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What dreams of a fountain in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Prozorov

I dreamed of a fountain — versions of different dream books, interpreted in many details

Sometimes in dreams we see really beautiful images that captivate the imagination and leave pleasant emotions at the moment of awakening. However, their interpretations are not always unambiguous — good dreams can promise good luck and positive emotions, but they can also warn and warn about something.

To understand why the fountain is dreaming, you should open the dream book and check with it all the details of the dream.

General interpretation

Most often, a fountain in a dream is a favorable sign that foreshadows a person who sees it, positive emotions, pleasant moments, well-being in various spheres of life, joy and prosperity. However, the interpretation of sleep is not always built in such a positive way.

If there was no water in the fountain, the night vision symbolizes the time spent in vain. The effort that the dreamer puts to work is not appreciated.

In order not to be trapped, it is worth thinking three times before proceeding to something.

The fountain with crystal-clear and transparent water is a favorable omen, which promises to the sleeping person a chain of joyful events. Most of the impending problems will be resolved by themselves, new doors will open.

For single people, such a dream promises a pleasant acquaintance.

What dreams of a fountain in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Prozorov

If you have seen a copious amount of dirty water in the drowned fountain — be careful, as intrigues are spinning around you. It is necessary to exercise caution, both in replicas, and in the committed actions. One wrong move can seriously damage your reputation.

Floating debris foreshadows betrayal in the circle of loved ones.

The fountain with frozen water personifies the cooled feelings in reality. It is not necessary to break the romantic relationship due to the fact that love is not as strong as before.

These difficulties may be temporary, and their joint overcoming will strengthen the alliance.

Interpretation of the dreamer’s actions

True interpretation of the dream is not just around the object of sleep. It also depends on how the sleeping person interacted with him.

To fully understand the essence of a dream, it is worth knowing not only what it means to see the fountain in your dream, but what your actions with it mean.

  • A walk near the fountain dreams to peace and serenity. There comes a bright band, during which you can safely relax and unwind.
  • If in a dream you are standing under a fountain — in real life, people around you feel your authority and respect your positions and beliefs, listen to your words.
  • To admire bright, multi-colored musical fountains — expect a fun event in real life. Most likely, a pleasant friendly meeting will take place, perhaps meeting new people.
  • Throwing coins into vodka is an opportunity to go on a trip and visit your favorite places. The trip can radically change the character of the dreamer for the better.
  • To drink water from a fountain, if it was clean, to the possibility of finding a simple solution to a complex problem. If the water was dirty, the dreamer is confused in his thoughts and this makes him nervous.

What dreams of a fountain in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Prozorov

Interpretation for woman

For a woman, night vision, in which a fountain appeared, shrouded in mist or white haze, foreshadows deception and insincerity in romantic relationships. If this image was lit by moonlight — the girl will be given a short-lived passion with undesirable consequences.

The parched fountain foreshadows the end of romantic relations, the extinction of feelings and passion.

Interpretation for men

If a man sees in his dream a big fountain of an unusual and interesting construction — in real life he is frivolous about his happiness, which is why there is a risk of losing it. A fountain filled with an alcoholic drink foreshadows a rich and luxurious life.

Unfavorable augury — night vision in which the water in the fountain dries out. This picture foreshadows intimate failures and reduced potency.

Swimming in the fountain is a good sign. He promises a man who sees him a happy fate.

What dreams of a fountain in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Prozorov

Communication with the dreamer’s personality

There is a version according to which the fountain in a dream personifies the spirituality of a sleeping person. If the water in it was crystal clear — the dreamer is full of creative energy, vitality and positive energy.

The dried-up fountain foreshadows deterioration of health, standing on a dead center, a decrease in activity. In the values ​​of a person who sees such an image in a dream, material wealth prevails over spiritual fulfillment.

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, a fountain with crystal clear water, in the streams of which play sun glare, heralds a life of prosperity, peace and happiness, fascinating journeys.

However, there is another interpretation, which says about the broken, broken, idle or dry fountain. If a sleeping person sees one of these images, misfortunes await him ahead.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The well-known psychiatrist believed that this image foreshadows a rapid surge of positive emotions, which the dreamer managed to miss for a long time without them. Perhaps it will be a pleasant spending time with an almost forgotten person who will pass unforgettably.

A broken or broken fountain suggests that the upcoming date will not be the best — it may be worth moving it to a more auspicious day. Several fountains suggest that the dreamer must urgently make a responsible decision.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

The fountain, the water in which beats with a powerful pressure, directing the jets to the sky itself, foreshadows a chance meeting that can turn into a turbulent romance.

If you do not want your dream to come true, imagine that this fountain has dried up. If you want a dream performance, imagine that you are bathing in this fountain.

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