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What dreams of a herd of cows in the dream of Miller, Freud

Dreamed of a herd of cows — a detailed interpretation of the dream

To see cows in a dream is a positively colored sign, as they are beneficial and good to people, and in Hinduism they are considered sacred animals.

The explanation of dreams with such subjects is not always favorable for the dreamer. It all depends on the details of the dream.

The appearance, the behavior of the flock and the dreamer himself are relevant to the interpretation of the vision. You can learn more about this from the proposed dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of a herd of cows in the dream of Miller, Freud

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • A herd of cows foreshadows spiritual acquaintances, happy events.
  • If the herd is waiting for milking — your new ideas are destined to come true.
  • Some cows said, like people — in reality you have a lack of communication with other people.

Opinion of the white mage D. Longo

  • Group chicks — a message stating that someone was guilty in relation to you. You do not know about it yet. This did not happen on purpose, but by coincidence.
  • You herded a herd of cows — to meet people who are jealous of you. Beware of intrigue around you. They can lead to unwanted conflicts.

Islamic Dreambook

This source links this vision with the prediction of weather and yield for the year.

  • If there were healthy, well-fed animals in the herd, the year is expected to be fertile, rich in harvest, with good weather conditions.
  • Lean individuals portend negative outcomes of the year.

Spring dream book

Among them have seen a lot of young animals — in reality, you will start working on a new project.

The interpretation of the psychologist Freud

The scenario where bulls graze among cows in the herd, while one of them covers a cow, speaks of the lack of novelty in the dreamer’s sex life. This is the cause of his aggressive behavior in reality.

Opinion of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

  • They were in a herd with signs of disease and old — to anguish, unimportant state.
  • Seeing a calm herd promises a wonderful pastime in nature or an interesting journey.
  • Goby ran ahead and led the rest of the cows for themselves — you can be appointed to lead a new business project or coordinator of a serious event.
  • Somewhere far in the field to see a herd — you will have a wonderful future.

Dreaming nostradamus

  • Cows were with a full udder, they need to be milked — to an unexpected enrichment.
  • They heard the lowing from the pasture, but did not see the animals themselves — a warning that the enemies wish to give you trouble.

East Dream

  • A hostile herd of cows chased you — to treason with close people.
  • The herd has been pursued by a predatory beast — in reality someone can threaten you with its actions.
  • They drove the flock to the watering place — friends will turn to you for help.

Explanation Vanga

  • Graze a herd of fat cows. For men — for the desired wedding, for women — to the wealthy groom. People in marriage it promises prosperity.
  • Graze thin cows — to poverty and health problems.
  • Seeing yourself as a shepherd or a cowherd boy is a successful and valuable acquisition.
  • Accompany them home from pasture promises business trips, meetings and negotiations.

What dreams of a herd of cows in the dream of Miller, Freud

Interpretations from other sources

  • Cows seemed painful to you — to the deterioration of health. It is recommended to visit a doctor.
  • They were spotty — you are waiting for a little trouble at work and at home. You will quickly cope with them.
  • Seeing white cows is a warning that someone close to you needs your support.
  • A herd of black cows is a warning that a plot is being prepared against you.
  • In the herd there were more animals of black color — to the trouble, whites — a surprise awaits you
  • They were roughly equal — to the hesitations before making an important decision.
  • Large herd — in reality you will encounter someone’s stubbornness.
  • Watching a calm herd in the meadow promises the long-awaited addition to the family or the fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  • A herd of moans — a new person will appear in your life to whom you will be happy.
  • In the herd, the clear leader was the bull — in reality, you expect significant changes, stormy events.
  • The herd ran away from you — to the deterioration of health, discontent and failure.
  • They were unfriendly to you — beware of the wiles of your foes.
  • If a herd climbs into a swamp or a quagmire, this is an unfavorable sign that portends a disease. You can be in a hospital bed.
  • To hear their loud roar is a warning about a possible accident.

What dreams of a herd of cows woman and girl

It depends on many nuances.

  • A young girl to flee from the herd speaks of her isolation and modesty. This prevents her from finding her lover to create a family.
  • For a woman, cows that moo are dreaming of the appearance in her life of the man of her dreams.
  • A pregnant woman is a well-groomed flock dreaming of successful and easy childbirth.
  • If the herd was slaughtered — a warning of a serious danger to your life. Extreme care must be taken.

If cows dream about a man

It is important to remember their behavior.

  • To see them dead — you will get rid of people you no longer need.
  • A herd of cows to feed in your yard — you will have a like-minded person who will help you to put your plans into practice.
  • Red cows dream of deception. Be careful.
  • The animals in the herd were well-groomed, well-fed — the dreamer would be surrounded by pleasant women and would be popular.

Herd of running cows

  • A large herd ran — in the near future you will have to choose something. Everything ends for you safely.
  • The cows calmly grazed and ran unexpectedly — obstacles await you on the way to the goal.
  • The cows were in the pen, from which they were trying to get out — foreshadows quarrels with relatives. Everything will end safely for you.

What dreams of a herd of cows in the dream of Miller, Freud

Interpretation of sleep depending on the behavior of the dreamer

  1. Just feed them — you have a new plan of action. It is necessary to quickly begin to translate it into reality.
  2. Running away from an enraged herd foreshadows success in new designs.
  3. To drive them to the river to bathe — to a new period in life, changes for the better.
  4. In the dream, you were the main herdsman of the flock — to gain profit.
  5. Customizing them from the meadows promises a road for working affairs, new contracts.
  6. Drive a herd of cows to the pond — your friends will need your help in the near future. They will ask you about it.

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