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What dreams of a flood in the apartment of Miller, Freud’s dream books

I dreamed a flood in an apartment — an interpretation of famous dream books

Flood in an apartment in a dream promises the emergence of unexpected difficulties. Warns about the appearance of unexpected problems, failures of plans, conflicts in the family, a feeling of bitterness.

Dreams with such a plot are a reflection of the dreamer’s emotions and feelings. This may adversely affect his state of mind.

In some cases, positive explanations for this vision are possible. Change for the better, success at work.

Everything will depend on the details of sleep. For accurate interpretation, you should be familiar with the proposed sources.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of a flood in the apartment of Miller, Freud's dream books

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

  • Flood in the apartment foreshadows problems with real estate. They must be solved immediately, as further difficulties in this matter will be even greater.
  • Your material well-being is under threat.
  • Sleeping with such a scenario can still promise problems in family life. Therefore, we need to take measures to remedy this situation.

Explanations of the psychologist S. Freud

  • Flooded the floor in the apartment — to the appearance of passion.
  • You floods from the ceiling, splashes fly to your face — a harbinger of imminent intimate pleasures.
  • Drying water on the floor promises cooling in sexual relationships.
  • For a woman, the flood dreams of a passionate love affair or future pregnancy.

Modern dream book

  • Flood in the apartment dreams of misfortune in the family and at home. Foreshadows monetary difficulties, illness, business failures.
  • If in a dream you managed to cope with the consequences of flooding, then in reality you will end well too. Gradually. Relationships in the family will improve, wait for a new job with a high income.
  • For women, such visions promise trouble with relatives.
  • Men — problems with property.

Dreaming tarot

To the imminent completion of cases.

And why dream of a flood in someone else’s apartment?

  • To see such a scenario in a dream promises problems. For the time being, you will manage to cope with them, but in the future be cautious in your further actions.
  • You helped the owners cope with the consequences of flooding. This predicts your concern in dealing with other people’s affairs.
  • Sleep also promises adverse changes in relationships with other people. This applies to relatives, buddies, work colleagues. There may be an unpleasant person with whom you have to contact, despite your unwillingness to do so.

Interpretations from other sources

  • Rain rustles on the roof. The roof was worn out, and through it water flows into the house. Such a dream symbolizes good luck, well-being in the family.
  • Housing Flood — your plans will not come true.
  • Visions of this kind foreshadow serious problems and troubles. You need to be ready to overcome them.
  • If you have seen a bath flooded with water, and it has already been overflowing — in reality, your temperament can harm your affairs.
  • During the flood, water flowed from the ceiling — to future conflicts, quarrels, other problems.
  • Wet furniture, things in the apartment — grief will bring you a serious condition.
  • It also warns the dreamer about the appearance of many enemies or the refusal of help from the person you were counting on.
  • Women dream with such a plot warns that a big scandal is brewing in the family. Efforts must be made to prevent this.
  • Flood in the apartment for a pregnant woman promises excitement, which can adversely affect the health of the unborn child. Try to restrain your emotions even in critical situations.

What dreams of a flood in the apartment of Miller, Freud's dream books

Details of the dream

  • The cause of the flood was a leaky roof — an unpleasant surprise.
  • Forgot to close the faucet, the apartment flooded — your missteps can cause deterioration of financial stability.
  • During the flood, water arrives quickly — problems will increase like a snowball. To overcome them will require immediate solutions.
  • The apartment was heated with clean water — to receive a large amount of news and information. It also portends positive changes in life.
  • The water was clean and came from above — to success at work, increase your credibility and respect for colleagues in the service.
  • Dirty water during the flood symbolizes the difficult showdown, quarrels.
  • Flooding the house often dreams of people who are in conflict relations with neighbors and relatives. Unexpected guests can also become a source of such dreams.
  • The flood also dreams of those who easily give in to their artificial needs. Such indecisive behavior can cause your failures and troubles for relatives.
  • Such visions can warn of poor health.
  • Dreams of this kind portend deterioration in financial position, possible loss of work.

Small flooding

The apartment suffered a little from the flood, the water was only on the floor. Such a sleep scenario is related to family relationships.

To prevent serious conflicts, they need to be settled in a timely manner, otherwise everything can end sadly for you.

Neighbors flooded you

  • This is predicted to overcome difficult situations.
  • During this, the ceiling collapsed — loss of work or simply reprimand from management is possible.
  • The ceiling gets wet before your eyes — you have to defend your opinion in all possible ways. Only in this way can you overcome all difficulties.

What dreams of a flood in the apartment of Miller, Freud's dream books

Water level in flood matters

  1. If she got to the windows — your secrets will be known to others.
  2. Reached the ceiling — to the coming difficulties of life.
  3. Water covered only the floor in the apartment — to new interesting news.

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