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What dreams of a knock at the door on the interpretation of the dream books and on the basic meanings

What does the knock on the door for different popular dream books

A knock on the door in real life is always an urge to take decisive action from outside. Or you need to lay low, wait until the knocker leaves, or go out to meet, leaving the cozy dwelling. In a dream, a knock on the door has a stronger meaning and usually indicates a change in fate, a change of fate, or a place of residence.

In the works of the classics, knocking on the door is regarded as a sign of fate, inevitable rock. Consider the dream of a knock at the door on dream books.

What dreams of a knock at the door on the interpretation of the dream books and on the basic meanings

Basic Values

  • Actually the door to the fabric of sleep means a transition between worlds, a choice. In a dream, you can go through the door of a closet near Novosibirsk on the slope of Capitol Hill. Doors in amusement parks often lead to gloomy basements filled with frightening visions. A knock at the door is an imperative invitation to change the situation. You may have sat up in your cozy world and for development you need to leave it to another.
  • If you had a knock at the door, such a clear one that you have awakened — expect news that can turn your whole life. Perhaps the news that you have been waiting for is knocking at your door.
  • A quiet, mysterious knock, having some fascinating rhythm — you are lured. Try to keep curiosity and understand the motives of people who share their projects with you, promise a lot, interesting work. It is probably in your interest to move in the direction proposed from the outside. But maybe not.
  • A calm, decisive knock means you have to act. What exactly should be your actions — you better know. Maybe it’s time to change jobs, maybe publish information. Maybe it’s time to take a train or a plane and go to another city, another country, another hemisphere.
  • A loud knock on the door, non-stop, long-lasting — false alarm. If you begin to take active steps, you can catch someone else’s fate and someone else’s reckoning. For example, at work there was a stir, confusion, confusion, you can quite solve the problem, although it did not arise through your fault. But if you put forward the initiative and do not cope because of third-party interference — after all, for some reason there was confusion, answer in full for the mistakes of others. The unceasing knock in life and in a dream is a sign not to stick out, and perhaps also to call for help. The same applies to the knock, which is mixed with a long incoherent swearing, the collapse of everything around, random strikes, drunken mumbling. Be careful not to stick out with innovative ideas, fresh solutions, unless you have your own interest. If you are ready to fish in troubled waters, you can lean out.
  • The noise, the doorbell in a dream — to the dead. The second interpretation — disturbs unclean conscience.
  • If in a dream you open the door, and behind it, no one should expect mystical, you frighten yourself. Sleep means that you’d better act alone in the future; don’t wait for your fellow travelers.
  • Throwing open the door and getting hit in the face means that in reality one should not succumb to provocations. Consider the correct line of conduct so that intrigues are not caught off guard.
  • If a noisy company tumbles toward you that you did not expect, expect confusion in your personal life and work. But in your power to avoid the parties, focusing on what is of utmost importance to you.
  • Knocking on the door, then on the window — bad news, danger, anxiety. In reality, it is better to change the place in which you sleep. In the most ideal case — to move. In your personal life there are serious changes that you can not decide. Unpleasant secrets can be revealed, you will be surprised, angry and delighted, because they themselves were looking for a reason to part.

What dreams of a knock at the door on the interpretation of the dream books and on the basic meanings

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller treats this dream to receive pleasant news in real life. The more you are shocked and frightened by a dream, the more stunning and good news you will find out.
  • A female dream book interprets a knock on the door in a dream, as a sign of otherworldly forces, a violation of peace. You can get rid of bad values ​​by handing out money to strangers. Amounts must be small. For the distribution of money, you can use the church beggars. If you are very frightened, scatter a trifle at the intersection, copper and silver mixed. You can spill a little stuff in the transport, he will take away bad omens. Those who collect the coins will not be harmed — this is not a slander.
  • The dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea considers knocking on the door in a dream to be an exceptionally bad sign and offers to buy off the fate by giving a coin to the crows. If the crows take away the brilliant and carry it away, you are spared from possible bad signs.
  • The old dream book interprets that you are trying to get through to yourself or to convey your point of view to other people. So far unsuccessfully. The dream interpretation recommends not to insist too much on its own way, not to downplay and insult people in the heat of quarrel — this may have a bad effect on you, no matter how confident you are.
  • Someone might be trying to warn you.
  • The dream book of the Wanderer assures that a knock at the door is a good sign, promising good news. If you knock yourself, it means an unfortunate love affair, an unrequited feeling.

What dreams of a knock at the door on the interpretation of the dream books and on the basic meanings


A knock at the door in a dream means a change of fate. Some significant event that should happen in your life and from which you are carefully fenced off.

It is time to meet the winds and try yourself in a new capacity.

The news, the news that is associated with a knock, is not always joyful, but always expected or expected. Everything will be fine, do not be afraid of fate.

The more self-confident and impudent smile will be on your face — the higher the probability of great luck.

What dreams of a knock at the door on the interpretation of the dream books and on the basic meanings

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