible love, romantic illusions. Following illusions will lead to severe disappointments when confronted with reality.
  • A female dream book says that a mermaid in a dream is a lucky rival who takes your love away from mischief and selfish considerations. Dream interpretation recommends to prepare for the battle for love, but it is unlikely that you will be able to offer in long-term relationships the same range of cares and caresses as the fatal seductress in short-term ones. If a woman dreamed of a newt — a male mermaid in the Scandinavian traditions, then you should seriously fear the impeccably sincere passion of a beautiful young man. If you believe his wonderful eyes, you risk to ruin your life. It is possible that the young man is not really interested in women and is emotionally cold.

What dreams of a mermaid on the dream and interpretations of basic values


A mermaid in a dream is a sign of disastrous passion or inviting pleasant doom. Such ideas meet the hot response in romantic souls.

Perhaps, it seems to you a senseless and boring routine, and I would like to fill my life with a whirlpool of living emotions, passions and pleasures.

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