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What dreams of a fox — interpretation of the dream

What dreams of a fox in the dream book

To determine why a fox is dreaming, read this article. I shared in it interpretations of popular dream books, which I myself use.

Listen to them and you to be ready for the coming events.

Family Dream

Fox in the interpretation of this dream book — the personification of the image of the enemy or detractor. But not the usual, but very strong, cunning, clever and impudent.

Someone who is capable of causing you tremendous harm that you should fear and avoid.

What dreams of a fox - interpretation of the dream

  1. If you had a fight with a fox in a dream, then in reality you are in for a dispute or a cold war with your opponent. In the fight he will use all the methods, not thinking about honor or dignity. Get ready to ward off attacks.
  2. To catch a cunning red animal in a dream — in reality, you will be able to get to the bottom of the cunning plan of your enemy before he realizes this plan. Thanks to this you will avoid a big danger, and leave opponents with a nose.
  3. Catching the fox and dragging him to his home — to falling in love with a cunning and evil person who will ruin your life, will poison him with all possible means. At first, he carefully concealed, it may seem ideal, but over time, his vile nature will prevail.
  4. If the chanterelle sneaked into your home, then in reality you need to protect your reputation especially strongly. It can seriously suffer because of the attacks of your detractors or gossip, which your enemies will dismiss.
  5. Playing with the animal, stroking its fur is an unfavorable sign. This is a dream warning that says that your enemies will soon begin to show unprecedented activity. You need to save up strength to be able to resist them.
  6. Kill the fox in a dream — defeat your enemies or competitors. Moreover, it is not necessary to make any special efforts for this.
  7. Eating fox in a dream — you will come into serious conflict with an influential person who is able to ruin your life. Try not to quarrel with anyone in the near future to avoid big problems.

Dream Miller

Psychologist Gustav Miller believed that the fox in dreams symbolizes the image of the dreamer’s love affairs, and not his enemies at all.

What dreams of a fox - interpretation of the dream

Read his interpretations to understand better:

  1. To hunt for foxes — your personal life will begin to boil, because you will begin to actively get acquainted with the opposite sex. The number of fans will increase significantly. But be clever in your connections so as not to spoil your reputation. You are now under the gun of other people’s views, which are waiting for you to stumble.
  2. If the chanterelle tried to secretly enter your home, it means that in real life you have a lot of ill-wishers who envy your success. They will try to harm your reputation, but their attempts will not get results, because your authority is unshakable.
  3. To kill an animal — in real life, defeat your enemies or competitors. You have all the advantages to deal with them and appear in a favorable light.

Dream loft

David Loff — a psychologist who believed that the interpretation of dreams must be approached individually. He thought that there are no universal predictions, but he nevertheless made up his predictions.

What dreams of a fox - interpretation of the dream

And you can read them:

  1. The fox is very often associated with a cunning and quirky beast. Therefore, if this animal appeared in your dream, then perhaps there are similar qualities in your character. Or the features are strictly opposite.
  2. Think about how you feel about the fox image — are you afraid of it or do you feel pleasant emotions? This will help to understand. that he wants to convey to you the subconscious through dreams.
  3. If you didn’t like the fox in a dream, you felt the danger emanating from it, then in reality you are afraid of sly, clever, intelligent people. And you yourself are crystal honest and straightforward, so you often suffer from the behavior of those who are endowed with opposite qualities.
  4. Remember how a fox behaved in your dream? This will be the answer. Or you yourself behave in a similar way in reality, but do not recognize it. Or suffer from the similar behavior of others.
  5. As you can see, Loff does not make unambiguous predictions. He calls to analyze the dream, your feelings and emotions, to know yourself and understand your own behavior.

Other interpretations

In most dream books, a few lines are given to the image of a fox in dreams. Almost no one gives detailed interpretations.

Here is a universal selection of forecasts:

  1. Catch the chanterelle — you will meet a person who will become your protector, patron, friend and soul mate. He will come to the rescue in a difficult situation, he will be able to solve most of your problems.
  2. They caught the fox, but she managed to escape — to separation from a friend or complete separation from him after a quarrel. There will be a serious conflict between you, after which you will probably no longer want to continue communication.
  3. A flock of chanterelles — you have about a dozen enemies or competitors that you don’t suspect, because until today they haven’t shown themselves. But it is temporary. They gain strength and go on the attack at some difficult moment in your life.
  4. Fight or fight with a red animal — you have dangerous opponents whom you respect and are afraid of. But very soon they will cease to be a problem for you. They will gain strength and will look for larger rivals, you will lose interest for them.

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  • Fox has long been considered a cunning animal. And in the interpretation of dreams, it often symbolizes a clever, insinuating, dangerous and hypocritical person, an enemy or an ill-wisher who plays a double game.
  • But not all authors interpret dreams from this point of view; other opinions can be found. Read all the predictions to see which one is best for you.
  • To find the correct prediction, recall your dream to the smallest detail, analyze everything that happened with the images, and then choose an interpretation, relying on intuition.

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