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What dreams of a herd of horses on various dream books

What foreshadows a herd of horses in a dream — interpretation by dream books

You had a majestic dream in which you observed a startling phenomenon — the movement of a herd of horses to a new place. Drop all the premature conclusions.

So why dream of a herd of horses?

You must understand that you can not interpret the dream unequivocally. But a herd of horses can be attributed to positive interpretations, changes await you, various professional opportunities, you can show your own strength.

But without your memories, the interpretation becomes dry and practically does not find application in real life.

What dreams of a herd of horses on various dream books

Interpretation of a dream according to certain plots and circumstances

Try to remember the main circumstances of the dream and do not forget about the details. As soon as you manage to synchronize with your own subconscious, we will be able to interpret your exceptional dream exactly as your subconscious mind bequeathed.

So, if you managed to assemble this difficult puzzle and you have established a connection with your own subconscious, then we can proceed to a direct interpretation. But if you thought out a lot of details or unfairly remembered a dream, it will remain on your conscience, and interpretation will not help you.

So look down and find the interpretation.

  • There is no way to find a way out and horses injure you. One of the most positive interpretations, you were able to boldly look your problem in the eyes and your subconscious mind is already thinking about how to solve it. The fact remains that you were able not to run away from problems, but to start solving them, you are a very brave person, and this is exactly what the dream says;
  • The horses were all huge in size, running slowly. Such a sluggishness of the herd testifies to the extremely dumb lifestyle of the dreamer, it is better for you to measure a hundred times than to cut it off once. You really do not watch your time and are ready to spend hours in thought, rather than act;
  • If each horse in the herd followed a bold, cunning and massive leader. You personify yourself with this leader, in your heart you want to manage your colleagues and manage family life, but in fact you can accomplish such a strange plan quite infrequently. For you, there is nothing that would stand still and please the eye;
  • You just walked past the herd, did not enjoy the great spectacle. If you are very indifferent to this dream, then it is worth projecting such a dream into real life — you will pass your dream or just an interesting event, but in any case it will be worse for you to miss the most interesting event in your life;
  • It was very noisy, you could not even hear anything. You should not immediately make rash conclusions regarding dreams with a similar plot, this is always true. In real life, someone from your environment will declare itself and you will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to him, you will have to talk as it should. Try to be more diplomatic;
  • Saddled one or more horses from the herd. If such an event has occurred, then you should not immediately rejoice, since such a dream symbolizes an ambulance of someone close, you will soon find out about it. But there is also another interpretation about the hospital, the dream books also testify to a positive event — pregnancy;
  • You have traveled a few miles before you have seen the beauty of these excellent animals. A dream symbolizes a long movement towards your goal, but you can eventually become a real cowboy, saddle your goal and find a way to become even more successful. Your reputation will rise to the skies, and your well-being will not take long to wait;
  • What if you stared for a long time and could not see the color of the horses. Such a dream indicates that the dreamer does not have time for relatives, each time everything ends in misfortune and he only starts a conflict. Just be yourself and do not try to somehow raise yourself in the eyes of your loved ones, it will not be crowned with success;
  • If you jumped from one horse to another. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes your success in multilateral relations. You know what you want from life and always fulfill your obligations. If it is difficult for you in life, it is only sometimes from the realization that your profession was not useful in life;
  • You looked at this sight and did not look away, it was really interesting. Such a dream suggests that you are most interested in the position of the observer, you really do not understand why to waste your life blessings, how you can just come and take what is necessary;
  • The herd decided to drink some water. Such an action is a consequence of abstinence, you have not experienced satisfaction from your own life for a long time and you do not know how to transform it. Living in such a state for a long time will not succeed, sooner or later you will still have to lean out of your refuge.

What dreams of a herd of horses on various dream books

Interpretation of dreams by famous personalities and dream books

  1. According to Vanga. The Bulgarian seer interprets such a dream as a reaction of your subconscious to a sudden decision. If you made a decision and doubt its correctness, this does not mean that you should immediately deviate from your goal and not develop in this way, it is quite possible that you only need to clarify some details;
  2. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud argues that strong, volitional racers are your desire to show yourself, sexual energy goes out and you can do nothing about it, just find some means of expressing this energy;
  3. According to Miller. Henry Miller cannot interpret this dream unequivocally, but you need to look at it from the other side — as a rule, a herd of horses presents negative consequences, but Henry Miller asserts that you are still in your prime and there is no sense in limiting your forces consciously, just get some rest.

What dreams of a herd of horses on various dream books

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