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What dreams of a fire in the apartment of the dream of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov

The fire in the apartment — the nuances of interpretation of the popular dream books

Always shrinks the heart at the sound of the siren of the fire truck. You understand that trouble has come to someone’s house.

Why dream of a fire in the apartment, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Fire is a very symbolic sign showing the triumph of light and life over darkness and doom. It personifies rebirth, appearance in the new image, purification and bright grace to the family.

The fire is usually divided into the reasons for its appearance. It can serve as a light, maintaining high intelligence and positive emotions, and sometimes heat emanates from it, which brings warmth and comfort to a home.

What dreams of a fire in the apartment of the dream of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov

For those who are in love with a dreamer, a fire can become a sign of love, passion, languishing heart. The fire may reflect the character of the sleeper: hot temper, unpredictability, activity, assertiveness and aggressiveness in thinking.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Everything connected with the fire and the fire flame embodies the passion and desire that has arisen between a man and a woman. Such dreams speak of unpredictable and free relationships, which are based solely on the emotional impulse, love attraction that has arisen between a man and a woman.

I dreamed a fire in the apartment — the dreamer expects an active sex life, which can greatly distract him from the main tasks. This perfect fusion between a man and a woman will be the basis of sincere love and friendship.

Such feelings contribute to the creation of a strong family, where the husband and wife will be faithful, loyal to each other.

What dreams of a fire in the apartment of the dream of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov

Coals in a dream on the contrary reflect the cooled relations in which for a long time there is no sexual attraction to each other. Such a vision predicts a quick separation of partners or a divorce of spouses due to complete indifference, frustration of lovers.

In this case, do not pull with frank heart-to-heart talk. Dissatisfaction with sex, long abstinence are always the cause of nervous tension, stress and apathy.

Putting out the fire is an unfavorable sign for the dreamer. This is a precursor of genital diseases.

It can take a lot of effort, time and money to restore health. In order to avoid serious consequences, try to restrain your ardor and temperament, protect yourself by entering into a dubious intimate relationship, or avoid single-use sexual contact at all.

Watching from afar behind the flames of a building that has broken out — in reality you often get carried away with sexual fantasies that you dare not voice with your partner. These dreams do not come true because of your constraint and closeness.

Try to be more frank with your beloved, and then your sex life will become much more diverse.

To be in the center of the fire source — to experience uncertainty and tightness in case of close relations with a special opposite sex. You are constantly overcome by the thought that you are not able to satisfy the other half, to bring your loved one to orgasm.

Perhaps, what is called the male prosperity will come to you at that moment when you gain enough experience in bed battles.

Gustov Miller

A fire in your own house — in reality you can become a harbinger of favorable changes, if at that time you were not in the apartment and the disaster was without victims. This means a difficult period of life is over, you have freed yourself from all that is old and unnecessary, and thanks to difficulties, you have rethought many things, having drawn the right conclusions.

Now your baggage of knowledge, experience, new perception of reality can lead to great success and recognition in the eyes of others.

Fire can be a negative sign if you couldn’t control the flames in your sleep, and your family, relatives or friends suffered from them. It can warn about diseases, accidents, quarrels, conflicts.

Fighting a fire marks a series of obstacles on the way to achieving what you have planned. Business people engaged in their own business — it is a sign that you should not spend time fighting with the circumstances that you can not change.

The right decision to accept the situation and change your attitude towards it. You may be able to find a way to extract some benefit from it.

What dreams of a fire in the apartment of the dream of Miller, Freud, Lofa, Tsvetkov

In case of fire in your own home, you should pay attention to the smell and texture of smoke. A dream in which everything around was in black and acrid smoke speaks of evil slanders and gossips of envious people.

You should stop these rumors that badly affect your reputation, authority and interfere with the stable development of your own business.

I dreamed that not only the building was burning, but also the area around it — you need to be prepared for the fact that the unfavorable situation will affect all spheres of life.


Fire represents passion, ardent temperament, carnal desire. For a dreamer, he can be a sign of danger, if in a dream someone had to carry it out of a burning building, extinguish the fire of his own apartment, or see the ruins from a misfortune.

To try to put out the fire in your own apartment means to suffer from betrayal, to be faithful to the second half, to be disappointed in the sincerity of love. To extinguish the flame in a dream — to try peacefully to agree on further relations, to part with dignity and beautifully.

Participate in arson of other people’s property — to take decisive measures, to show the will and character to change the situation in the direction advantageous for you. Such visions promise dramatic changes, but they are not always favorable for the dreamer.

Often, they portend disorder, loss of the main source of income, instability.

Escape from lightning in your own home — in reality, to visit unusual circumstances that will lead to acquaintance with a very intriguing person. This meeting can radically change your future life.

David loff

Fire, as a natural disaster, may be a sign of the upcoming trials that will befall the dreamer. These events can lead to success to someone, and for someone to end tragically. A positive interpretation awaits those who in a dream could cope with fire.

So in real life, he will resist the difficulties and not break under their weight.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A negative interpretation awaits the sleeper, who has seen flames in his own apartment. This uncontrollable element brings destruction, suffering and anxiety.

The fire in the bedroom says about the heat of passion between the spouses. Living in the smoke — it means you have something to argue and enter into confrontation with relatives.

To extinguish the source of fire and to see how the trouble recedes — in reality, to smooth the conflict and find a compromise in relations with relatives.

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