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What dreams of a drunken mother in Freud’s dream books, Thelomenes

In a dream, you saw your mother very much podshofe — is this a good sign

Not every day you can see your parent drunk (unless, of course, she does not have an addiction to alcoholism). But why dream that she «turned over» a pair of toasting glasses?

Does such a dream consider the dream to be a good sign, and does it matter if the mother is alive today or has long been at peace with the world?

What dreams of a drunken mother in Freud's dream books, Thelomenes

The general interpretation of this «drunken» sleep

  • Many esotericists are sure: any drunk person in a dream is not the best sign. And the problems can begin as in the very dreamer, and the one who «poured over the gate» in his dream.
  • What does a drunken mother dream about, if she even in real life likes to have a drink, drink, or has a drug addiction? Such a dream should not be interpreted: he says only that you are worried about her health, since you cannot even “release” this image from your head even at night.
  • If the mother is a sober sober woman, but in your dream she suddenly decided to drink, it means: in the «real» she can get sick, or face problems with communication.
  • A drunk mom in a dream can also mean: you are a perfectionist in relation to yourself (a person with an “excellent student complex”), and this complicates your life by not allowing you to relax. Carefully, you can fall into depression, or quarrel with someone close!
  • If you have a fight with a drunk parent (for example, quarreled, or even fought), it means: a misfortune can happen to someone from your family, and fate will be to blame for this. Do not be discouraged: dawn always comes after night, and this black stripe will also surely change to white!
  • If you saw such a dream, preparing for an important event (say, moving to a new house, wedding), this is a sign: when we plan something, God listens to our plans and grins quietly. You can forget about your fantasies about the future — in real life everything will turn out completely different. It may well be that you will have to quickly solve unforeseen difficulties associated with this important event for you.

Mom is still alive

  • She lives with your father, and maybe stepfather? It is possible that mother’s «drunk» says: her husband upsets her, and maybe even you (and this dream is dictated by your conscience). Talk to her honestly, maybe you can help her.
  • If in your dream she drank with her drinking companions, it means that either mom or dad began to live according to the principle of «gray hair, beard, ribs».
  • Mom — single (widow, divorced)? In this case, the dream may hint that she began a hot romance. Moreover, this “night booze” hints that this feeling of hers will not lead to normal relations, but will only break your heart’s heart.
  • The age of the heroine of sleep is also important. For example, if she is retired a long time ago, this dream — to her illness (namely, the exacerbation of a chronic problem). And the more she got drunk in her sleep, the worse this disease will be. If in a dream she even lost consciousness under the influence of vodka or wine, in real life the disease could kill her.

Your mother is no longer alive

What dreams of a drunken mother in Freud's dream books, Thelomenes

  • Seeing the drunken mom you already mourned is a bad sign, and it applies to your own life. Problems or sorrows can touch you.
  • If you have seen that the parent did not just upset a couple of cocktails, but was drinking for a long time — be attentive to your actions. You are about to make a gross mistake, for which you have to pay a long time — or maybe all of your actions over the past few days are openly “in the wrong steppe”?
  • Did she just “turn off” because of her condition? Favorite mommy came from the next world to warn: some bad habit can destroy you. And this is not a metaphor, your life is really in danger! So stop drinking, do not get carried away with sweets, if you have diabetes, forbid yourself extreme types of recreation … In general, you yourself know perfectly well what you need to urgently “tie”!
  • But if the mother was just “tipsy”, and the dream itself was filled with joyful emotions (for example, you drank wine while on a holiday or in a restaurant) — this is a good sign. He promises the arrival of a white band in your life.

And what do author books say?

Very many interpreters write about the appearance of a mother in a dream, but most of their transcripts tell about illness, death, and intimate conversations with mother. However, we have found for you quotes from books interpreting exactly your “drunk” dream.

What dreams of a drunken mother in Freud's dream books, Thelomenes

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Any presence of a parent in a dream indicates that the dreamer has a maternal or oedipal complex.
  2. If you see your mother often in dreams, it says that your subconscious dictates dreams. And his turn, in turn, gnaws at the conscience about the fact that you rarely come to your mother, almost do not call her, communicate little, and in general, provide her with insufficient attention. Urgently correct this annoying mistake!

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

According to this dream book, a drunken mother in a dream is a sign that you are a weak-willed person, often allowing others to «ride» on themselves. Of course, it is very convenient … Everyone except you!

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