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What dreams of a girlfriend: pregnant, former, girlfriend’s wedding in a dream

Sources offer a lot of interpretations, deciphering what a friend dreams about. It is important to remember all the details of what he saw, because in many ways the correct clue is hidden in the nuances.

Sonnik Miller treats the girlfriend as a competition in reality. Moreover, the rivalry does not refer specifically to this girl, but extends to all spheres of life. The betrayal of a friend is a warning.

Someone decided to take away the property by force or fraud.

What dreams of a girlfriend: pregnant, former, girlfriend's wedding in a dream

By Wanga’s dream book barefoot girlfriend is a sign of encouragement. The case, the implementation of which is constantly postponing, interferes with progress. As soon as you solve the prolonged question, luck will come.

The quarrel with a friend in the opinion of the Bulgarian prophetess is a very auspicious sign. Najava asleep can find compromises even in difficult situations.

Drunk friend suggests that someone from the inner circle has a bad influence, knocking off the righteous path.

Modern dream book believes that the girlfriend’s boyfriend appears in a dream in the case of a secret interest in him. To preserve friendship, it is worth taking emotions under control, and not giving envy spoil the relationship.

By Dreamo Longo Her husband’s betrayal with a friend foreshadows the dreamer distrust she has for her friend. However, the opponent is most likely a completely different person.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud thinks that if a girlfriend dreams, in reality there is a growing rivalry with a certain woman. A popular psychiatrist considered the death of a living friend a symbol of a sense of superiority over her rival.

A quarrel with a friend is interpreted in the opposite way. Ahead of joyful events, the peaceful settlement of existing misunderstandings.

By Sonnika Tsvetkova dreamed girlfriend means conflicts with loved ones. Well, if you dreamed to swear. Relationships will noticeably improve.

A friend’s birthday is a warning. Nayawa may have an accident, and you should avoid potentially dangerous places.

It is also necessary to take preventive measures against diseases.

French dream book treats her friend in beautiful clothes as warm feelings for her, loyalty to friendly relations. A long time friend means unexpected surprises.

Islamic Dreambook gives the dreaming friend the most positive interpretation. Nayava to have a pleasant conversation.

A woman pregnant friend symbolizes common ideas and joint projects that can be very successful. For men, such a dream serves as a warning about impending deception by some sly person.

When dream girlfriend’s pregnancy, and she is in fact expecting a child, the interpretation of the dream relates directly to her future. The upcoming delivery will take place safely.

If you often dream friend pregnant, A vision may warn of over-dependence on other people’s opinions. It may be harmful.

To obtain important information to iron pregnant girlfriend’s belly. There is also probably a way to legitimately, but just make money.

What dreams of a girlfriend: pregnant, former, girlfriend's wedding in a dream

Advice not to envy others is dreamed wedding girlfriends. Apparent happiness can only be an illusion, and you should pay attention to your own life, rather than watching others.

A friend has achieved success more than a dreamer, that’s what dreams girlfriend in a wedding dress. It is important to restrain negative emotions such as resentment and envy, so as not to destroy the touching relationship.

For the correct interpretation it is necessary to take into account the color of the festive attire.

Friend in white dress symbolizes her selflessness and readiness to always come to the rescue. The girl in red is a sign of hidden envy.

For a man to see a friend in a bright wedding dress — a reflection of his attraction to this lady.

Friend in a black dress interpreted as confidence in their own advantage over ill-wishers. The sleeper is ready to fight back all attacks.

If a girlfriend getting married in a dream, it indicates some dissatisfaction with events in his own personal life. To participate in the preparation for the celebration means to be in reality at the epicenter of the whirlpool of minor troubles and tasks.

Fun walk at a friend’s wedding in a dream — a recommendation to turn to her in fact for valuable advice on solving an important issue. If the celebration has already taken place in reality, the plot is just a memory.

Ex girlfriend childhood reflects unresolved relationships, resentment and omissions. The dream reminds that the situation at the karmic level was not completed.

Former old friend personifies unfulfilled promise. If there is a possibility, one should keep the once given word, and not only in relation to this girl.

