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What dreams of a dog attack on dream books Vanga, Hasse

You dreamed that you were attacked by a dog — is such a dream good?

In the dream you saw an aggressive animal. How does a dream dream interpret such a dream, and is there any difference who exactly was chasing you — a loudly yelping pack or a lonely black killer-rottweiler?

Why dream of such a toothy attack?

What dreams of a dog attack on dream books Vanga, Hasse

General interpretation of this disturbing dream

  • Most often, a dog’s attack in a dream is a disturbing “bell” signaling whether you have a detractor or future problems.
  • Did the animal chase your friends? It may well be that “in real life” you are very angry with him (perhaps he is bothering you). But the subconscious warns: you should not save evil, because only you yourself will suffer from this.
  • The beast (or beasts) attack a group of people? These are your relatives who are threatened by something. If you are planning a family «gathering» (for example, to celebrate a birthday), wait a little — you should not get together yet.
  • However, the behavior of people in your sleep is of great importance. If they together got rid of the animal, you do not need to be afraid of problems — your family will survive. If everyone fled, throwing the weakest to the mercy, a family member would arrange a “persecution”.
  • Or maybe in a dream the dog didn’t come to the people herself, but someone brought her and set them on others? In that case, you can be sure: among your relatives, a foe who has been offended at all has been wounded. Your subconscious mind has already “seen” it and shows you through a dream.

She attacked you exactly?

  • To see the attack of a dog on yourself — you definitely have an enemy or just a «heavy» person in the environment, from the influence of which you want to get out.
  • The dog growled when attacking (or maybe a roar was heard behind you): you have a rival who has already “sharpened his teeth” on your loved one. And while you consider her faithful friend.
  • Was it your pet? Sleep to financial difficulties. Do not lend money to anyone — they can go «with the ends».
  • Was the animal sick? You have entrusted your money to the wrong people and now you can lose it. Or maybe because of the stupid advice you invested in a dubious enterprise?
  • Was the animal black? So, in your life will begin a black stripe.
  • Did you manage to calm the attacking animal, stroke, pick up? In real life, you will be able to make friends with your enemy, turning him into a supporter, or even a good friend.

Did she manage to hurt you?

What dreams of a dog attack on dream books Vanga, Hasse

  • If yes, and you hurt, wait for health problems. And the stronger the pain from the bite, the more dangerous the disease will be. Some interpreters advise after this dream to visit a therapist and undergo a routine examination — what if the trouble has already begun, but is it asymptomatic?
  • Was it hurt and bleeding? This is a conflict between your closest relatives. Perhaps after them you even stop communicating with someone.
  • On the contrary, did you see how the teeth of the beast touched your skin, but there was no pain? In this case, beware of problems at work. They are satisfied with the enemy, secretly trying to break through the career ladder to the top.
  • The dog tore your pants or dress? Maybe some evil person will try to deceive you with monetary calculations. Recount all bills (especially large change in the store) very carefully!

Was it an aggressive pack?

  • If the animals acted heap, the dream says: your life lacks time management, orderliness. Or maybe from it you just need to remove one or two «wrong» people, and she will come in order?
  • Did the animals first surround you and then attack you? Your carelessness has led to problems in business or at work. If you want to stay longer at this place, or rather count your strength and do not take work more than you can finish.
  • The animals attacked, and then they chased after you? And such a dream is the personification of your conscience, which “chases” you for more than one day. You said or did something bad, and the subconscious warns you: you need to correct what you have done, for example, ask for forgiveness from a person who has been offended by you.

The dog attacked not a man, but a cat?

  • What dreams of attacking dogs on cute fluffy? This dream warns about the problems of the love plan. Maybe you and your partner (partner) have some understatement that cools your feelings?
  • Did you manage to separate the fighting animals? If yes, then «in real life» you reconcile with your beloved (favorite). If not, and they fought to the blood — you can even break up.
  • Did the dog kill the cat? And this, oddly enough, a good sign. This dream is for money, and from a source you don’t even guess about (maybe you will find money or something valuable — say, a golden ring, an expensive phone).

And what did the authors of old books say?

What dreams of a dog attack on dream books Vanga, Hasse

At the end we offer to get acquainted with the interpretation of the well-known soothsayer and clairvoyant, as well as the medium. How do these people closely communicate with the other world see the image of a dog in a dream?

Dream Vanga

  1. See the attack of a toothy creature — to the machinations of unkind forces. Everything in your life can begin to crumble, seemingly for no reason.
  2. But, as this dream book says, the attack of the dog that you managed to fight off is already a better sign. You will be able to drag the «scales» in his direction. But not without help from above, of course. So as soon as you begin to “not fart,” pray, or even better, visit the church and ask God for help.

Dream interpretation Hasse

  1. If you are attacked by a dog, the dream warns of danger.
  2. Did she bite? You can quarrel with someone over money.
  3. You have heard barking: such a dream also warns of danger.
  4. Dogs attacked each other: this dream is to family discord or quarrel.
  5. If you managed to put the beast on a chain: you will have enemies, and not one.

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