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What dreams of a funeral on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

What do funerals in a dream mean by various interpretations and dream books?

According to the actual meaning of the funeral of a loved one, who dreams shortly after the funeral procedures, means grief, sadness, bitterness of loss and awareness of the irreparability of the incident.

Fortunately, the actual meaning of a funeral in a dream is not often seen. In most cases, a funeral is a tedious and boring procedure, requiring compliance with internal discipline, strict clothing and the absence of even a hint of a smile so that no one thinks about you badly.

Sincerely grieving for several hours, while performing various ritual activities is extremely difficult and tiring. The presence of malicious distant relatives, carefully looking for a look of error and a smile, causes strong irritation.

Consider the funeral dream of dreams.

What dreams of a funeral on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Basic Values

  • The basic meaning of funerals in a dream is a tedious and annoying ritual to which you must obey, complete lack of freedom, including control of behavior. You are aware of the meaninglessness of what is happening, but absolutely unable to resist. Riot in any form will not cause support, just as during a real funeral you will not receive support to go to the cinema or to the bar, relax, walk in the park or even go home and do your daily activities. Funeral is your job or service. You bury your beautiful life and waste time. In rare cases, the funeral can be your own house, if the orders in it are established with an iron hand, not at all interested in the opinion of insignificant persons, for example, your opinion. At the moment you are the current situation, but do not think about breaking out of the ritual circle and starting to live your life. Perhaps you are hoping for a reward and a share in the conditional inheritance. Of course, hopes have little likelihood.
  • If you see the funeral of someone you know, then the value of sleep depends on your attitude to that person. Perhaps, you are experiencing a strong gloating at the difficulties that have fallen down and are happy to watch the funeral procession, noticing that now your friend just can not get out. Perhaps you sincerely sympathize with a friend who has fallen into a situation where nothing depends on him. Maybe an acquaintance got stuck in loans or turned out to be a guarantor of someone else’s debt. In any case, the dead man found himself in a difficult situation and desperately needs help and support, which you cannot provide.
  • If the dead person are you, the dream is of exceptionally good value. You part with an inconvenient past and start a new life with the full support of friends and relatives.

What dreams of a funeral on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books

Interpretation of authorities

  • Dream Miller treats his own funeral, as a discharge of obligations, the return of large debts. For unmarried men, sleeping with a funeral can mean a wedding of their own. Also, a funeral in a dream where you are the dead person can mean a departure from the world, a monastery, a serious passion for religion. Howling from the ground at a funeral means that you have deceived the inhabitants of the underworld, leaving them without legitimate loot.
  • Dream Vanga interprets a common story with his own funeral, as an indication that you should immediately give up the destructive habits. You must bury your bad habits in order to continue to live. Stabbing the coffin is a firm decision to get rid of past attachments.
  • Eastern dream book says that participation in the funeral procession means a cross on a career. But if you are lucky to take the place of a dead man, you are carried with all possible honors — in real life you will be lucky, luck will accompany you for a long period.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers the funeral, at which you happened to carry the coffin, as the end of some life stage. You are sick and tired of your surroundings, you meekly carry your burden, but you look forward to the moment when you can get rid of it. Many will consider your act a betrayal.

What dreams of a funeral on the basic values ​​and interpretations of dream books


A funeral in a dream is a sign of a change in fate in all cases, unless you have the role of a sad statistician who cannot leave the ceremony. You are not satisfied with your life, unbearable obligations, you want to get rid of them.

But you continue to move in a given dull rhythm, because otherwise your burden will fall on the hands of other people. Review your life, try to find opportunities to improve or make a difference. Ask for help to your friends.

If you are lucky to take the place of a dead person at a funeral in a dream, you will be able to gain attention in any situation. Dream promises exceptional happiness and prosperity.

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