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What dreams of a drunk father in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Dreamed of a drunk father — features decryption for dream books

Alcohol abusers are always condemned by others, as their inadequate behavior can lead to indelible consequences for themselves and others. What a drunken father dreams about, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A drunk father in a dream personifies your views on life, distorted by reality and the people around you. You are in search of your inner attitudes, values ​​that would be close to your perception of the world in spirit, in sensations, inner intuition.

Parents are always associated with authoritative opinion, correct attitudes, those postulates that led them through life, translating ideas, fulfilling desires.

What dreams of a drunk father in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Alcohol intoxication in this case is someone’s attempt to destabilize your attitude, the perception of the environment in which you are at the moment. All this may reflect the dreamer’s delusions, his premature conclusions and incorrect conclusions.

What is a bad sign for reality, as it can lead to mistakes and unpleasant consequences.

A positive interpretation can carry a dream where you saw your father in a hop on the occasion of a good occasion. This means that a significant event is destined to come true soon in your life.

If such a vision comes on the eve of the launch of a large project, there is no doubt in the success and profitability of your business. You fully realize your plans, opportunities, connecting all your strength, patience and perseverance.

He dreamed of the late father drunk, but during his lifetime he did not drink alcoholic beverages — a sign that you are undergoing a transitional period, when your internal installations and rules at one moment collapse under the influence of an obsessive external environment. Circumstances lead to changes in lifestyle, traditions and habits, which causes you discomfort and stress.

A drunk parent, who in reality suffers from alcoholism, dreamed — in reality, one would have to make sure of simple truths, not trust someone who is not credible, not open to those who can betray in difficult times. To succumb to weakness and forgive a person for his previous mistakes means to wait for new troubles from him that can cost you dearly.

What dreams of a drunk father in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Drunk dad tells you a fairy tale — in reality you should not believe in altruism of those who want to earn a large amount of money with your help. Do not disclose all the secrets to those you take to the team to participate in a new project, this cooperation may be at a loss, and not earn capital.

If a drunk parent walks naked down the street — a dream foreshadows major financial costs due to your rash actions. Perhaps excessive generosity or a desire to show your financial viability can now cost you monetary bondage and debt obligations.

What else dreams of a drunken father

  • if he has red hair — someone with his cunning and insidiousness confuses all your plans and hopes for success;
  • Brunette — do not trust everything that you are promised and prophesy;
  • bald — there may be problems with health and potency;
  • brown-haired — in the circle of faithful friends will be the one who wants to take advantage of your fame and success in personal mercantile purposes.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A drunken parent dreams in the event that in reality the negative traits of your character become too manifest. This can be reflected in pernicious habits, bad cravings, abuse of trust, attention and compassion.

Your unreliable behavior, the immorality of actions can lead to a loss of respect and authority among others.

What dreams of a drunk father in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Aggressive father under the influence of alcohol enters into a skirmish — a dream predicts your feuds with colleagues or household members. The initiator of the scandal will most likely be you, under the influence of someone else’s influence and suggestion.

The period when you are easily fooled by convincing you to change your decision by changing your position. Such behavior will affect relationships with others, most likely they will no longer believe in your wisdom, experience and intuition.

Change the situation will help sensitive control of their thoughts, actions and behavior in general.

The girl dreamed of a drunk father, whom she had not seen for a long time — it means that in reality a young lady seeks to avoid possible contacts with relatives. Such behavior may reflect an internal grievance against parents, which, quite unreasonably, caused separation from relatives.

Forgive past accusations, quarrels and claims to the elderly — it means to avoid the future repentance of ignoring loved ones.

Dreamed of how your father got drunk at your wedding — it marks the dad’s negative attitude towards your chosen one. Most likely, he does not see your future with this person, considering him narrow-minded, lazy and hopeless.

From this state of affairs, your old man suffers greatly, hiding his emotional distress and depression.

Drunk parent returned home in a dream — in reality, past mistakes will make themselves felt. The moment when you are full of strength and ability to correct the situation for the better.

Sigmund Freud

A drunk father in a dream is a sign that you are far from conscious moral behavior. Your frivolous lifestyle, numerous love affairs reflect your aimless lifestyle, without a hint of future settledness, constancy and stability.

Sexual activity is good when intimate intimacy expresses an unsportsmanlike interest in a pretty person, and a desire to be close by creating a strong pair.

Yuri Longo

The drunken state of her father in a woman’s dream suggests that she is too bogged down in her inner experiences, complexes and problems that are obvious to her loved ones. Unsettled personal life, unwillingness to have a family — all this affects the negative mood of your parents who want to see a bright future for their offspring.

A positive interpretation carries a dream for the dreamer, where her parent drank with the young man, laughing loudly and talking, this is a harbinger of a meeting with a worthy candidate for the hand and heart. Considerable role in your acquaintance can be played by relatives who desperately wish you happiness.

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