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What dreams of a lake to a man or a woman: the interpretation of dream books

What dreams of a lake to a man or a woman: interpretation of the dream-book

A lake in a dream means positive events only if the water was clear, clean. The plot, which had a chance to swim in a dirty pond, promises nothing good.

The smallest details of a dream need to be remembered: the water characteristics, the location of the lake, the dreamer’s actions, the presence or absence of fish, algae, other people, the mood of a sleeping person, and other details. To see a dried lake in a dream is a negative sign.

Popular dream books give ambiguous interpretations of sleep, in which it was possible to see the lake:

Dream interpretationValue
MillerIf you had a chance to sail in a boat across a restless lake, a sleeping person is under the influence of false beliefs, but will be able to correct the situation and achieve general acceptance.
MedeaThis dream symbolizes the dreamer’s sexual energy.
FreudA sleeping person wants to have a baby
LoversIn the near future, a sleeping person will repent for his frivolous behavior and impulsive actions in relation to his second half.
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaSuch a dream personifies the human feelings that are associated with everyday affairs.
For the whole family
  • For a woman: if the lake is surrounded by sparse vegetation — well-being will be temporary.
  • For a man: to see the reflection in the lake surface — to harmony in the family
New familyThe sleeping person is in great danger.
FemaleBy a happy coincidence
Complete new eraA pond with green shores — to wealth and high social status
HasseThe dreamer can sleep peacefully, because his conscience is absolutely clear.
Denise LynnPure — to inner balance, lack of anxiety and empty excitement. Muddy water symbolizes hidden fears
Modern combinedIf you dream of dirt and debris in the pond — you need to prepare for a series of unpleasant events. It is not necessary to start up important events and make ambitious plans, since all undertakings are doomed to failure. Clear water — to fleeting joys
XXI centuryTurbid — for a fun pastime. Light — to disappointment
IslamicTo financial prosperity, all sorts of benefits and the absence of monetary problems
Ancient Persian TaflissiPositive sign, foreshadowing positive changes in personal life
EnglishTo a rich and joyful life
ChildCalm water surface — to success in school and a favorable home environment
LunarFor a family feast or a long journey
Yellow EmperorIf the reservoir was clean, the health of a sleeping person is not threatened. Dirty water promises disease
Martyn ZadekiTo prosperous family relationships
PsychoanalyticIt is necessary to analyze the situation and find the right way out of the predicament, which at first glance seemed hopeless
The Wanderer SmirnovCalm water symbolizes comfort, peace, tranquility.
Small VelesovLight, transparent — fortunately, muddy — to trouble
UkrainianTo a surge of vitality, well-being and emotional lift
EsotericThe dreams of the dreamer are as clear as water.
TsvetkovaSuch a dream warns of love problems
MayanFeelings will soon fade away
GrishinaThere will be a unique opportunity to correct past mistakes.
AmericanPure water is a symbol of wisdom and peace. Muddy, dirty symbolizes emotional turmoil
NewestCalm water surface — meditation, relaxation, relaxation of body and soul
SlavicDreamer needs to be more vigilant to avoid trouble
HealthA sleeping person needs to get rid of the accumulated negative and change the situation.
Love relationshipIf the dream is a reflection of trees in the lake — the dreamer is waiting for love
GypsyTo a tragic accident
SpringThe sleeper’s affairs are in perfect order, he has nothing to worry about.
MuslimTo abundance and good harvest
IntimateThe lake personifies the dreamer’s sexuality. If the lake surface was calm, in sex a person behaves confidently. Ripples on the water — to passion, fury and love adventures

What dreams of a lake to a man or a woman: the interpretation of dream books

Sometimes, in addition to the usual contemplation of the lake, some scenes and details appear in the dream — for example, fishing, swimming in a pond located in a certain area, etc. They all influence the final interpretation of sleep.

What dreams of a lake to a man or a woman: the interpretation of dream books

Dreams, in which it was possible to fish in a reservoir, have several interpretations:

  • Men and women — to a useful pastime and the tasks.
  • A married woman dreams of fishing for pregnancy.
  • The man dreamed that he had caught a lot of fish in the local pond, to a solid monetary profit.
  • If a single man dreams that he was fishing, but he didn’t catch anything, he will marry an angry and bitchy woman.

What dreams of a lake to a man or a woman: the interpretation of dream books

According to the majority of dreammen, swimming in a clear lake is a positive sign:

  • For meetings with representatives of the opposite sex in interesting places.
  • Such a dream promises good health and good mood, inexhaustible energy.
  • The plot, in which you had a chance to swim with your beloved, promises a long separation, which will seem to young people as eternity.
  • Enjoy bathing — to sexual satisfaction.

To enter the lake at night is a precursor of loss and trouble.

Depending on the surrounding area, the decoding of a dream about a lake changes:

  • Pond in the forest — to self-knowledge and spiritual growth, inner peace.
  • Lake in the mountains — such a dream foreshadows good luck in love affairs and luck in the business sphere.
  • In the valley — to unconscious actions.
  • Barren terrain — a sleeping person is only concerned with material issues, he does not think about spiritual values.
  • Fog, not visible coast — to the loss of self-control.

If the lake is in a picturesque place — this is a positive sign. If the situation is gloomy, unpleasant — you should wait for trouble.

Drinking from a freshwater reservoir and enjoying pure cool liquid — a sleeping person will discover new facets and abilities. If it was possible to drink from salty — to tears and hopeless longing.

Drinking dirty water in a dream is hard to get sick in reality.

View of the lake and its interpretation:

  • Frozen — to break love and friendships.
  • Swampy — to stagnation in all spheres of life.

Seeing swans is a positive sign: these birds symbolize bright prospects and great opportunities. See algae — negative: detractors make evil plans, you need to be alert.

See fish in the lake — to material well-being. If the dreamer noticed a mermaid in the lake smooth surface, it means that he lives by illusions and denies the obvious.

Fall into the lake — to death. See the terrible inhabitants of the reservoir — to diseases and mental disorders.

If you dreamed of a bloody lake — the enemy will deal a crushing blow at the most inopportune moment.

Drowning in a pond — unwillingness to have children. To dream of water in which a small child drowned — to unpleasant discoveries.

Find a corpse in a pond — to vain promises and empty words.

The reservoir, which is growing shallow before our eyes, foreshadows the treachery of friends and grief. The girl will have to shed a lot of tears after such a dream, especially if a dried lake dreamed.

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