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What dreams of a maternity hospital after Miller, Loffe, Karatov

The treatment of dreams with the hospital for all dream books

A maternity hospital is the first home for most people. For mother and father — this is the place where their child first breathed. Therefore, a maternity hospital is a powerful symbol that has many associations and images in a person’s subconscious, and if someone sees this symbolic room in his dream, there can be very many interpretations of such a dream.

To find out what the maternity hospital dreams of, you need to open the dream book and find in it the most similar to your dream plot.

General interpretation

In general, a maternity hospital in a dream is interpreted as a positive symbol, which promises a person who sees him in the night vision, quick changes for the better, especially in romantic relationships.

If a woman dreams that she is pregnant and is in the prenatal ward — in real life she is waiting for an update that can relate to any sphere — career, relationships, real estate. According to another interpretation, in some cases, such a dream may directly foreshadow an early pregnancy of the dreamer.

What dreams of a maternity hospital after Miller, Loffe, Karatov

A very strange dream, in which a man sees himself pregnant, foreshadows his financial gain, an increase in income. If in a dream a person goes to the maternity hospital, and on the way suddenly there are fights, which greatly frightens the dreamer, such a dream symbolizes the excessive experiences experienced because of work.

It is worth relaxing and less nervous, so as not to bring yourself to a nervous breakdown.

Night vision, in which the dreamer observes the courtyard of the maternity hospital, where mothers walk through, is a favorable omen. Such a dream promises young girls and boys a quick meeting with their other half, which in the future will become a spouse.

If a dream dreamed a married dreamer saw a similar dream, the dream foreshadows the appearance of a child or an expensive gift.

Interpretation of action in a dream

The correct interpretation of what he saw the day before depends not only on the object of the dream, but also on what the sleeping person did while observing the dream; how he behaved, what emotions he experienced.

  • If the night vision happened to gather in the maternity hospital — in fact, you can expect interviews and get a new job soon, or receive a new position in the old workplace.
  • Some women tell a rather strange dream: they dreamed that they visited the doctor with complaints of back pain, and the doctor detected their pregnancy and sent them to the hospital, although the dreamer herself does not observe the characteristic abdomen. This unusual night vision is interpreted depending on whether the delivery took place or not. If the girl gave birth — to a pleasant and sudden date or walk, but if not — to unfulfilled hopes, lies.
  • To go home from a maternity hospital — to move to a new apartment or house in reality.
  • A dream in which the dreamer received an invitation to someone else’s statement and came to her, foreshadows the young guy sexual contact with a stranger, and the girl — envy of others positive emotions.
  • If a woman in her dream had to give birth directly — it foreshadows her new hobbies, but if you had a man in a dream, a dream foreshadows material well-being, prosperity and stability.

What dreams of a maternity hospital after Miller, Loffe, Karatov

Interpretation on other details

If in a dream the girl saw her own birth, in real life in the near future one of her colleagues will begin to show signs of attention to her. A dream, in which a woman shows a newborn to her relatives through a window, heralds the opportunity to share with her close people good news, by chance somewhere overheard.

If a man has a dream in which doctors tell him that his wife has given birth, his interpretation will depend on the sex of the baby:

  • If a boy was born — to a variety of domestic and rush cases;
  • If a girl was born — to surprise, emotional shock;

A dream in which the sleeping man was a gynecologist in the maternity hospital suggests that soon someone of the people who are close to the dreamer will need his help. A dream in which a person has to take birth symbolizes his hospitality and calls for not holding back this trait in himself, as soon as unexpected guests arrive at the dreamer’s house, and the meeting with them will end quite well.

If the dreamer happened to see a maternity hospital in which babies are born during his birth, this dream foreshadows deliverance from a long stretching problem. The easier the observable labor passed, the sooner and easier all complex situations will be resolved.

What dreams of a maternity hospital after Miller, Loffe, Karatov

Dream Miller

As the interpretation of night vision, which this dream book leads, the hospital, seen in a dream, is a good sign. There is a great chance that in the foreseeable future the life of the dreamer will change dramatically, and only for the better.

If a dream with a maternity hospital is dreaming of a woman who is pregnant — pregnant, — the dream may portend an early birth. It is worth preparing for them.

If a dream, in which childbirth and maternity appeared, dreams of an unmarried girl — she should not succumb to temptation — it is better to show prudence in order not to find herself in an awkward position, having met with public censure and condemnation.

Dream loft

This dream book treats dreams associated with the hospital and childbirth, as the discovery of something new in yourself, the opportunity to know yourself better — it is possible that from an unexpected side. Perhaps the resolution of internal conflict, contradictions, the release of hidden desires.

Dream of Karatova

Observing birth from the side is a favorable sign, foreshadowing the person who saw him, the attendance of fortune in all his endeavors. If during birth a few newborns were born, the dreamer’s happiness will be vast.

Men see a maternity hospital in their dream, when in the near future they will have important, unique and interesting information.

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