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What dreams of a girlfriend’s wedding on the values ​​of dream books

What does the friend’s dream wedding mean — decoding nuances

Let us see what the dream of a girlfriend’s wedding is in dream books and basic meanings. It would seem, why the wedding of a friend so excited you that you even see her in a dream?

Everything is very simple, something like a cure for tripper, which young people often ask in a pharmacy «for a friend.»

Of course, you dream is not a friend’s wedding at all. This is your own wedding and you look at the script, rehearse, mentally prepare and try to understand whether it is suitable for you in principle, now or later.

Such a dream shows that you are very thoughtful about your life, not against risk as such, but do not want to risk blindfolded.

You are not afraid of difficulties, but you must understand exactly what you are going for, and what are the responsibilities of someone who wants to be with you. It is unlikely that you will be satisfied with an equal patriarchal way in which a man and a woman work together, but then the woman additionally performs “female” housework.

You carefully calculate the options. Even the wedding you prefer to first try on in rehearsal, as if not for yourself.

Yes, you really want a wedding, just like they say in silly girls’ diaries. Dreaming about her, ready for family life and responsibility.

But not on any terms and conditions. Therefore, even in a dream you prefer to look first.

Sleeping with a girlfriend’s wedding shows the conflict between dream and reality, ideal ideas about the wedding, the union of loving hearts, and the inability to arrange an equally comfortable life within the family.

Recall the details of sleep, and be able to understand your own attitude to the device of the wedding.

What dreams of a girlfriend's wedding on the values ​​of dream books

Basic Values

  • The bride is charming, graceful, the dress sits perfectly, the veil is luxurious — this means that you are confident and do not doubt your beauty or spiritual qualities. You are committed to celebrating your own perfect wedding.
  • If the bride’s dress is crumpled, crumpled up, put on a ridiculous crinoline like a hoop that gets stuck and lifted everywhere, the bride’s veil resembles a white blotch on her head, and the bride herself shows signs of awkwardness — you strongly doubt the official ceremonies, they annoy you. Perhaps you doubt that now is the right time for marriage.
  • If the groom’s face is blurred and averaged — you have nothing against the very institution of marriage, but have not yet found a suitable candidate.
  • What matters is wedding transportation, what it looks like. Transport in a dream — a way to move to the goal. If, even in a dream, you start counting how the wedding limousine cost you — you are not sure about the advisability of spending. If a luxurious wedding is immersed in a cart or a bus — you are afraid to be captured by the routine and boredom.
  • If your friend is not married, to dream her wedding is a good sign. If a friend is already married, to be at her wedding — to misunderstandings, quarrels. Perhaps you find yourself embroiled in someone else’s intrigue, quarrel.
  • To walk at a friend’s wedding, and then suddenly it turns out that you are the bride — a normal and frequent turn of the dream plot. You do not have to marry the bridegroom of a friend and, most likely, you do not particularly like him. Just turned up as a believable scenery. If you like someone else’s groom, you have to stay away from the newlyweds, so as not to spoil their holiday. Do not try to «fight for your happiness.» In this case, it turns out only to destroy someone else’s.
  • You are careful and it does you honor, but what are the reasons for your caution? Female dream book says that the problem lies in the duplicity of friends, betrayal, hypocrisy.

What dreams of a girlfriend's wedding on the values ​​of dream books

Interpretations by authoritative sources

  • Dream Interpretation Wangi interprets the wedding of a girlfriend as lost connections that need to be restored. It is possible your friend will need your help. You have to make difficult decisions on which your own future depends.
  • English dream book involves envy in a dream with someone else’s wedding. You are trying to understand whether it is necessary to catch up with other couples and urgently join the ranks of family people. Any of your doubts will be displayed in the script weddings girlfriend in a dream.
  • If you dream that you are a guest at a girlfriend’s wedding, but the faces of other guests are unfamiliar, you feel uncomfortable, perhaps your place is taken — such a dream is considered a sign of depression, alienation and reappraisal of life values.
  • Female dream book assured that the wedding of a friend in a dream — to your own emergency wedding. Once in the dream bridesmaid, beware of the trick and infidelity of your own groom. If the table is rich and full of food — it means a comfortable and happy life for you.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation believes that dreaming about the marriage of a girlfriend or boyfriend is associated with the desire to have more sexual partners and diversify your sex life. Dreambreak associates the wedding of a friend with lies, hypocrisy and parting.

What dreams of a girlfriend's wedding on the values ​​of dream books


A friend’s wedding in a dream is always considered a great sign, regardless of whether you plan to start your own family life. Seeing a friend’s wedding is not just trying on a bridesmaid dress. It is a decision making about your own life.

Perhaps you decide that family life is not for you and go to the Congo to recount crocodiles as part of an environmental mission.

Maybe you want to visit Antarctica and discover new life forms in subglacial lakes. And, quite likely, it is in these wanderings that you will meet a person with whom with pleasure and without any hesitation, you will go down the aisle.

The most important thing in a person is his general hobbies and views on life that are similar to yours.

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