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What dreams of a gray rat on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Dreamed of a gray rat — the value of the various dream books

Why dream of a gray rat? To learn about this, you need to read the dream book.

General interpretation of sleep

According to most sources, the gray rat represents trouble. The final conclusion can be made if you take into account all the circumstances of night vision.

To do this, you should read the following explanations of such dreams.

Tokka various dream books

What dreams of a gray rat on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Dream astromeridian

  • A dream foreshadows the danger of being deceived, betrayal and accident. Be awake vigilance.
  • Drive her or destroy — get rid of potential opponents.

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • The gray rodent foreshadows in the near future fraud, guile from the people around it. This can cause you spiritual turmoil.
  • It also promises controversy with business partners.
  • Kill her — symbolizes triumph in all directions in real life.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

  • She bit you — a herald of failures and ill health.
  • Kill her — all obstacles will pass you by.

Explanation of the psychologist S. Freud

  • The plots of such dreams promise a solid profit and joyful worries around the house.
  • It also reports your sexual concern with signs of violence and perversion. Sadism, masochism and group sex.
  • Sleep can mean fear of starting a sex life.

Interpretation of Meneghetti

  • It speaks of the dreamer’s concern for his health.
  • For women, such dreams are a reflection of her inclination to subordinate all those around her, while creating the appearance of charm.

Nostradamus view

A dream with such a plot — to world events.

Interpretation Vanga

  • She dreams of the imminent appearance of enemies. It promises trouble, quarrels.
  • If it has penetrated your home — promises a lot of adverse events.
  • Destroy it — all failures will pass you by.
  • A huge number of gray rodents on the streets dream to world wars.

The interpretation of D. Lofa

  • Visions with gray rodents most people say about the fear of becoming a similar hunter for garbage.
  • Foreshadows the loss of friends, be lonely for life.

Dream Emperor of the Yellow Emperor

These parasitic rodents in a dream warn about the complete inadequacy of the individual and the loss of orientation in real life. This causes unpleasant events that lead to the complete failure of all cases.

Dream Dream

Foreshadows the betrayal of the beloved, in whose loyalty you were sure.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

This is a sign of misfortune. He confirms your premonition of trouble.

Perhaps your entourage wants to commit a mean act towards you.

Jewish interpreter

Just seeing her is a sign of your enemies.

Dream for the whole family

  • Fleeing gray creatures warn of the need to temporarily move to another home.
  • If she was nibbling something — it’s time to take care of the blanks for the winter period.

East female dream book

  • To see her — to quarrels and squabbles with close people.
  • Catch them — to a victorious battle.
  • Kill her — all obstacles will be overcome.

Newest dream book G. Ivanova

  • A gray rat in a dream foreshadows a disease.
  • If you chased her away or destroyed it — to a speedy successful recovery from all ailments.

Explaining the vision for children

Such a dream warns of a hidden ill-wisher in your environment. He can betray you in time of danger.

What dreams of a gray rat on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • A rat in a dream — to the appearance of hidden spiteful critics. To get rid of them will need to make a lot of effort.
  • If they ran in your sleep at home. This is a harbinger of family troubles, losses, business failures.
  • Put a trap on them — you will learn about the intentions of your enemies.
  • The rodent has fallen into the trap — promising robbery of an apartment or a showdown with its neighbors.
  • Kill her — to get rid of the false accusation.

Common dream book

  • See her — to the vile deception, which is worth waiting for from close people or neighbors. To the problems of relationships with business partners.
  • Catch her — to overcome all the difficulties that arise in you in the near future.
  • Kill — to the successful completion of plans, luck in all situations.

Interpretation of Denise Lynn

It symbolizes the scoundrel and the traitor.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • To catch them in a dream is dangerous.
  • There are them — to trouble.
  • See — to negative news.

English dream book

  • A sleep with the presence of a gray rodent speaks about the existence of a multitude of enemies. They will bring many worries and anxieties for their future.
  • Loving couples — the forerunner of the appearance of rivals. They can destroy your happiness and peace of mind.

Islamic Dreambook

Squeaking rats in a dream warns of the harm from the actions of your detractors or robbers.

Moon dream

Predicts trouble and tears.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Sleeping with a gray rat promises poor health.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

She dreams of illness and meeting an evil person.

Dream song gypsy

See her — a warning about the presence of a secret enemy. Perhaps this is someone from your environment, who pretends to be a friend.

He will try to find out your secrets and use them for their own purposes.

Noble Dreambook N. Grishina

  • Kill a rat — to overcome your detractors.
  • To engage in their fishing promises danger.
  • Eat — trouble.

Small Velesov Dream interpretation

  • Her night vision predicts danger, illness, worries, misfortune and food shortages.
  • To catch and kill her — to overcome obstacles, good luck.

Ukrainian dream book

  • She dreams about worries, the appearance of enemies, the threat to life.
  • Kill her — avoid danger.

Explanation of the esoteric Tsvetkov

  • Such a vision promises trouble, deterioration of health, danger.
  • Destroy it — to good luck, freedom, healing from diseases.
  • To hunt a gray rat is a precursor of financial stability.

What dreams of a gray rat on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Interpretations from other sources

  1. Scared at the sight of her — promises to get into a nasty story.
  2. To see a cat destroying these rodents — in a difficult situation you will receive unexpected help.
  3. Feed her — to achieve your plans.
  4. They wanted to stroke her, and she bit you — to the betrayal of a loved one.
  5. Ripped off her skin — to victory over the insidious enemy.

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