Often coming in a dream old friend warns against repeating past mistakes. After awakening it is worth analyzing the situation, and trying this time to act more reasonably.

Nostalgia for youth symbolizes the former school girlfriend in a dream.

If a woman has a ghost of a former girlfriend of a loved one, this is the personification of uncertainty in its attractiveness. It is necessary to reconsider the attitude to yourself and get rid of the complexes.

Death of a friend who is alive, is a reflection of alienation from it. Najava the dreamer has become a little time to spend communicating with a friend.

When dreaming that a girlfriend alive died, the plot also serves as a warning about the danger of an accident. About how to expect trouble, tell the reason for her imaginary death.

Dreamed dead girlfriend It means longing for it, but the dream has no negative meaning. On the contrary, a close person comforts: troubles will soon recede.

If you dreamed dead girlfriend alive, It is worth remembering the field of activity, which was forgotten. The resurgence of long-time classes can bring a substantial income.

Dead friend warns that it is necessary to act in the light of experience gained. Then success will be achieved much faster.

To bury a living friend — to the end of an important stage in fate. When dream girlfriend in a coffin, so sleeping too closely takes to heart the turmoil of others.

Worth more time to devote their own problems.

What dreams of a girlfriend: pregnant, former, girlfriend's wedding in a dream

The best girlfriend in a dream is often only a reflection of daytime impressions. However, an unusual view can serve as a hint, and requires interpretation.

Naked friend warns of illness and excessive openness. Devotional people can take advantage of spiritual simplicity. If you suspect a friend of something, and she dreamed naked, then a dream confirms her innocence.

This girl has no bad intentions, she values ​​friendship.

Drunk girlfriend symbolizes the mess in the business sphere. If in a dream you had a chance to drink alcohol together, in reality you will have to become an attorney in her secrets.

A good symbol is crying friend. Soon there will be a way out of a painful situation.

Lesson unusual case foreshadows dreamed new friend. Probably have to work in a completely different field.

When dreaming friend with baby, but in reality she has no children, she will soon become pregnant. Otherwise, sleep reflects daytime impressions.

Bad sign is the sick friend. Ahead of misunderstanding and quarrels with others, a crisis in friendship and personal life.

Thinner girlfriend — to the deterioration of friendly relations. Disorder will occur for reasons that remain incomprehensible.

The symbol of frustration is considered bald friend. In order not to fall into despair, you should not pin too much hope on others.

Friend in the hospital — bad sign. Soon comes the sad news of a familiar or famous person.

Good luck foreshadow dreamed childbirth girlfriends. In order not to miss the chance to take advantage of the gift of fate, you need to heed the advice of a reputable person. The appearance of a baby from a friend means a fun pastime, but warns against throwing between the options for the device of personal life.

When a girlfriend dreams of giving birth to a girl, there will be many situations that are surprising. A healthy baby symbolizes pleasant surprises, and a weak or crying one is treated negatively.

The birth of a strong boy means joyful worries about loved ones, the patient indicates that they will cover their efforts with their heads.

Conversation with a friend interpreted as a major quarrel with her beloved. The reason will be jealousy.

Well, if you had a chance swear with a friend. Najawa expects a pleasant pastime.

Fight with a friend — to true friendship in reality. Support will help to feel stronger and defend the rightness.

When the dream appears reconciliation with a friend, this story warns that a bad person intends to return to life. Nayawa should expect the emergence of people from the past, but not allow them to infiltrate confidence.

Kiss with a friend — a dream-shifter. In reality, be a quarrel.

If dreaming embrace with a girlfriend, with whom in reality there was a tiff, the plot means a mutual desire to reconcile. It is important to take the first step, and restore good relations.

If there is no quarrel in reality, the dream warns women about the betrayal of a loved one, and men — about the approach of trouble.

Someone from the inner circle is disingenuous about the dreamer, this is what a girlfriend dreams about that is sick and tearing.

A friend is a multifaceted symbol that helps to foresee some troubles and minimize damage from their consequences.

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