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What dreams of a fish in an aquarium in the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Fish in the aquarium — the prediction of famous dreaming

Fish in an aquarium is a positive sign associated with harmonious development, fertility, conception, the emergence of a new life (if it is fry). A favorable interpretation awaits those who have experienced the pleasant sensations of contemplating a beautiful, clean aquarium in a dream with active and healthy fish in clear water.

So the dreamer is not in danger in the near future. on the contrary, pleasant prospects shine.

General interpretation

Lonely women who dream of marriage and pregnancy are a fateful symbol. Fish is a phallic sign, and clear water is the female environment of the dreamer’s body.

After such a vision, there will definitely be a meeting with a decent man.

What dreams of a fish in an aquarium in the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Career business people, fish in an aquarium, swimming alone, personifies the personality of the sleeper. You strive to achieve your goals, but you are frightened by the lack of reliable partners, sponsors, patrons. If the water is sufficiently clear at the same time, then you should not be afraid of the real environment for the development of your own business.

Be self-reliant and more confident in yourself — this is what you really need on your way to success.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The water element carries the feminine. Aquarium with fish in a dream can symbolize the amniotic fluid, the conception of a new life. For a woman, a dream where she admires a bright golden carp in a large and clean pool is a sign of her sex life satisfaction.

A large number of fish of the same color reflects her desire to have numerous offspring from a particular man. Sexual activity of the dreamer is at a high level, the probability of pregnancy is high these days.

A man pouring water and run the fish in the aquarium — a favorable sleep. This means that the dreamer is committed to a serious relationship, creating a family and arranging the future home. For those who are obsessed with freedom and independence from sexual affection, this plot hints at a meeting with a fatal beauty.

She can leave an indelible mark on your soul, filling it with tenderness, passion and love. You yourself will not notice how you find yourself surrounded by a charming wife and children.

What dreams of a fish in an aquarium in the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

An empty glass house for fish in a dream is a bad sign for both men and women. It’s time to think about your health.

For women, such a scenario threatens with infertility; men can experience impotence in bed.

The girl dreamed of launching a new fish in her tank — expect a change of partner. This desire to part with the former lover is long overdue, but you were looking for the right moment to say this.

In the near future there will be a good reason to put everything in its place.

A married couple accidentally break the aquarium — in reality not avoid a divorce. If you managed to save the fry in a dream, perhaps your good relationship can still be restored.

The moment when you need mutual tolerance, support and attention.

Gustov Miller

The fish tank represents the inner world of the dreamer. To change the water in it is to desire a change that will come soon.

Allowing a domestic cat to fish in an aquarium is to engage in connivance. Such a dream indicates that you are not accustomed to put in the place of those who are trying to control and manipulate you.

Such spinelessness can cause many problems.

Muddy and rotten water, in which a small fish is suffocating, reflects your real fatigue and hopelessness. Your lifestyle, irregular meals and long working days led you to chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue and apathy.

Relaxing and inactive recreation, sleep and homemade food will help improve your vitality and improve your health.

The fish, doomedly floating alone in the water surface and periodically opening its mouth, personifies solitude and the desire to be noticed by someone. This may concern not only your personal life, but also your career. You are probably looking for support from allies who will listen and support your ideas.

For a married person it is a sign that you want to achieve mutual understanding with your spouse, but in return you receive indifference and indifference.

What dreams of a fish in an aquarium in the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

A young lady to feel like a fish in an aquarium is to desire freedom from parental care or other loved ones. But your financial instability and a long search for your own destination indicate that you will need patronage for a long time.

Yuri Longo

Dreamed of feeding domestic fish — someone obviously will need your skilled work. There is a long and hard work ahead for which you will receive worthy gratitude.

Do not miss the chance to declare yourself as a professional, even if, at first glance, it seems to be unpromising business.

In your apartment, a stranger cleans and washes the aquarium in a dream — be careful with those who try to seem like a close friend. This person in relations with you pursues exclusively his mercantile goals and interests.

At the first opportunity, the enemy can deal a cynical blow to your financial situation.

Someone is looking at your colorful fish for a long time — there will be a meeting with a person who will try to lead you into a frank conversation. For a man, it can be an attractive woman.

You should not push away the one who really shows sincere interest in you. Even if this does not turn out to be love, you will be able to remain good and kind friends with this person.

Empty aquarium in a dream reflects your claim to loved ones. Counting on the strong support of relatives, you get only parting words. You should not hope for someone, you are completely independent for decisive victories.

Feel free to carry out your plans, and your family will be proud of you.

Buying a huge house for fish and all the components for their comfortable life is a sign of financial expenses incompatible with your income level. This item of expenditure will not be reasonable and justified, but it will greatly enhance your mood for a certain period.

After such unexpected actions there may be a temporary crisis with the ability to pay.

Break such a thing, not bringing home — to a major quarrel and losses. The period when you should not start new business, promising great prospects.

Your goals are not destined to be realized. In relationships with others, be patient and patient. It is not necessary to get lost and raise your voice over trifles.

Moreover, it will not solve the problem of further successful interaction. Focus on current tasks that do not suffer delay, and leave your future plans until better times.

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