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What dreams of a fire in a dream for women in the dream?

Why the woman had a fire — the decoding features of the dream books

A fire for a woman in a dream can mean a lot of different things, from the sudden and insane love of her life to the complete collapse of hopes and dreams. In some cases, these extremes may coincide.

Seeing a real fire for a modern woman is an infrequent sight. Therefore, cinematographic images pre-filled with symbolism and significance prevail in a dream.

Let’s try to find out what dreams of a fire in a dream for women.

What dreams of a fire in a dream for women in the dream?

Basic meaning of a dream

  • To admire the huge and beautiful glow of a fire in a dream for a woman means to be in the delightful state of foreboding of love. If the fire blazes brightly like the northern lights and takes up almost half of the sky — this is not a natural disaster or even Armageddon. In the format of the glow of fire, a bright and tender feeling is nearing its own awareness.
  • A small fire caused by the breakdown of equipment that was put out by pulling out food and splashed a glass of water from the cooler — you will have a business idea that is impracticable in practice. It is possible that this idea will be inspired by the leadership. Do not evoke either with initiatives or with criticism. Answer direct questions that you need time to analyze the situation and expediency. Wait and carefully carry out orders.
  • If you dream of a fire in a residential area, people beg for help, leaning out of the windows is a trap. In fact, this is not exactly people and their task is not to be saved at all, but to lure you into a difficult situation. Such a dream means that someone will try to gain your confidence and beg for help, which he uses against you, and hears out rumors. In the near future, do not get close to strangers, beginners. Do not talk to anyone in private, so as not to give the appearance of trust communication. Do not give in to provocations.
  • To set fire to something, especially your own home, to become a cause of serious changes, gossip, rumors, revelations. Burn someone else’s house in a dream — become an instigator and take a lot of risk. Sleep shows you the possible consequences of actions, you are not obliged to follow your own dreams. This is not an indication, but a warning.
  • If your own house is burning, it is a sign of treason. If you set fire to your house yourself — you are planning to destroy your own marriage, established traditions. Perhaps you are really tired of everything and want a radical change. Perhaps you have a reason for this. You do not care too much that the neighbors have a similar situation and no one lives in an ideal world, you want to deal with your life. Go on vacation. Right now and immediately for 2 weeks. Choose an island in the warm sea, which sometimes fly helicopters and have a good beach. Take along knitting or something for drawing. A small break will not make you return to your family, but it will give you the opportunity to think things over and find the most favorable and convenient conditions for everyone.
  • To wander on the ashes after a fire, realizing the scale of destruction is a serious warning, akin to foresight. Perhaps you will regret your decision. If it seems to you that stir up a novel is a great idea, try to at least postpone the realization of your dream for at least six months. And even if your best friend decided not to waste time and seize the initiative — do not join the race and competition for the heart of the handsome prince. So you save both your girlfriend, and your dream, and as a bonus, you will be able to console the unfortunate when she comes running to you to cry and complain about the former prince, who suddenly turned into the rank of hoofed. Warnings in a dream — a useful thing, if you know how to interpret them correctly.

What dreams of a fire in a dream for women in the dream?

What does a fire in a dream by authoritative sources mean

  • A female dream book assures that if a fire goes without victims and special destruction, then this is a good sign.
  • Dream Miller interprets the fire for a woman as a sign of a quick move, repair, renovation of the house. This is a happy and active sign. Fighting fire in the interpretation of women’s sleep — wasting time wasting on fighting passions, all sorts of obstacles in the way of a big and bright feeling.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation convinces that fire in a dream is a sign of passion, sexual feeling. The bigger and stronger the fire and the brighter the flame, the stronger the lust. Freud connects fire with diseases of the reproductive system, cystitis, kidney disease.
  • Veles dream book interprets a fire in a dream for a woman as a sign of love, a quick wedding, money. If several buildings are burning — to serious trouble. To extinguish a fire in a dream — to the trouble. In this solidarity all dream books in relation to women. It may be for this reason that in most countries women are not taken to the fire brigade because of supposedly bad omens. Women will have to accept the fact that their task is to inflame the flames of passion. In an extreme case — walk through the burning hut.
  • Dream Vanga is severe and does not contain the slightest hint of tender feelings. According to Vanga, burning paper in a dream is dangerous and foreshadows serious fires in the forest, droughts, crop failure, and hungry years. Rain of fire, meteorites — bad signs from the point of view of the predictor.
  • The dream interpretation of Nostradamus places fire, fire in a dream, a sign exclusively of carnal passions. Hot, but rarely productive and long lasting. The fire leaves a desert.

What dreams of a fire in a dream for women in the dream?


Fire and fire in a dream for a woman is a manifestation of the elements. The only problem is that fire is by its nature a destructive element, although, of course, it is capable of raising the degree to the incredible. For relationships, fire is excellent.

This is a sign of passion, insane passion, incredible emotions that you will remember for a long time.

But to constantly keep the fire going is troublesome and expensive. At the same time, expenses usually refer to the woman as the most responsible for relationships and their development.

Enjoy relationships, but don’t make far-reaching plans. Reasonable egoism, restraint, some stinginess is what you need for happiness.

What dreams of a fire in a dream for women in the dream?

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